Sunday Sevens

I enjoy reading Sunday Sevens posts so I am joining in. You can read the origin of Sunday Sevens here. Most web based challenges can be interpreted by the individual making it more fun IMO. My interpretation is to share no more than 7 pictures from the week. Sometimes there will be text – sometimes not. Here we go…

Had a sewing date with Ali. Good times!
Finding stock for school fair stall by destashing the yarn stash
Happy fabric mail!!! You can watch me talk about them here or scroll down below:-)
Learn from yesterday. Live for today. Design for tomorrow.
Cut flowers from my hydrangea.
Tidied up the allotment.
Amazon Prime Day madness.

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17 thoughts on “Sunday Sevens

  1. Tell me more about the hydrangea! I’ve put one in the ground this year and it is struggling, but doing its best. Does it do ok having a head cut off?

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    1. They take time to establish. Mine is 5 years old and very big . I cut the stems that were falling to the ground. It doesn’t like waterlogged soil. You probably don’t want to cut it for at least a couple of years. X

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  2. omg Hila, those fabrics are fabulous! I’m just majorly jealous of the lemon fabric!!! I’ve been so good not to order from abroad as postage makes everything so much more expensive, but I might just have to make an exception with this one.And the colours on the wax print are gorgeous! In fact, I would like everything you just showed…

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    1. Thanks Chris! I consider that a very high compliment indeed :-). Postage sucks but soemtimes it worth it – I buy from Germany on occasion – the Lillestoff jerseys are so lovely.


    1. Aw thanks hun! I am seeing what you meant about the week just going by so fast though!!!! Cant believe it already time for my second and I havent even managed to blog in between!!!


  3. Love your fabrics, I just bought the bottom one “crowds” but in the pink and blue colour way, am interested to see what you plan to make with yours! I love reading Sunday Sevens posts, everyone seems to have a much more interesting life than me!

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    1. Thank you! I was tempted by the pink and blue colourway but in the end blue always wins out for me :-). I was going to make an Anna dress but I stumbled upon a perfect slouchy jumpsuit pattern that I think will work well. Coming soon. xx


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