Me Made May 2017 Pledges and Plans

Here we go again, the most anticipated hashtag in the sewing community – #MeMadeMay is upon us already. I had plans for which gaps I was going to fill where but I havent done much of that……never mind.

Here is a little video I made talking MMMay and SWAP2017.

Technically I had made my pledge in November last year that for the month of May 2017 I’d only be wearing my SWAP capsule. Erm… already established by my previous post , I have not completed my SWAP. So I revised my pledge -…

I, Hila, of do hereby pledge to wear a garments made the extraordinary me everyday of May 2017 (since I already do this anyway I added a caveat) and to incorporate the 11 SWAP2017 garments on at least 3 days of the week.

As per my last 2 MeMadeMays I will be posting on IG. This year I am adding a further outlet on YouTube where I will be posting little videos of my daily outfits πŸ™‚

I am always so excited at the beginning of MMMay mostly because so many sewing peeps join in and I get to make loads of new connections and discovering new blogs.

Happy May everyone!

Peace and love,



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