Simple Sew Patterns The Cocoon Dress x2

Today I have something a little different to my usual style. In an effort to move out of my comfort zone, I decided to make this cocoon dress. The pattern came for free with Issue 8 of Sew Now magazine. Here is the pattern envelope with the line drawings.



Simple Sew Patterns – The Cocoon Dress


The style is very simple. AT the time that it came on to my radar, I was preparing for a family holiday to USA where we going to be at the beach in Ocean Grove, New Jersey. I knew that it got very hot and humid, I wanted something that wouldn’t be too formfitting.

I sewed the first make with a linen chambray type fabric that I bought from Jacks Fabrics in Leeds Market. Sewing it up really is very easy. No zips. No buttonholes. I eliminated the center front seam but cutting the front piece on a fold (I can’t recall why I did this but it worked out).

I staystitched the neckline and used stay tape to keep it from gaping. If there ever was an hour project then this surely is. By the time I made my second one – it was less than one hour from cutting to snipping the final thread.

The sizing was accurate. My bust measurement is between their size 8 and 10. I opted to cut size 10 which was just right. The pockets are nice and deep.

I confess a part of me was worried that this might look like a sack of potatoes on me. By the time I tried it on for fitting I got a bit more excited. It is so comfortable and quite stylish. I made a video immediately after I had been wearing it for a day because the number of compliments on the dress I received that day was astounding.

My personal philosophy about making my clothes is that I make and wear what makes me happy. When I am putting together an outfit – my concern isn’t primarily on how I look to others who see me. It is on how I feel and whether I like it. Of course its lovely when I get compliments on my outfits. But, when I have left my comfort zone and I receive compliments – its an even nicer feeling.  I digress….

Simple Sew Patterns The Cocoon Dress

And my YouTube review..

The second one was made using some fabric that I had been very precious about for a long time. The fabric was won in an Instagram competition wherein 2 meters of Nani Iro triple gauze fabric turned up on my doorstep – FREE!!!

I have oohed and aahed over this fabric for years. I thought it might work well with the Cocoon dress. Cutting was hard! There was plenty of wincing and bottom lip biting. But cut it, I did. It was a point of importance that I sewed it up straightaway in order to avoid buyers remorse so to speak.

A note on sewing with triple gauze…..triple gauze is made of 3 layers of gauze that are loosely woven together. Its about twice the thickness of double gauze. Being 100% cotton the fabric is breathable and incredibly soft. Sewing it however was not fun. The thickness created by the 4 layers of gauze added up. Though I have never quilted – I imagine that it was like sewing a quilt. After sewing one seam it was clear I had to use the walking foot which made things a bit easier.

In the end, I had a lovely deliciously comfortable dress, albeit that looks a bit like pyjamas. I love it. Its bright, lively and vibrant! It is the kind of dress that makes me feel obliged to project the energy it embodies.

Enough words…pictures…..

Simple Sew Patterns The Cocoon Dress


Verdict: Highly recommended! Another thing I love about this dress is that I can go braless without any obvious issues. Win!

Thanks for stopping by!  Until next time, Happy Sewing!

Peace and love,






27 thoughts on “Simple Sew Patterns The Cocoon Dress x2

  1. I really like this dress, especially the chambray one, but that may be because the quality of the triple guaze isn’t really coming through in the photos. Perfect length for the style.

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  2. Thanks Hila ! Just ordered up a back copy of magazine too – £5.48 including delivery. I swithered over that pattern when the mag came out and seeing it on you looking fantastic made the decision easy.

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  3. The cocoon style is one I wear all the time to hide the fact that I don’t have a waist, so I’m surprised that it doesn’t look like a sack on your gorgeous figure — quite the opposite! Lovin’ the second one particularly:)

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I, too, have big boobs (Size 18) with size 10 hips. I initially bought a cocoon dress and when I saw it, thought it would look hideous, too. It has turned out to be the most flattering and comfortable dress I’ve ever had. I have since ripped a pattern off it, and have made it up in Thai silk (slightly stiff). It looks brilliant. I can’t see me needing another dress pattern ever. Going to make it up next in a pure wool plaid in soft pinks and tans, for a weekend dress for the winter.

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    1. It so funny how I had held this fabric up on a pedastal for so long but it wasnt that much fun to sew with at all. Or perhaps I just needed to have the correct expectations 🙂

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  4. You have just proved that you would look good in a sack. Those dresses aren’t quite sacks but aren’t what we are used to seeing you wear. I like them both but particularly like the print on the gauze.
    Enjoy your dresses – and the compliments!

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  5. I love this! I’ve seen it a couple of times before and I’m quite tempted to try it as I think it would hide any lumps and bumps that I don’t want to show. I’ve had the same thought about a sack though but I think it’s about time I tried it!

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    1. Go for it Natalie! Its so quick to sew up so there isnt much to loose from trying it out. Its one of those dresses that I could easily throw on every day of summer because its that comfy. x

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  6. I love the look of this. I think I’m going to add it to my list of Simple Sew projects this year because this is totally my bag! You look great, but then you look great in anything!

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  7. I’m about as much of a beginner as it is possible to be but I am so tempted to order the pattern for this…. I could do this right???!!!😂

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