Liberty Lawn Melilot

My July Minerva make was a new to me indie pattern company : Deer&Doe. I had seen several lovely versions on the Melilot out in the wild but had yet to take the plunge. Now I am not even sure why I waited so long!

Here I am (pre hair chop) feeling very smug in my Melilot :-). For the full post click here to be taken to my Minerva Craft Blogger Network post. 9001172262017-07-092003-37-02201

Thanks for stopping by!

Peace and love,


plus – a little video……………….


10 thoughts on “Liberty Lawn Melilot

  1. I’m not a shirt wearer (or maker) because collars don’t suit me but I do like this neat little one. The fabric is just beautiful. By the way, I know these photos were taken before the haircut but I do love your new short hair – you look so elegant!! X


  2. That looks so pretty on you. I like Deer and Doe, although some of their designs are too young for me, plus I get free delivery because they are in France which is always a bonus. Love the jeans too – did you make them? If so, what pattern did you use if you don’t mind me interrogating you 😉


  3. I was gifted a Deer & Doe pattern in last year’s Stitching Santa, but haven’t found the right fabric for it yet. Whilst this is a lovely shirt, Liberty Tana Lawn would look fabulous even if was made up as a sack!!


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