Kids Sewing – Ottobre Kids Design Magazine and New Look

Over the past year I have been doing a lot of sewing for my kids. They love choosing fabrics whenever they come fabric shopping with me. Unfortunately I don’t always have time to write the individual blog posts for them so I have collected all the pictures I could find of some of the kids clothes.

New Look 6423 – this is the second time I have made these. The fabric was bought from B&M Fabrics and it is a great quality that has stood the test of many washes whilst still maintaining brightness.

This is a set from Ottobre Kids design Magazine Summer 2016 Issue. The leggings are capri length which I thought was cute for summer. The fabric was also from B&M Fabrics in Leeds Market. They do great quality jerseys there.
This dress is the same pattern as the T shirt above from Ottobre Kids but I just lengthened it. Ali akaThimberlina kindly gave us this fabric and it was enough to make a much loved dress.
These capri length leggings are great scrapbusters and made many more.
Neckline detail of another of the Ottobre T shirt
The fabric was also from Ali. Sewing buddies rock!
The T shirt has a side panel which gives it a bit of interest.

I love this rainbow cuffing that I bought from B&M Fabrics
Contrasting side panel
Ali used her coversticth machine to do the hems for me and I was smitten – so much that I decided to buy my own coverstitch machine.

I truly love sewing for them. This year I am aiming to do more kids sewing too.

Thanks for stopping by! Until next time, Happy Sewing everyone!

Peace and love,



13 thoughts on “Kids Sewing – Ottobre Kids Design Magazine and New Look

  1. Love those contrast panels on the tees, Hila – really lifts a basic to something a bit special – as does that multi coloured ribbing. Really need to pick some up from B&M when I’m next in Leeds. That, or I know Fabrics Galore have some online – both bright and pastel.

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  2. Cutimus Maximus! I love to see kids in bright comfy clothes, time enough for drabness when they go to secondary school and have to suffer uniforms! Lovely. I wish I could afford a coverstitch, but it’s never going to happen lol

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    1. Thanks Fairy! Dont waste your money darling. Honestly, if I could return mine I would, unfortunately I hit the doldrums with depression just after I got it and it sat for 8 months unopened. Finally got round to opening it and I still havent used the bloody thing. I already have an overlocker and the fuckery required to set it up just to hem knit fabrics is not worth it IMHO. Basically I spent tonnes of money on a fancy hemming machine. I am stuck with it now and realise that zigzag is perfectly awesome for hemming knits! Rant over πŸ™‚

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      1. Lol I have no money to waste, and doubt that will improve as I get nearer and nearer to retirement age! I waited nearly forty years to finally get an overlocker, and I use it to death. Hems happen, they seem fine on the whole. I agree with you, if it works, just do it!

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  3. Hila, your girls are gorgeous. Particularly love the tshirt with the side panels strangely never seen that in an adult pattern and it would be fabulous for colour blocking.

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