SWAP2017 Pt 4: Sewaholic Hollyburn & Granville Shirt

Hi guys!

Last year I was working full steam on a SWAP2017 wardrobe. You can read some of the previous SWAP2017 posts here <link here>:

For my lower, I had the Hollyburn skirt which was to be made in an orange bright orange fabric.

I bought the fabric from Fabworks. It’s a cotton twill weave which also has a geometric pattern. It has spandex it with some (about 3% stretch on the cross grain).

Instead of a facing, I used Petersham ribbon on the waistband. Pink satin bias binding on outside

Sewaholic Granville modified –

The fabric is linen dyed a navy blue using Dylon washing machine dye. This was one of the few successful results from my experiments with dyeing fabric.

The embroidery is from Kate N Rose patterns which I had bought over 3 years ago but hadnt ever bothered with it. It’s called Faraway Garden. When Kate was helping me with inspiration pictures I remembered that I had it somewhere in my digital files. Unfortunately marking dark fabric was challenging. Chalk faded away easily and my Frixion pens were not very easily visible. Patience is not one of my strong virtues and eventually, I reached a point which I just wasn’t bothered. But that’s ok – I realised that I am not yet at the beautiful intricate embroidery stage. That’s okay.

I eliminated the center front button placket. The front is sewn together with a flap for snaps of some sort (am yet to do this). I made it sleeveless by raising the armscye by 1/2″ and narrowing the shoulder by 3/4″. This makes it have a closer fit around the armhole. I bias bound the armholes using same linen fabric.

The idea was to have further embroidery on the front and back but seriously, it’s not my thing. I should have got appliques and in future, this is what I will do. As far as embroidery goes – I need to walk before I can run :-).

I am very happy with these 2 garments, more so because they are 2 of my most beloved patterns that I have made more than a dozen of collectively. Pictures….be warned the orange is really bright :-). Pictures were taken in May 2017.

Sewaholic Patterns Hollyburn Skirt and Granville Shirt

Guess the song from the dance pose 🙂


Thanks for stopping by this corner of the interwebs.

Peace and love,



26 thoughts on “SWAP2017 Pt 4: Sewaholic Hollyburn & Granville Shirt

  1. You might be able to use a chopstick and some of that wax tracing paper under your pattern to trace it off for next time. I’ve never tried it, but I think it would work as long as you had a nice solid surface under the fabric and it was a thin, stable one.

    Great outfit! I wouldn’t be able to pull off that orange, and I would never have thought to pair it with that dark blue, but the combo is 👌.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for the tip – something to keep n mind next time. I have a very simple embroidery on of my February Burda makes so I will give it a go. x


  2. Fab outfit! I love the way the blue top produces the illusion of you having navy blue hair [like Superman/Wonderwoman] in some pics. Maybe that’s just my eyes bleeding from the orange lol I’m with you on embroidery, it’s lovely, but life’s too short. Embroidery machines are too damn expensive for such frivolity, so appliqué all the way baby!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I should probably dye my hair navy blue to counter my ever increasing silvers. The orange is rather bright but I love it – its very practical in the sense that if I ever got lost in the jungle, my skirt can be a distress beacon :-)..

      Liked by 1 person

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