Named Anneli Double Front T shirt maxi Dress as featured in Sew Now Magazine Issue 8

I am super, quite possibly uber, excited to finally be able to share this project. This is a pattern review I wrote for Sew Now magazine (Issue 8 circa May 2017) – a publication I really enjoy as it is a mix of sewing and fashion. For the review, I sewed up Named Patterns Anneli Tee Shirt dress in a delicious green jersey. Enjoy!

Everyone loves tee shirt dresses and I am not an exception. Named’s latest offering from their SS17 Playground collection is the Anneli double front dress. The pattern includes two variations: a straight, ankle-length jersey dress, and a casual T-shirt.


Named Patterns Anneli T Shirt Maxi Dress – showing some leg 🙂


The packaging screams exclusive brand and you certainly get what you pay for with this incredibly well drafted pattern. The instructions and sizing are excellent. This is achievable as a first time project. All the seams lined up beautifully – even the neckband snaps perfectly flat against my body. Super quick to sew up, it took only 1.5 hours from start to finish with no alterations at all. The double-layered front which creates an interesting wrap effect gives it a uniqueness and a point of difference, making it perfect for the warmer days of spring and summer. 

If I had to pick a word to describe the Milano jersey fabric – delicious! Verdant in colour and lush in texture, this gorgeous fabric is reminiscent of 2017 Pantone’s Colour of the year ‘Greenery’. It feels soft and luxurious next to the

Trying a new pose – its called “Running to catch the bus”
Perfect neckband lies flat



I love this casual and easy to wear dress. Minimalist with a directional edge, Anneli is effortlessly stylish. I paired my Anneli dress with hoop earrings, chunky bracelet and a pair of thong sandals— and I was all set!  I love that I can stay warm with an oversized baggy sweater. Or get sporty with a denim jacket and trainers, or bohemia with a statement necklace and a floppy hat or throw on some cute flats for a more polished look…..endless possibilities.

I have to say that Named understand the appeal of the tee shirt dress. They are comfortable and when we feel comfortable, we feel confident. Anneli ticks many boxes for me; it is fashionable AND feels good to wear AND delivers on comfort AND is quick to sew. A new favourite!


Thanks so much for stopping by and until next time – Happy Sewing!!!!

Peace and love,


PS. It was a really windy day when we did the photoshoot so apologies for my VPL – it couldnt be helped!


22 thoughts on “Named Anneli Double Front T shirt maxi Dress as featured in Sew Now Magazine Issue 8

  1. How exciting! This color suits you very well too. I’ve been on the lookout for breastfeeding friendly patterns and this looks like it might work. Is the dress split right up to the collar?

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  2. Such an honor to be included in a sewing publication, congratulations!!!! The dress is beautiful, sewing skills are spot on as usual and you look great in the dress too. Love the “Running to Catch the Bus” pose. Congratulations again.

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  3. Gorgeous color and figure! It looks smashing on you. Do you have any tips on wearing jersey fabric and keeping it from “clinging” to your curves?

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    1. I feel like shapewear and slips get a bad rap nowadays, but they really are the key to wearing clothing well. Even if you don’t need shapewear, having a good slip made out of a low-friction or “frictionless” fabric works wonders for looking seamless in fitted, slinky fabrics. I highly recommend picking one up at your local department store’s lingerie area 😉

      Hope that helps!

      – Julia

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    2. Thanks Katie. I have found that when I use fabric conditioner it keeps the fabric from getting static -y and clingy. I am afraid thats all I’ve got. DatPixieGirl below made a suggestion with shapewear.

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