Additions to my Moneta colleterie

I made 2 more Moneta dresses!

To add to my growing colleterie of Monetas (it has been officially designated that a group or collection of Moneta dresses is refered to by the term colleterrie).

At last count I now have made 7 Moneta dresses. And readers, I have plans for more:-). So yes this is a pattern that keeps on giving for me.

Enough waxing lyicals – I made them for the #monetaparty which was this really huge event on Instagram. It was fun seeing all the different Monetas that our incredibly creative community made. It always amazes me how only one pattern can literally be made by 1000 seamstress and not a single one is the same!

So here we go, I made one in a ponte roma affectionately called sunset roses. A big large print with a 70s vibe that I was attracted to (obviously). Bold florals, need I say more? I managed make it out of 1.5m. A bargain at £3.80/meter from Jacks Fabrics in Leeds. I lined the bodice with power mesh from Fabricland for a clean finish neckline. I removed a quarter-inch from the neckline to get that neat turn of cloth. It’s funny how gathering the skirt used to be my Achilles heel with this pattern but no longer – not surprising given that this is the 6th Moneta (could be a great novel, “The Sixth Moneta”). Practice makes progress people. Practice makes progress.

I am particularly fond of this dress for 2 reasons.

No. 1 . I made this with the lovely Eleanor who lives nearby so when she said she was hosting  a Moneta sewing party I went along with my twinks for a fun day of sewing. We had another social sew on Saturday with Ali as well and that was so much fun, especially since Ali let me have a go on her super massive, awesome Ovation coverstitch machine.

No. 2.  This dress won me a Sprout £25 gift certificate. I took a particularly acrobatic picture for my IG and it was well liked at 679 likes (being the most liked post on my feed EVER).


Colette Moneta Dress

Speaking of the Ovation I actually coverstitched the hem on the second dress which was made of an interlock fabric I picked up from Samuel Taylors for only £4/meter. I loved the bold red and white stripe. I knew it would be a sleeveless Moneta. Lined the bodice with nude mesh and its so comfy. I can’t wait for summer to come round for this dress to come into play.

Colette Moneta Dress


Thanks for stopping by and until next time happy sewing 🙂

Peace and love,




23 thoughts on “Additions to my Moneta colleterie

  1. I love the dress, especially the red and white striped one. Lovely! You have certainly inspired me to start looking at sewing clothing again…even enough to buy a serger. I need a little more inspiration to take it out of the box. lol. Love reading your posts. Sew on!

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  2. So pretty! What do you mean, ” I lined the bodice with power mesh from Fabricland for a clean finish neckline. I removed a quarter-inch from the neckline to get that neat turn of cloth.” Thanks for the details!

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    1. Hi Amy. Thanks for the question. Sorry I didnt elaborate. Power mesh is a lining material used for knits and its generally used for things like dancewear. Think spanx type material but not as strong. If you line a bodice of a knit fabric with it you can avoid heming the neckline and armholes which sometimes causes the fabric to stretch out. You would line the bodice like in this Moneta tutorial here


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