Vogue V9112

I actually first made this toile in June 2015 – I know because I have a log of the picture of the muslin.

Vogue V9112 is an asymmetrical seam detail dress design by Marcy Tilton. Loose-fitting, pullover, sleeveless dress has single-layer, pleated, stand-up collar, seam detail, side pockets, bias neck and armhole facings, shaped hemline, and narrow hem. Wrong side shows on collar and hemline.

Here is the cover picture:


….and the line drawing which shows all the lovely intricate seams:


I was put off this pattern by how much ease it had after making the toile. I cut the size medium based on the pattern size recommendations (this was before  I figured out the lack of finished garment measurements). Needless to say it sat around in the UFO box for a while then I picked it up again determined to fix it as I liked it in principle. However, I was very ruthless in removing ease and ended up with something that barely resembles what the designer intended. I am okay with that though as I made it work for me.

I took it in by a lot on the sides and the back seam. I omitted the pockets as this was a toile. Although now, with hindsight, I should have just added the pockets since its turned into something wearable. Being linen – it if of course lovely to wear. It’s the sort of thing I will throw on when its nice and hot and I want to be unfettered.

I will  be giving the pattern another go definitely – in linen again maybe with some Sashiko embroidery on one of the curved pieces.


The original size was quite baggy on me.
Vogue V9112 Gathered curved hem
V9112 Collar detail


Vogue V9112

The final result is something much more fitted at the bust and loose-fitting everywhere else. I finished the armholes with bias binding. The only thing I need to change now is the colour – I am thinking of dyeing it a deep violet colour.

Verdict – worthy of a second shot at it because despite the fit issues (based on personal preferences only) I still like it. I do need to remember to be careful when cutting it out as it is all cut single layer – I got away with it because I was using a plain solid fabric but with directional fabric I would have messed up.

Thanks for stopping by and until next time, happy sewing!

Peace and love,



17 thoughts on “Vogue V9112

  1. It certainly looks better fitted on you than the original toile, I personally don’t like anything too sacklike on me but as you say its personal reference & when you make your own clothes you are effectively the designer. It might be interesting made with stripes to play about with those design lines

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  2. Agree with Sam. Considering the heat & humidity down here I’d not want to do that collar. However, it adds interest around the face so I wouldn’t want to eliminate it… perhaps a great Autumn/Winter piece for layering… I enjoy MT’s designs but had missed this one, so thanks for making up your ufo!

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  3. Hi! The final dress is really Nice! I love This pattern ! And it is really baggy because i made it 2 size down and it fit! At first it was A mistake then when i tried it i was happy i did not Look very well The size 😆😆! I have sewn 3 dress in different fabric and i want to try something more heavy but with A drape !!!😅 I have to find The fabric 🙂

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  4. Also known as the cirque tent dress. I’ve seen it blogged a lot and I love it – the fit is great (with your alterations). I’d love to try it but would probably need an FBA. Love your version! Well done!

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