Early 2017 Springwatch


This past weekend presented itself with some lovely weather so I was out on Sunday in the garden – cleaning the greenhouse, sowing seeds, etc. The etc includes taking in the beautiful spring sights.

I don’t know about you but I love the morning after a light shower. The flowers have the droplets clinging on to their delicate petals and its a lovely thing to see. I took these pictures using OH’s phone and I was rather impressed.2017-03-12 09.47.472017-03-12 09.48.082017-03-12 09.48.51-22017-03-12 09.49.132017-03-12 09.50.012017-03-12 09.51.292017-03-12 09.53.242017-03-12 09.53.402017-03-12 09.54.102017-03-12 09.54.282017-03-12 09.55.102017-03-12 09.55.592017-03-12 09.56.152017-03-12 09.44.202017-03-12 09.44.432017-03-12 09.45.032017-03-12 09.45.072017-03-12 09.45.16

Meanwhile at the allotment the garlic and overwintering onions are doing well. I just sowed the seeds for this year. The potatoes are chitting along. This year we are only going to plant one variety of potatoes : Maris Piper.

2017-02-26 15.44.56.jpg
Leek bed
2017-02-26 15.44.23
I think it was the birds that did this to our purple sprouting brcocolli

2017-02-26 15.44.28

2017-02-26 15.44.39
The onions sets and garlic.

Spring is coming.


12 thoughts on “Early 2017 Springwatch

  1. Our spring blooms in Seattle seem to be delayed because of all the rain we’ve had this winter. My tulips and daffodils are just starting to peak out of the dirt. They are still short enough that my puppy keeps running through the flower beds. Thank you for the burst of color in my blog feed. I needed to see something vibrant after the very gray winter in Washington.

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  2. Great photos! I never seem to have much success with phone photos especially if it’s sunny and I can’t see the screen properly. Do the kids help or hinder you with your gardening ?

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    1. Well they are a hindrance if I haven’t thought of tasks for them. They like to feel vital so I usually will have a small number of jobs they can choose to do. They love sowing seeds so I tend to pick up seed packets at end of season sales so I can let them sow to their hearts content. They also love digging and playing at Minecraft so I also have a digging area for them where they get filthy digging for lapis and other stuff. It can be annoying especially when I am in the groove but I remind myself that this is how a love for gardening and growing your own starts – very very messy but worth it if it means they grow up with a love for fresh veg and fruit like I have.xx


  3. Haven’t we had some lovely spring days? Your photos are lovely and made me feel so much better. My daffodils have just starting to come out so I have all of that spring colour to look forward to.

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  4. How lovely! We just had snow “Storm Stella” here on the northeastern coast of the US. I can’t wait for spring to arrive! (Meanwhile, up in the sewing room…)

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  5. What beautiful flowers, and vegetables! We’ve got daffodils out but no tulip flowers yet. I’m looking forward to planting more of a variety of plants this year. Thanks for the lovely spring photos!

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