Instagram and Vogue V1314: An Unexpected Rescue

I joined Instagram (IG) with a very sceptical mind. I kept my eye out for the catch. Having tried Facebook very briefly when it first came out and disliked it intensely, Twitter as well which I didn’t and still don’t get – I was of the opinion that social media just wasn’t for me. But slowly my favourite bloggers were also going onto IG and touting how amazing this platform is.

As a general rule I like to think of myself as open-minded enough to try out new things and experiences (at least once). Trying to live by what I preach – if my kids had a penny for every time I said to them “But you haven’t tried it!” they’d be millionaires by now. So I went ahead and joined IG in Nov 2015. I had no idea what a hashtag was or how things worked on there. Since then my affair with IG has been on/off with the on being more prevalent. There are times when I do get annoyed at the proliferation of an overly promoted new pattern or event but its all part of the experience (it’s a minor irritation at best). But it is quite a helpful place for info on patterns, sewing or just about anything really. And I think this is where the IG and the sewing community meets to create a confluence of energy, creativity, inspiration………its a wonderful place.

For example, have your eye on a fabric that you MUST have but can’t find it in your regular haunts? Not to worry IG buddies are the best at telling you where to get it. Want to buy something from the US but postage is prohibitive; IG buddies tend to offer to pick it up for you and send slow cheaper mail (you pay P&P of course). Got a pattern you are not sure about? IG is always full of opinion. Cant decide which buttons to use; IG can help. Have a RTW inspiration garment you want to sew but dont know if there is a similar sewing pattern; Ig to the rescue. Missing pattern piece; IG to the rescue. I could go on and on.  But sometimes you don’t even know that you need rescuing before IG comes to the rescue. Which brings me to Vogue 1314….

Vogue V1314

As part of a sewing challenge I was doing last year the prompt was “On my table” and I posted this…..

Immediately my IG buddies warned me about the sizing problem with it – It runs large they said. Thanks, said I……… I had already cut it out. They are right I said, after basting it to check fit. The ruching was drooping which looked unpleasant.

I cut away about 5/8″ from each side seam and basted to check fit – I liked what I saw without the ruching so I left it at that. I dithered over whether to add the sleeves or not and my OH weighed in with ‘no sleeves’ which is what I did. Lets pin this here for now and look at some pictures.

Vogue 1314
Vogue 1314
Vogue 1314
Vogue 1314
Vogue 1314
Vogue 1314
Vogue 1314

Fabric is a John Kaldor ity jersey that I bought ages ago from Fletchers Fabrics in Leeds Market. I have loved this fabric for so long and was too sacred to cut into it but I am trying. Readers I am really trying to use my precious fabric. Now this is beautiful lightweight jersey with a slight sheen to it. It also has the characteristic of showing up every simple cellulite dimple, muscle clench and panty lines. So I had to line it with power mesh and wow – what a difference that makes. I went from Nicki Minaj to Kim Kardashian…(maybe not that much of a difference. But I think you get what I mean). The mesh gives it a nice smooth lining and feels really nice on. It also meant that I have clean finish armholes. The neckline is finished with a band. I hemmed it with a twin needle which stretched it out, so I cut it off and left it unhemmed since this doesn’t unravel. The hem definitely needs stabilisation before hemming.

Sorry for the long rambling post but the story behind this dress was so integral to how it turned out that I wanted to share it. I associate this dress with the awesomeness of IG – it’s not perfect at all but there are a lot of great aspects to IG communities with much less of the negatives that come with other things like Twitter and Facebook (IMHO).

Verdict: I like this dress a lot (truth be told it makes me feel like I have a big booty which in turn makes me feel guilty that I like the feeling of having a big booty which I think makes me very unfeminist —argh TMI).

Right. So yes I like this dress and will make another one in the next size down with the ruching at the sides. The relative simplicity of the design lends itself well to loud prints and I do love a loud print. It has the potential of becoming a TNT.

And…back to social media… Do you like it for your sewing? Do you prefer other social media platforms? or better yet share a sewing story where social media helped out. G on, we’d love to hear it. 🙂

Until next time,

Happy sewing!

Peace and love,



35 thoughts on “Instagram and Vogue V1314: An Unexpected Rescue

    1. Its a great place for MeMadeMay as there is so much inspirations there on how to style your handmade clothes. What your IG name? I’d love to follow you.x


  1. I joined Instagram last year because I was bored of sitting breastfeeding a baby and just wanted to perv on other people’s sewing. I had no idea it would play such an important role in my sewing – I love the interactions and chats I have with people. And the inspiration is fab. I much prefer the real people taking wonky photos in their loo to the arty ones that have spent ages doing their hair and make up and putting on sultry poses against the perfect backdrop

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    1. IG is quite a lot of fun and yet I love that you can easily take a break from it if you want without any guilt. When I dont blog for a while I feel bad but not the same with IG. I do love a sultry picture and that a look that I have never managed to do – not for lack of trying mind you -I always end up looking like I am making a parody of sultry 🙂


  2. This looks great- I nearly bought this on Wednesday, because it was in a bargain box at the charity shop…I’m glad I didn’t though! It looks so good on you, it is clearly totally wrong for me and my no-bum-big-belly shape lol.

    PS you don’t have a big booty, as I tell the missus, you have an ‘ethnically appropriate’ one rofl

    PPSMy daughter keeps telling me to get on Instagram, but as I only have a prehistoric phone, I can’t. Saved by my Luddite-ism!

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    1. Huh! For a steampunk I would have expected you to be up there with the tech!!! Speaking of which – I found myself thinking of you as I drove past a sign in Leeds for a “Steampunk Market” at the local abbey ruins 🙂

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  3. The dress is gorgeous! I’ve had my eye out for flowers on black fabrics and yours is exactly what I’m looking for.

    My new year’s resolution for 2017 was to give Instagram another chance – I had joined a couple of years back but never really got the point of it, plus I just hate typing on my mobile. But after I met the #sewdowndewsbury crowd and I now know a few people in person it’s starting to become something I really enjoy.
    I guess I still like blogging better, because I’m more about words than pictures (something I like about Facebook, at least until a few years back when I had quite good discussions about all sorts with all sorts of people – it’s not all centered just around a visual impulse).
    One thing that does worry me (but that I push to one side because if I didn’t I couldn’t continue using social media) are the privacy implications connected to social media. IG is the only app that runs on my mobile, and I know that I shouldn’t let a company (not least an US company) have my mobile data. I guess I still haven’t quite squared with myself why I do let them have it…

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    1. The privacy issue was one of the reasons I hated Facebook and didnt get into it. I have since accepted that the price I pay for being connected to the world wide web is that I have much less control over my privacy – but I also blame governments as they are the only things that can stop companies from violating our privacy. On the balance of things I decided that I do like connecting and making friends on IG and that at least helps to mitigate the privacy issue. Its all so complicated this online privacy thing and I have a feeling it will only get more complicated..


  4. Love this dress, so pretty on you! I prefer IG to Twitter for sewing stuff because the character limit on twitter makes it really hard to get your point across, IMO. Also, don’t feel guilty for liking your booty in a dress–big or no. 🙂

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  5. Beautiful dress and those colors are great on you!! Love your IG story! I enjoy IG as a quick shot in the arm, but I love blogs too because there is usually much more of a story there.

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  6. I love this dress. The fabric is beautiful and it suits you so well. Thank you for your thoughts on Instagram. I have been wondering whether or not to branch out but like you I don’t really like Facebook. Your comments have been very encouraging and tempt me to give it a go.
    Thank you

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  7. Thank you so much for mentioning power mesh! Must locate some over here…
    Re IG: I think I’ve read it was bought by Facebook. I’m waiting to see if it starts going the same direction before joining… Am not a fb fan.

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  8. Hi Hila! I’m happy that this turned out so well. In the photos it looks like there is ruching in place and it’s ok. It’s so hard to deal with fitting issues after the fashion fabric is cut. I really admire your fearless approach in just getting to the solution. I’m so overly cautious I have to make a trial run in muslin or an inexpensive fabric. This is because there are long stretches of time between my sewing sessions. There’s always a lot going on at work.

    I think you are able to develop quick solutions because you keep at it consistently. I find this to be true, too, when I do have the time on a regular basis.

    I have had to use social media for one of my job related marketing projects. Twitter was so thoroughly exhausting. It’s become a big ongoing commercial for the most part. Not a whole lot of info for our industry. What I do find it great for is local news from the local city government and state level agency twitter feeds. I do not engage on any conversations or post my views because then it has the potential to be unsocial media. Life’s too short for that unpleasantness!

    I’ve gotten most of my help right here at WordPress. During Norma (shesewsyouknow) 1930s Sew-along I made lots of boo-boos and needed lots of help with some details. Carol (bywayofthanks) and Naomi (spareroomstyle) were ongoing sources of feedback and encouragement. I now have the confidence to start sewing for myself. I’d been practicing on my size 4 form to get back in the groove after many years of not sewing at all.

    I’m so happy about your posting this. Not everyone will admit that social networking has a downside as well as an upside.

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    1. You are so right that life is too short! I love WordPress as well for the wonderful community it engenders with its values – I like how they have Happiness Engineers showing that the ethos is happiness and that blogging should make you feel happy. Its also so humbling how incredibly kind and generous people are with their time and advice.
      Glad to hear you are sewing for yourself – you are such an accomplished seamstress – I am looking forward to seeing makes when you share them. xxx

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  9. I loved reading the story behind your dress (which is really gorgeous, by the way). I tend to use Instagram to have a nose at what others are making. I think I started following your blog after finding you on Instagram, actually! Sewing people tend to be nice and friendly, so I suppose it makes sense that this section of Instagram would also be a pretty nice corner of the internet. I’ve sourced fabric through Insta recommendations, but I’m thinking of using it to help with my ongoing pattern cull – if I find some finished makes which are never going to work on me, then I’ll know it’s time to send the pattern back out into the world.
    I think you can still be a feminist who enjoys her booty in her new dress 🙂

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  10. My IG journey was exactly the same as yours! Facebook and Twitter (what’s all that about?) put me off IG for ages, but I actually use it more than blogging now as it doesn’t sap your time as much. Wish I could learn to work the camera like you do though….!

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    1. The trick with the camera thing for me is to relax and have my favourite music playing in the background while I visualise myself walking the catwalk with Gisele Bundchen (only in my visualisation I get the standing ovation, not Gisele :-). If I am in a bad mood I would rather postpone the shoot because I cant get a good shot when I am not into it.

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