Hygge Hubby Capsule Pt 1: Burda Young 6719



Happy December everyone!

Let me start off by saying thank you for the responses to my last post. The words thank you do not seem adequate but it’s all I have.  Thank you for your kindness and for being there. Thank you for making the effort to reach out to me. I felt too ashamed to feel that I deserved you.  You will never know how the smallest gestures made the biggest difference. Thank you for texting and emailing. Thank you for your gentle encouragement.  I really do appreciate it.

I hope you are all having a wonderful month so far.

I am stoked to share with you my latest Minerva project (also my 12th one – I can’t believe it has been 12 months since I joined the Minerva Craft Blogger Network – tempus fugit indeed). Having spent the past year almost obsessively sewing for myself, I have embarked on a capsule for my husband and if you’d like to read more about it then the link is here to take you to my post on the Minerva site. Here is my favourite picture from the photoshoot to give you an idea…….


I will be back very soon with a post about what I sewed but hasnt made it to the blog.

Until then, Happy Sewing everyone!




12 thoughts on “Hygge Hubby Capsule Pt 1: Burda Young 6719

  1. It’s so GREAT to hear from you! I’ve thought of you more often than you can know. I’m going to hurry on over to the Minerva site. I’ve been thinking of making my husband some clothes – starting with a shirt. (I LOVE the unique HH ones you’ve made!) The idea of a HH capsule is wonderful – mine has no clothes (like some emperor I heard about somewhere) since loosing weight!

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  2. First, I love this idea! I just bought fabric for, and designed a loungewear capsule wardrobe. I am super excited! 😀

    Second, welcome back!! I’m all too familiar with the fog and glad you are out of it.

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  3. Hi Hila!
    Great to hear from you again 😊….12 month already?? Time flies indeed ! I am trying to sew a coat for my Hubby …. a bit afraid but I love all the Burda 12/2017 patterns and specially the men coat ! Will read your segment on Minerva craft , 🙂

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  4. So pleased to have you back here and on IG and know you are feeling better. I’ve really missed you. Your dinner preparations on Stories last night made me smile! Xx

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