Burda Challenge 2018 : Lets Do This!

Burda Challenge 2018 is lit! I laid out an open invitation to join me this year on the Burda Challenge and the response was way beyond my expectations. Its shown me that there are a lot of others out there like me who love Burda designs and the magazines but also need a nudge to do something.

And this is exactly what the essence of this challenge is about – its a nudge. It is supposed to be a fun, no-pressure exercise,  where you do as much or as little as you like or even just thinking about whether you want to keep the magazines.

If you like you can read on to the section on ideas for what goals to set and why it might be a good idea to set a goal. There is strong evidence that when a goal is more autonomous — that is, it comes from our own motivations rather than being set for us by someone else — we’re more likely to achieve that goal. I truly believe this and why this challenge has no set goal except for what you decide for yourself. I cant stress enough that this is a fun challenge so dont set yourself pass/fail goals! When you feel like you are failing, you quit and thats not what this challenge is about.

Track your results – motivation looks different for everyone, but nothing helps you to see progress like looking back at how much you have achieved. It’s so easy to forget how much you have done when you have to rely purely on memory. This is different for everyone but I have found that if I can track it I am more likely to do it. I will be posting here on the blog and posting progress on Instagram as well. But I (and I am guessing everyone else doing this challenge) would love to see how are getting on too.

Show us how you are getting on. Use the #burdachallenge2018 on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook and see who else is using the Burda Challenge to get sewing. Not on social media? You can send me a link to your blog post or picture which I can share in monthly round-up posts. There is also a PatternReview forum here which is also a fun place to see what others are up to.

Synergy…….we know that together we can achieve more than we can separately. This is the definition of synergy. The whole point of a group working towards a similar goal together is to gain synergy as well as the support and encouragement that we can offer each other.

Next steps – in thinking about what you might like to achieve I have some goal setting tips. I think the most important thing about setting goals for a creative pursuit like garment sewing is to include some flexibility in there. Sometimes life happens and we cant get to the sewing machine.

I like the minimum target outrageous goal method whereby I set a minimum goal, a target goal and an outrageous goal. It might look like this:

For my Burda Challenge 2018, I will make a minimum of 1 garment from any issue of the magazine per month. My target goal is 2 garments and my outrageous goal is 4 garments per month.

All these goals are acceptable to me while allowing me to be flexible. Another way might be to set an average goal – we are all busy with other things going on. Some periods we can spend more on sewing and sometimes not so much. An average can mean that you can achieve your goal flexibly. An average goal might sound like:

” I will sew 6 items from any issue of the magazine in 2018″


“I will sort through 20 magazines and decide which ones to keep and which to give away”.

Even deciding that you have no desire to make anything from BurdaStyle Magazines is progress. You may realise that you just like having them around as inspiration. It means there is no longer that mental clutter that constantly thinks that you ought to be sewing with them.

I did an Ottobre Challenge last year in order to use my Ottobre Woman magazine. My goal had been a modest 1 garment per quarter. I perused the magazines at my leisure picking out patterns and I even traced out a couple of patterns. And yet somehow I never managed to sew either of them up – not because I didn’t have time but I realised that I just wasn’t that into them. I love Ottobre Kids magazine but Ottobre Woman was not for me. And thats okay. Letting go peacefully is a nice feeling. I no longer have the mental clutter of guilt associated when I saw them in my sewing cave. I have been giving them away since the realisation. At the end of it, I had to be honest with myself and let them go so I can create more space for something that better suits my style. Though I didn’t actually do any sewing that challenge was a success for me.

Keep an eye out for more posts about sewing with Burda, tips and tricks, guest posts, party??…..and basically anything that comes up along the way of this challenge. I am sew excited!!!! (Pardon the pun).

I made a widget thingie for my sidebar and you are welcome to use it on your blogs if you so wish. hello-1

Let me know down below in comments what your goal looks like and remember to keep it fun, real and flexible.

Here are some of the Burdastyle patterns I have sewn up in the past <Burda Challenge 2016 Page>



 Thanks so much for reading this far and until next time, Happy Sewing!
Peace and love,
 PS. Are you a prolific BurdaStyle user? I’d love to do some guest posts featuring people who sew regularly with BurdaStyle Magazine. Contact me using the form on the website.

56 thoughts on “Burda Challenge 2018 : Lets Do This!

  1. You have such a good system and approach to this. I read today that people have more success with ‘goals’ if they devise ‘systems’ instead, which make lifestyle changes as opposed to simply a small target to poke at–you seem to be doing it already! I look forward to seeing what happens with it all.

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    1. Thanks Donna. I have read the systems vs goal debates and its interesting to think of how a goal can be achieved rather than the actual target. At the end of the day I think its all up to the individual what will work for them. xx

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      1. I completely agree–things that would have worked for me at different times of my own life do not work now, so to add in what might work for others at this or that point of their lives is far more than I am qualified to dictate! When I do the tarot readings we address what is likely to help that individual person in front of me at this point in their lives, but that also changes depending on the circumstances, just like real life!

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  2. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I have stash guilt, pattern guilt (burda and others), unfinished charity projects guilt, wardrobe plan guilt, and more. So Many Sources of Guilt in My Sewing Room! The last time I went in there, I froze from an overload of “shoulds” and just spent an hour refolding fabric. Your nudge gave me the big AHA, and I’m excited about setting some reasonable goals and getting back on track.

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    1. So glad you found this helpful! Stash guilt is real and when it hold us back from the joy of sewing then we need to deal with it. Smart goals can help with stash guilt because they keep us focused on what matters and what we can do instead of the “shoulds”. Cheering you on from my corner of the interwebs! xxx


  3. Hum i am the worst at setting goals and sometimes I want to sew so many things that I sew nothing 😅! But I want this year to change ! My goal is to sew at least one item per month and my target 🎯 is 2 per month for me or my family:)


    1. You are not the worst – its just about using the right strategies for setting your goals. It sounds like you have a great goal and we are all here to help, support and encourage each other. xxx


  4. I think this will be fun! I got into Burda magazines a while ago and now I want to sew lots of Burda! I love the trendy styles.
    I’ll think about my personal goals though and will be sure to post them somewhere on social media. Thanks Hila!

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  5. I am in!!! I have a year worth of BurdaStyle magazine and always flip through them first when i am looking for a pattern for a particular idea 🙂 tracing is a bit of a pain but they do have a lot of styles and pretty decent fit!

    Going to go through your blog now 🙂

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  6. My copy arrived yesterday. I’m going to try one sew from each month but if there is nothing I like I will revert to a different month. Hope you are going to film your Burda review vlog, so we can hear what you like. Thanks for this challenge. It’s the one which has most excited me. I live in Cumbria so hope to be going to the Leeds meet up this year and perhaps meet you (wearing Burda makes of course”)

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    1. Thats a really great goal Mags – I love how you have made it flexible by saying you will do another issue if you dont like the patterns in the current magazine. Sewing is joyful and we shouldnt be forcing ourselves to make something for the sake of it. Cumbria is beautiful – we are planing a trip to the Lake District this spring). Looking forward to meeting you , I am planning on attending any meet ups that dont conflict with my family plans. Have you decided what you will make from the January issue?


  7. This is a great idea Hila. I have a few Burda magazines and often flick through them and think I should make style X in stash fabric X – but hardly ever do! This can be my motivation, I think I can manage one a month. Thank you!

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  8. Hello everyone! I am so happy to find you through IG! I started sewing my wardrobe last autumn and I really enjoy it! I love patterns from Burdastyle magazine! As a full-time worker, wife, mom etc etc I don’t have enough time to sew (you can realise…) but my goal for 2018 is to sew at least 1 garment from each issue either for me or for a member of my family! I also love Burda’s individual patterns but I am not sure they count for this challenge…
    I am looking forward to seeing everyone’s creations!
    Greetings from Greece,

    P.S. I started recently to post my creations on IG but I am going to post more next days as soon as I take photos. I am @olypateli if anyone wants to follow. Please leave me a message to follow back. Thank you!

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    1. The individual patterns also count! I hear you – I have a young family myself and it can be hard to find time to sew (lets face it when our family needs us that is where our priorities are) thats why its so important to make flexible goals. I will be following you, cheering and encouraging you on and I hope you do the same for me too. xx


  9. Hi, I started collecting Burda back in the 80’s and collected them for years although I never completed anything and so stopped buying them. I had so many that a couple of years ago I got rid of loads of the magazines. I have only bought a few in the last few years as they do not sell them in my local town and I wasn’t in a good place anyway. I still haven’t actually made anything yet and want to make this year the year that I complete something to wear and start the journey of making my own wardrobe. So my goal will be to complete one thing, with all the required adjustments, and then go from there. Your challenge has encouraged me to get my magazines out again. Best wishes, Ava

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    1. Thanks for taking the time to share Ava. You can do it! Once you get past the tracing – its actually quite do able. Looking forward to seeing what you make. x


  10. Sounds like something for me 🙂 I sew quite a bit and very little of it is not from a Burda magazine. I think I’ll join but take it easy, it’ll be a busy year for me starting my fabric business, but let’s see how much I can fit it 😉 Thanks for this nudge Hila!

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  11. I’m with you Hila! I sew like crazy every night…I make two or three items from each Burdastyle issue…I’m starting tonight the pink midi dress from the January issue and I also have to make the yellow coat and the yoga shirt… Thanks for the brilliant idea:-)

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    1. I am making that dress too! So glad to have you on board – you are one of my favourite inspiring BurdaStyle makers. I have made items after seeing your versions!


  12. hello Hila,
    i ‘m new to all of this, i ‘m from Greece and i’ m I dressmaker but I somehow never have the time to make something for me. a few days ago I was sign up in burda style and today I saw about the challenge and I founded very interesting…but I don’t know if I got this right. i will make a piece of any burda that i have and then i will post it with hashtag #burdachallange2018 in my Instagram account? Thank you very much! sofia 🙂

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    1. Hi Sofia! You got it absolutely right. And its not just finished makes that can be posted – you can post plans, progress or ideas with #burdachallenge2018. Looking forward to seeing your makes. DM me on IG – I’d love to follow you. x


  13. Omg I am so nervous but I have been waiting for a challenge like this . So I am so ready. I will see if I can get my booklet printed and binded today. Thank you for creating such an amazing challenge

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    1. Glad to have you on board! Dont be nervous – lets have fun! Looking forward to seeing your makes too. Let me know your IG username so I can follow along. x


  14. Hello Hila,
    I accidentially stumpled on your post via Google and I think this challenge is great! Is it still possible to join? I want to sew 6 Burda Style clothes this year, starting with a wrapshirt.
    I’ve been blogging in German for almost 8 years. Now I’m currently setting up an english version of my blog, because I want to connect&communicate with more sewing fans from all over the world. This challenge I would blog completely in english.
    Kind regards

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    1. Hi Theresia! I checked out you blog and wow!!! What great style!! Thanks for getting in touch – so excited to have you join in. I have started following you on IG too and cant wait to see your makes. When you blog something for the challenge just send me the link and I will include it in the monthly round up posts. x


  15. Hi Hila,
    I’m joining in. So many patterns and I’ve only made baby things. I’m going to keep it simple with a commitment to just one item. Likely the 05/2017 112B woven wrap dress. Here’s to all of us exploring our Burda stash and our finding our dream style. Thanks for thinking of this. You are always inspiring.

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  16. Hello Hila!
    My name is Amanda; I am a lover of all things fashion and sewing!
    I am a 33 yr old business owner, wife and mother to a beautiful wild 3 year old girl ❤
    My New Years resolution this year was that every time I needed or wanted something new to wear I would have to make it.
    I own and operate a small alterations house and design studio.
    When I am at work between clients I love to have at least one garment on the go at all times.
    I also just received the Burda Style mini look-book and I’ve got my sights set on a good %80 of it!! LOL! So I would love join the BurdaStyle design challenge and share all that is created and meet some new like minded sewing lovers along the way 🙂
    I’d love to connect on FB https://m.facebook.com/misssewitall.ca/ OR IG you can find me at miss_sew_it_all


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