At some time in December last year, I came across a French pattern company on Instagram, DP Studio Fashion. The company ethos is to keep abreast of the latest fashion news to find out about new shapes, volumes and shades. They sell a collection of ready-to-use patterns through their online boutique. I was quite taken by the designs which are so unique and fashion forward. There had so many patterns I wanted to buy, however, I limited myself to two. Here is the first one – a skirt:

Le 406 is an asymmetric skirt constructed in one piece and has no waistband. The pleats on the right side create volume that is then added to a frill sewn on the true bias creating a front ruffle of full volume and effect.

This is the picture that got me 

Postage and Service

The ordering process was very simple. The online website has pages for english and french language users. Postage was incredibly efficient with the patterns arriving within four days via courier. I was impressed. 

I knew I wanted to make my Christmas outfit using this pattern. Looking through my stash I considered using a denim and very nearly cut it out in denim but at the last minute remembered some tartan fabric that I believed would be more festive.

A note on the pattern – it has one of the largest pattern pieces I have ever worked with! The main front piece has two pieces that have to be taped together. The 2 pieces were not aligning perfectly along the grainline points. I emailed DP Studio Fashion and they responded within a couple of hours saying that this was a problem they were aware of – an error in the printing. I had to tape it along the right side seam and draw in the hem curve. It’s a simple enough thing to do – I don’t know if subsequent batches of the pattern will have this error. This picture shows what I mean – it really is a minor issue.

All the pieces are cut single layer so this pattern requires a lot of fabric. I failed with pattern matching the side seams but I figured it could be a design feature.

As an intermediate level seamstress, I found the instructions clear and well written. There is a picture tutorial available on the website.

Sizing was spot on. I chose the pattern size based on the provided grid and it was perfectly right for me.

I made no changes to the pattern. The waistband is supposed to have a facing but I opted for a Petersham ribbon. Two reasons: it is quicker and more comfortable.

I managed to finish the skirt in the nick of time on Christmas Eve and was able to wear it on Christmas morning paired with my black BurdaStyle roll neck top. A fetching combo that I felt good in.

After a couple of hours I noticed that the side where the flounce is anchored tended to ‘drop’ creating an asymmetric waist look. My assessment is that the waistband needs to be snugger to keep both sides at the same level. But then again it might just be this particular fabric which has a slightly loose weave that seems to let out over time and tightens when washed.




Verdict: I love this skirt! I felt edgy when I was wearing it. The swish factor is a definite plus for me. It is a skirt made for striding forward towards…something! My sister in law said it had a Vivienne Westwood punk rock vibe. I was pleased beyond reason with that compliment :-).

I am looking forward to making another version of this skirt. It has much potential when using different fabrics. There are more patterns from DP Studio Fashion that I have my eye on.

Thanks for stopping by and until then, Happy Sewing!

Peace and love,



36 thoughts on “Pattern Review: DP Studio LE 406A AND B – LONG ASYMMETRIC SKIRT WITH RUFFLE DETAIL

  1. FAB – U – LOUS!
    The plaid is what makes this a killer skirt, and I also got a punk vibe from this. This is so freaking cool.
    I would love to rock a version of this with some combat boots – but I would need to drop at least a stone first 🙂

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  2. This looks totally amazing! There are a couple of DP studios patterns I’d been curious to try it but this one just skyrocketed to the top of that list! Great skirt!!

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    1. Thanks Beck! Pictures dont even do it justice -it needs to be seen in motion. Its the sort of skirt that you just love looking at as you are walking because of how the flounce move :-). DP Studio are definitely worth a try. I have more patterns I will be making up from them. x


  3. This is great Hila! I’m so glad you found the instructions clear to understand. I just made and blogged their Le 809 coat and had a bit of a nightmare on some elements of the construction, as well as finding the cut lines/hem lines a bit dodgy. But similar to you, I think their patterns are amazing – edgy, cool, a bit unusual! – so I wouldn’t let it put me off!

    Love your skirt and I can definitely see myself considering making this one at some point 🙂


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    1. I read your post and wow! The coat looks amazing – well worth it! I think the principles of their designs is a good one but they need to work on finessing their offering. I hope they continue to work on it as, like you say, the patterns are edgy and daring. I really do think they are in a class of their own in the current sewing pattern company landscape. x


  4. The skirt looks fabulous–great fabric choice! dp studio has such great designs, which is why I expect I’ll keep buying them, but I wasn’t surprised to hear about the printing error in the pattern. I’m working on the 500 top pattern. All the pattern pieces are good, but the printed and even online instructions have a lot of errors: mixing up the fabric and lining requirements, printing the same illustration for different versions, having the instructions for one version suddenly veer off into instructions for the other (a printing rather than editing accident), and so on. All of this can be figured out, but it would be nice not to have to. I’d love for them to invest in some quality assurance and proofreading to bring everything up to the level of the designs and gorgeous pattern packaging. Those they’ve nailed!

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    1. Thank you! Yes I hope they continue to work on improving their pattern instructions. They strike me as people with a couture background where they know their stuff really well. Alas sometimes things may get lost in translation. It would be interesting to know if French language users have similar issues….. Blouse 100 is lovely – was sooooo tempted by it. Next time after I have sewn the other pattern I have from DP Studio I’ll probably buy it then. x


  5. Wow, love it. Definitely a Westwood vibe. Just been reading Magnificent threads blog re DP patterns and noting how many errors there are so your issue seems to be fairly common, shame because the designs are great.

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    1. I’ve read her post too and its a shame about the print errors. I feel like I was quite lucky with this one issue. The patterns are worth it for me though after having made this one. Hopefully they learn and improve as time goes by.


  6. I bought this pattern because I thought it had a very Vivienne Westwood look to it. Your version in gorgeous, I really can’t wait to make one for myself now.

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