Named Talvikki Sweater

I made this after buying the pattern during the 12 days of Christmas sale. It was a bargain at £5. Here is the line drawing.


My thoughts are that it is very quick to sew up and took one sitting to finish. The sleeves are very straight forward and there is no easing involved. The most challenging part for the beginner might be the mitred corners. The sizing was spot on and I didn’t make any alterations at all.

Personally I feel like the side vent is too high for a winter garment given that its supposed to keep me warm and cosy. With my poor circulation I would feel this gap acutely. In winter I wore it layered over thermal sweater underneath. The fabric is a wool jersey that I bought form Fabworks. It washes in the machine and I tumble dry it on low – that seems just fine. I have since washed this about 5 times now with no problems.

I plan on making this again in a cobalt blue wool jersey also from Fabworks but I will lengthen it while shortening the side vent.

The other issue was with my broad shoulder. though the fit is quite good there is some puddling under the collar and I had to do something like swayback adjustment to remove the pooling fabric.

Talvikki Sweater – Vent depth
Talviki Sweater – funnel neck detail
Named Talvikki Sweater – Sleeve
Pooling fabric at front neck base


It simple minimalist chic and quite appealing on gray days. I was a bit ‘meh‘ about it when I finished it but surprisingly found myself pulling it on a lot. Which can only tell me that I like it :-).

I will report back on the ‘neck swayback’ adjustment in autumn when I get round to making the second one. Thanks for stopping by!

Peace and love,





14 thoughts on “Named Talvikki Sweater

  1. Literally have been drooling over this pattern for months and only just purchased it! Great to read your review. Where was the fabric pooling? And what seam did you adjust to fix it?


    1. Thanks Zoe! I have been dipping my toes into the make up world and decided that I want a statement red lip. Not sure about it yet but it nice to know that it looks good and not wierd on me. xxx


  2. Looks great – thanks for drawing attention to it. I had not heard of this pattern before. I agree about the high slit – I tried on a sweater like that last winter and I thought “Who wants an inch of flesh showing?”

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  3. I see myself in your shoulder line problem. If you are like me, you have square shoulders with little slope, so the fabric pools/wrinkles below your neck because your shoulders are “raising” the fabric up at the armhole level. I think you could easily alter the pattern when you make your next one. I LOVE this pattern on you! Great choice of fabric, too.

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  4. I love your version of this pattern! The white wool just makes it look so luxurious and high-end. 🙂 I am desperate to make another Talvikki in a stretch boiled wool, like the pattern sample garment, and yours is just reinforcing my vision, haha!

    I have some weirdness around the neck area of this pattern too, but mine appears to be caused by my prominent collarbones so I have no good advice on the pooling issue. =/ Regardless, this sweater is gorgeous on you and I am so glad it became an often-worn item for you!

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  5. I have been eyeing this pattern for awhile and love your version of it! My neck is short though and my shoulders are narrow, so I’ve been reluctant to try it. Not sure what to do about pooling of fabric….but it looks great on you!! I must try this one.

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