BurdaStyle 01/2017 #105 Activewear Edition

I actually made this outfit in January 2017 (Yay for actually sewing a BurdaStyle magazine of the same month!).

Athletic Tank Top 01/2017 #105

Tha fabric for the top is a self wicking knit which has some stretch. The stretch is quite minimal and not like a t-shirt jersey. Unfortunately, I don’t know its exact specifics as it was part of a bundle of fabrics from MinervaCrafts that I had won on IG in 2016. It is very comfortable to wear and supports my bust well.

The top is made up of 8 pieces – nice seam detail to look at but a pain in the neck to deal with. First of all, when tracing it I forgot to write in the seam numbers that tell you which edge to join where and had to rip out twice and cut more pattern pieces (I was using an overlocker). Eventually, I got my head around it and it worked out nicely.  I even put in a fancy neon green exposed zip. The zip is purely decorative, in my opinion, as I can easily pull this over my head without using the zip. The next time I make it I will omit the zip.

I really like this top because despite all the seam lines it is very comfortable. The upper half is self-lined so no overlock seams rubbing against my skin. Its fussy but well worth it.


Athletic Leggings 01/2017 #106B #106B

The fabric for the leggings is deep dark brown ponte roma with a shiny surface. I quite liked the angular seams and the high waist of these sporty leggings. Though fussy to sew up if you are trying to line everything up, I think they are worth the hassle. The pattern actually calls for zips at the ankle side seams. No thanks.


For both patterns, I cut the size 38 without any adjustments. I have worn both of these quite a lot over the last year, especially for yoga classes. The leggings are a tad too warm in summer but perfect when the weather is on the cooler side (on account of the ponte).

This outfit was/is a win for me – a great addition to my activewear collection!

Athletic Tank Top BurdaStyle 01/2017 #105


Thanks for stopping by and until next time, Happy Sewing!

Peace and love,



13 thoughts on “BurdaStyle 01/2017 #105 Activewear Edition

  1. Lovely active wear, looks really practical and comfortable for exercising in. Seems like Burda designed it well too, with the top being lined. Are you tempted by any of the active wear in this month’s Burda? I’m looking forward to sewing up some of the Yoga wear in there.

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    1. Yes I am! I am making the leggings with the interesting foot cover detail and the yoga top with the twist drape at the back. The yoga top thankfully has a sewing course to take you through it step by step! Which ones are you making?


      1. Yes, I’m very drawn to that yoga top with the drape at the back and I noticed that the instructions were step by step too. I also like the top with the Yoga T-shirt with the interesting seams at the back. I’ll see what fabric inspires me….

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  2. So nice to see these patterns made up! I pulled out the January issues early this month and have been eyeing these. I like the high neckline and the legging seaming. This year’s selection is tempting me too!

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  3. You look great into your new clothes!!! You did a great job (as always)!!! I really love both of them!!! I am trying to finish the yoga jacket from this issue (I made it with a jersey fabric for my everyday life and not for yoga…).
    Greetings from Greece,

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