McCalls Shirt dress M7387 Pattern Review

This was a dress that I made for a sewing challenge called #sewingtogetherforsummer last year. The challenge was to sew a shirtdress in time for the British summer (I know – its an oxymoron). Anyhow, I chose this pattern as it had been a recent addition to the stash from my epic US pattern haul.

McCalls M7387 is a top, tunic and dresses pattern. Its semi-fitted through bust and has a collar, back pleated into self-lined yoke with forward shoulder seams, and front-fly button closing.

I was drawn to the pattern by the high side slits and the super curved hemline. The fact that it has dolman style sleeves was also lovely. I made view D, size: small.

The fabric I used was bought from Jacks Fabrics during one of my many fabric shopping jaunts last year. It’s a lightweight rayon or viscose challis. I don’t normally go for black and white but this ikat print was attractive.

Sewing the pattern up was reasonably okay. The button placket is covered so that had a few tiny challenges which resulted in me eliminating the covered placket in favour for showing off my cute black rim buttons.

The style of this reminds me of the Deer and Doe Melilot which has similar sleeves. Curved hems are always a bit tricky to sew but with rayon a good pressing removes all evils.

The back pleat is a big one – not a regular box pleat. Consequently, it is very important to mark the notches and the direction of the fold for the pleat. When I make this again in the future I will be adding pockets – its the one thing that’s missing for me. The pattern envelope shows it worn with a belt but I much prefer it without one.

Its a joy to wear this dress – light and airy,  it was perfect for summer. Here is how I wore it most of the time. Sometimes I swapped the wedges for black flip-flops.

This pattern is great value all round – it has many variations which I am definitely interested in making. The next one will be view E in some rayon fabric languishing in my stash at the moment :-).

Thanks for stopping by! Have a wonderful day 🙂

Peace and love,



16 thoughts on “McCalls Shirt dress M7387 Pattern Review

  1. Very nice- and I like the black and white.sometimes, in the midst of our love for colour it’s a refreshing change to have some monochrome action!
    For me, the longer back is not quite as nice as it would be in a shirt or shorter dress- it looks as if it wants to be a train [that’s my steampunk eye lol] but didn’t turn out long enough. Meh, that’s just me and I’m OLD lol
    Keep ’em coming girl, it’s so good to see you back in action xxx

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    1. Thank you! Funny you should say that about it being a refreshing change – when I wore that for the first time I got loads of compliments during the school runs. The compliments were accompanied by a look of surprise which I think translates to ” She isnt wearing bright tropical colours?!!!” 🙂

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      1. It’s funny isn’t it? I used to wear black a LOT [I think everyone goes through a stage…] but now I mostly wear colours, people always ask if I’m going to an interview or funeral when I wear black! Making these plain black tops for the SWAP is quite odd- but I do need a few plain tops to team with wilder skirts.

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  2. Beautiful. That’s looks a really easy dress to wear (weather permitting). I think view e will look great on you. Thanks for the reminder that the weather will get better.

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  3. I am working on my second make of this pattern. The hidden placket instructions leave very little to be desired. I managed it in my first dress just by winging it and know it was not correct. The second one I tried again last night to get the placket instructions and gave up. My buttons will be exposed, and I am perfectly OK with that. This dress looks great on you! Side pockets would be really nice and I think I will add at least one to my current dress, thanks for the inspiration!

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  4. I made this shirt pattern and just love it, but did make some alterations: took out most of the back pleat (that back pattern piece was huge!) and I too could not figure out the botton placket! For some reason the sizing seemed big enough to fold in the two centre front panels to create a thicker botton placket which worked great and still worked with the collar placement. Made in a floral. It is one of my most worn pieces. Lovely to see the dress made up! Might try that next!

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