Echino Mod Mini aka Another self drafted skirt….

Hi everyone!

Allow me to present another self drafted skirt that I started on in 2015! I have a habit of starting a blog post for a project that has been cut out – that way I sort of have an idea of how long the project took to complete. Well this one has  been sitting at the bottom of my 32 drafts queue for a really long time :-). Still better late than never m’kay. The pattern is the same as this A Line skirt here but without the pockets and a tad bit shorter.

The fabric is an Echino stag cotton print that I bought a long time ago online – I believe it came from Hong Kong. I have tried to recall why it sat for so long in my UFO box but I honestly don’t know. I was sorting through things in the cave when I came across a blue carrier bag tied at the handles. It was a delight to rediscover the project which was already cut out (lining as well). It only took less than a couple of hours to sew it up and I was very pleased with the end result.blog20photos20march201720310

blog20photos20march201720316blog20photos20march201720327blog20photos20march201720328Blog Photos March2017 318It has a mod feel to it plus its super comfy because of the petersham ribbon I used on the waist. Petersham ribbon is THE best waist band finish IMO.

Anyhow, you know the drill guys, til next time…

Peace and love,




26 thoughts on “Echino Mod Mini aka Another self drafted skirt….

  1. Love this skirt. Curved Petersham is brilliant for waistbands, so neat so comfortable because it fits the curve of your waist. It makes the waist so easy to fit because you can just see how much you need to fit round your waist and then fit the skirt to that. The only problem is that it is hard to find a shop that stocks it and it only seems to come in black or white (though this is not much of a problem as it never shows on the outside.

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    1. Its true that its not well stocked. The other problem is that some places will say they have petersham but its grosgrain ribbon instead. Whenever I find it I pick up loads of it just to have at hand in my cave.


  2. My daughter made a similar skirt – only straighter – in this same fabric in bright pink a couple of years ago.. Looks great on both of you 🙂 Did you use the petersham instead of self-facing?

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    1. Yes I did. I should have elaborated but I always assume that I am the last to learn something :-). I find a petersham faster, neater and comfier than a facing.


  3. Love it! We are skirt twins as I have a little short skirt in the same fabric which I’ve just started wearing it again after taken it in a couple of inches. Mine has a bright red lining. It always attracts comment that’s for sure! x

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    1. Why did I think of bright red lining? Its a lovely fabric and I will try to get more of it in the metallic print. I think you made a skirt in a metallic one?


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