Linen & Lace Simplicity 8215 Top

Hello everyone,

I had missed sewing with linen over the colder months so when I saw this pattern I decided to have a go with some linen that has been in my stash a long time. The lace used for the contrast was something I picked up from Bombay Stores in Bradford. It was quite costly at over £20/meter but I bought a half meter during their 20% off sale. The colour matched the linen perfectly so I knew I would use it for a yoke or something similar.

Simplicity 8215 is a pull-over blouse with back neck button closure with bow or collar neckline and a gathered yoke for a feminine shape. Pattern has sleeve, trim and contrast fabric variations. I made view D but lengthened it to dress length. Albeit a short length (I blame Demented Fairy for encouraging the loping of hems 🙂

I somehow thought this would be a simple make given that there are no buttons or button bands etc. This being the first time working with lace – I hadn’t fully appreciated the nuances of adding lace to a garment.

#1. Cutting out was more challenging as I tried to cut the lace pieces in the most efficient way that was also aesthetically balanced.

#2 Hand sewing the lace to the linen so it doesn’t shift around took forever.

#3 Pressing lace is not fun.

I persevered though and I think in the end it’s a lovely result (I am afraid of washing it though :-)).

Since this is the year of the sleeve, I opted to leave the sleeves and not encase them in a cuff. I think I like it better this way plus if I ever get bored with it I can always go back and add the cuff (unlikely. but its nice to have options).

It’s quite a comfortable dress to wear and I imagine in summer it will be nice to feel all that breezy fresh air around my legs but during this photoshoot in early March on a cold cold day, I was not impressed by the cool air around my bare legs!

Apart from the lace, this an easy pattern – I’d advice reading the instructions before embarking as I thought that the bow notches were slightly confusing. Though if you have made many bow blouses you will probably be fine.

Fit wise, it looks like I could have benefited with a broad shoulder adjustment. This is a loose fit style so I thought I’d get away without that alteration.

Enough words – pictures…


Verdict: I do like it but dont see myself making another one.

Thanks for stopping by my little corner of the interwebs. Until next time Happy Sewing!

Peace and love,



21 thoughts on “Linen & Lace Simplicity 8215 Top

  1. Hila, this looks amazing! I love the deep blue color, the matching lace and those sleeves are just something else! The neckline, buttons and bow, everything is simply joyful on this dress or maybe you wear it joyfully… 😉

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  2. It does look great and you did a beautiful job on it. Since I’m a bit older, I would either keep it as a top or make it longer and maybe add a belt. You nailed it with those sleeves. They look awesome. Great job!


  3. Well I think it suits you beautifully and the strong blue is very seasonal – think bluebells and wisteria. I’ve missed sewing linen, too, and have just had my fix with a Summer dress which I hope (!) to get around to blogging about soon.

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    1. I do love the blues of wisteria – I have actually been trying find a fabric with wisteria print inspired by a cottage I walk past everyday which has the most beautiful wisteria on it. I keep crossing my fingers for summer to come around and I can get more of my linen out 🙂

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