#burdachallenge2018 February Round up

January is all about setting intentions and resewlutions but February – I love February – it’s the month for indulgence – about emerging out of hibernation.  At only 28 days this month felt the shortest ever and I barely squeaked in with my personal goals for #burdachallenge2018. I’ll get to those later but first lets go see what other creatives have been making and blogging about.


There have been many wonderful makes and these are some blog post. Remeber to check out #burdachallenge2018 on IG to see works in progress and finished garments.

Mags (magscreativemeanderings.blogspot.co.uk) sent in this link to her wonderful tunic dress made in Nani Iro fabric (I am gushing over this make because….Nani Iro…nuff said) You can read about it by clicking here.

I love that Swarm of Chikadees  made a refashioned Burda 7198 out of an old Burda dress. A great idea for sustainable sewing – check out the post here https://swarmofchickadees.wordpress.com/2018/01/30/burda-7198-for-the-january-burdachallenge2018/

Ellen’s Sewing Passion (ellensewing.blogspot.co.uk/) is a veritable delight of inspiration She is an incredibly talented and prolific maker who has been an inspiration to me since I started sewing. She had made a delicious knotted midi dress which you can read about here

Small Artisan made a fantastic men’s hoodie which has been added to my to sew list. She also has a tutorial on making the shawl collar hoodie – yay! Read all about it here .

Anne continues to inspire me with her impeccable sewing and planning skills. She sewed up a couple of tops and I dare you to read her post and not add them to your sewing list too 🙂 Link here.

I consider Chris (handmadebychris.wordpress.com) to be the Queen of Burda in my life as she is always getting the magazine before I do here in the UK.  Here she is in stripes and flowers and knots – variations on the same pattern – so inspiring. See here for the post.

Meg Healy at BurdaStyle.com has made a wrap dress for her Magazine Mash up – and its a stunner! Click here for the post.

BurdaStyle.com are also offering a free Biker Jacket Video Sewalong with Meg Healy. The PDF patterns are included and I believe there is a plus size option as well. This is my 2nd free Burda sewalong course I’ve taken up :-). You can click through the main website or use this link here . Here is a picture of the jackets:

Over on IG I am meeting so many wonderful creatives and every day I am in awe of our shared joy in creating and sewing. I just wanted to share this IG post from @groovygreylook whose use of colour is just spectacular


Pause for thought

It was a challenging month to keep full steam ahead once the excitement of making resolutions had gone. But I found that instead of focusing on what I hadn’t yet done in terms of planning and tracing – I just hit a reset button and reminded myself that this is fun! And so far I have made things I am loving wearing and that feeling is what I remind myself of when I have to face the dreaded tracing!

I am also super excited that I had the opportunity to talk about #burdachallenge2018 on the Clothes Making Mavens Podcasts Episode 18 – I was a bit giddy though because I love Lori and Helena’s show and was slightly starstruck :-). The episode includes other sewing challenges like the #daytonightdresschallenge hosted by Elizabeth Made This (I am participating in this challenge as well) and #sewmystyle hosted by Jessica Lorraine. Definitely worth a listen here: Clothes Making Mavens Podcast

Looking ahead….

For March here is my sewing plan from the current 2018 issue. I will probably add more from other issues but for now, these are the definites. If you want to get a feel of the patterns in the March magazine I posted my March browse through and sewing plans here on my YouTubes

I hope your sewing plans are going well too. Here’s to March and all its joy!

Thanks for stopping by and until next time, Happy Sewing!

Peace and love,


PS. Not a sponsored post. I do not get paid. This is a passion project.


9 thoughts on “#burdachallenge2018 February Round up

  1. Everyone made such gorgeous and diverse items. I have to say that you are the first person I can think of who might suit this pattern with the crossing on the chest, since you are more slim and proportioned. I for example would look like my headscarf fell down onto my chest, and it would not be a good look for me!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. My previous comment got eaten by some sort of a dark comment-eating internet force, so here’s take two…

    New blogs added to my reader thanks to your post! And I really love your reflections on this challenge. I’ve been enjoying it a lot so far. Frankly, because it’s not that much of a challenge — I really like Burda patterns and this is just a great opportunity to get projects from my undefined ever-expanding queue finally to my sewing machine!

    Thank you for the mention here. I would like to revisit the refashioned dress pattern with a better fabric match. And I wear the new top a lot!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I hate those comment eating forces too! It happens to me quite a lot – at one point I would copy the entire text on my comment before clicking ‘post’ just to have the back up in case it was eaten :-). I am glad you are enjoying the challenge too. x


  3. Finally made time to watch your video. For us Burda-starved sewers across the pond it’s lovely that you flip through the pages! I really liked the #117 Cardi. Might be great for summer layering even here in stinky hot/humid southland. Went looking for the hard copy on the Burda site, but guess nothing from the current issue is available yet. Bummer! But great that you found at least 2 items – thought of you for that dress soon as it appeared, so will look forward to your rendition! xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Del! I just finished tracing the dress this evening and am getting quite excited about making it. The cardi is lovely and it made my long list so it will probably turn up at some point later on in the year :-). The US site gets patterns a little bit later than us, which suck.

      Liked by 1 person

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