SWAP2017 The Capsule Wardrobe Saga Pt 2 : The Patterns



a long, involved story, account, or series of incidents.
“launching into the saga of her engagement”


rigmarole, story, lengthy story/statement/explanation;

chain of events, catalogue of disasters;
informalspiel, palaver

d42183a5fbcb8a47def797dcfe7703acOn Sewing With A Plan.

Following on from my last SWAP post, I continue with sharing the patterns I have selected. The rules state that you may only use 8 sewing patterns to make the 11 garments. It was challenging to restrict myself to just 8 but I understand why the SWAP Co-Ordinator did that. This SWAP is about celebrated TNT patterns.

In the end I have selected these patterns – 2 of the items are still undecided and any pointers will be very much appreciated. Here goes


THE LOWERSyellow20maxi20skirtpicmonkey20imageemerald

THE OVERSmotomac


The last 2 are still undecided. I have used up 7 of my 8 patterns allowance. I have to decide how best to achieve these two. I have to decide which one gets the 8th pattern and which one is a derivative of the aforementioned 7…..

Next SWAP post I will talk about the fabrics I have secured to achieve the closest evocation of  these inspiration images.

Thanks for stopping by.

Peace and love,




20 thoughts on “SWAP2017 The Capsule Wardrobe Saga Pt 2 : The Patterns

  1. Crazy suggestion, your undecided blouse that ties in the back. Can you use the Sewaholic Granville blouse pattern, but “wear it backwards” with the opening on the back? I don’t know i how many alterations are allowed in the challenge but … You would have to redraft the straight opening edge creating the zig zag’s, craft the neckline without the collar, create the ties and maybe fit the new “front of the blouse.
    Have fun, what ever you decide, I am looking forward to your new wardrobe. Mary Kay

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  2. My suggestion is – for the orange skirt us the patterns you have. Either the BHL Skirt or the skirt of the BHL Anna dress. if you cut the top of the skirt off for the yoke (and close the darts up on the yoke) and voila! you have an adapted skirt using a current pattern.
    Then you can use Pattern No. 8 for the blouse.
    I see that the actual competition finished in April? Is there a new competition starting in May? or are is this a practice run? I love the idea of a capsule wardrobe. If everything co-ordinates it’s great for holidays – so easy to pack. Also so easy to get ready for work!

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  3. I am so excited to see there’s 2 more Granvilles on the way! I’m wearing one of mine right now and I have like 100 + planned (OK, maybe like 3 more…). That embroidery looks awesome! Do you have a fabric that looks similar or will you hand-embroider your shirt?

    P.S. Those green Burda Style pants are EVERYTHING.

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  4. Wow! Great choices. I am so excited. The skirt could just be pleated on to a waist band so you don’t need a pattern. It’s also a quick way to make a dramatic skirt if your fabric has a bit of body. Like the Fairy says how are you doing on your completions? Good luck!!

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  5. Waw! Only 8 patterns to work with? I could never do that. I am so impulsive in choosing what to make that’s this would be imposible. Love your picks especially Ana dress, the green burda trousers and the lekala jacket. Looking forward to see your makes.

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  6. Great pattern selection! I LOVE those trousers. I hope you make them in that wonderful green. I also love your ‘outers’. Really looking forward to seeing this all come together.

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