Vero – A new social media platform better than Instagram?

I stumbled upon a new potential IG without the ads or the much-hated algorithm. I have a love-hate relationship with InstaGram – at times I get so annoyed by the rate at which ads (irrelevant ones) bulk up my feed and eat up my scrolling time. Another big peeve with IG is the fact that it decides when I get to see a post – sometimes its 23 hours later, sometimes its 3 days later. For a while, I have been looking for an alternative and this is first promising one that I have found so far.

Its still relatively new but it has an interesting manifesto which you can read here. In a nutshell – its like IG but NO ADVERTS and your feed is CHRONOLOGICAL. So how will Vero make money? Their manifesto is that they will charge a subscription to use the service. How much that will be it is not yet clear. Right now they are offering free lifetime subscriptions to the first 1 million sign ups.

The interface is not as intuitive as IG but then again this is still in the beta phase. It does have some features I like. You can categorise people who you connect with as followers, acquaintances, friends or close friends. It gives a more flexible option of sharing – you decide who gets to see what. You can also easily share movies (and rate them), books, website links among other things.

So far its been glitchy because it has just become very popular, so much that the servers are struggling to keep up. Vero have said they are sorting things out via their twitter feed. I think these are teething problems that most apps have as they become more popular.

From a business perspective – I think they are on to something. There are a lot of people who are dissatisfied with what IG has become but still want to make connections in their online communities. However – at some point revenue streams become relevant in order for a business to survive, regardless of manifestos. I am not sure how well the subscription model will stand up to budget savvy users. Plus there is also the fact that Google or Facebook can easily buy up Vero (Facebook does that kind of stuff regularly) and then it will be a different story altogether.

If you do sign up to Vero you can find me on there as SaturdayNightStitch. So far I am having fun on there despite the glitches. Are you as frustrated with IG as I am? Would you consider paying to have no ads and a chronological feed? 

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16 thoughts on “Vero – A new social media platform better than Instagram?

  1. Just like you, I am so frustrated at IG. Their algorithm drives me crazy! I can’t see what I want to see on my own terms. I’m off to check out Vero – thanks for the tip!

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  2. I was considering it up until I read that they want my phone number. Nope. I don’t give that out to anyone. Well, that and I’m not sure if it’s something I’d be willing to pay a subscription for. Personally, I think I’d just as soon give up IG and its clones and go back to blogs over paying for the ability to see pictures on my phone–I prefer being able to see more pictures and text for sewing projects anyway. #justcallmeoldfashioned 😎

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  3. Thank you very much for this heads up about Vero. I was very active on Instagram until Facebook took over and ruined it. Like you said, no control over my feed so I was missing my peeps from around the world. I gave up and deleted my account. This was just at the beginning of the glut of ads.

    A Yahoo quilting group I belong to moved to MeWe, a platform that is similar in look to Facebook, but with absolutely no ads and other manipulating content.

    Now if we can find a replacement for Pinterest and its raunchy, completely off topic ads, we will be set.

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  4. Hila, thank you so much for opening this up on a media I use! Had seen it on IG where I’ve been checking things out for a bit before joining. Knowing who now owns IG I’ve had serious doubts about joining. Now this is coming out and I am so grateful to have facts instead of hype. I think there may be a return to blogging, at least for sewers. Thank again, Hila.

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  5. Personally I haven’t had much of a problem with the algorithm on Instagram. Maybe I just check it too often. But I do like the fact if I get interrupted part way through my feed it puts all the stuff I didn’t get to see at the top next time I look.

    Vero looks good. I think if they change their collections to categories and then let you make collections across all of the media that would be great for those of us who have a few very different hobbies.

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    1. Its lovely to hear someone who doesnt feel affected by the algorithm. Frankly it interrupted my vicious cycle of negative thinking about IG. Thank you for sharing. I’m still figuring Vero out but I like that I can easily share my books now – it was nice to realise that other sewing people also liked Robin Hobb’s trilogy :-). Also still using IG because I love the feeds of people I follow on there so I guess I need to make my peace with IG 🙂


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