BurdaStyle 01/2018 #107 Leggings #burdachallenge2018

I made these leggings at the beginning of the year and already they have become my go-to for yoga. By the time I got round to taking blog pictures (during the snow days), they had been washed about 5 times already.

In the magazine they are described as ; So practical: To keep these leggings from pulling during a workout, we’ve sewn wide ankle cuffs at the hem. The front waistband has an overlap that is not only comfortable, but stylish, as well. 

Here is the line drawing:

BurdaStyle 01/2018 #107 Leggings

The leg cuffs piqued my interest – I have Reynaud’s Syndrome which means I really feel cold in my feet and hands all the time. I do ashtanga yoga which is a dynamic yoga practice and you are not supposed to have socks on during the practice (for safety reasons as they can slip). So this simple idea of covering some of my foot while the crucial parts that grip on to the mat are left able to do just that, was a tantalising prospect.

Before reviewing them I wanted to see how well they did in situ and I am converted! Though my feet still feel cold, I don’t feel it as acutely as I did before. The leggings performed exceptionally well because of the high waist. There are a lot of forward bends in Ashtanga and low rise leggings constantly need to be pulled back up. But not with these ones. Not once have I felt the creeping chill of an ever lowering waistband. So yeah the verdict is that I LOVE these leggings! Plus the wrap effect band is quite stylish too :-).

BurdaStyle 01/2018 #107 Leggings
BurdaStyle 01/2018 #107 Wrap effect wide waist band


I traced my usual Burda 38 and without any alterations at all. The fabric is a jersey that I was given by a friend. It is not a drapey sort of knit but it has more heft than T-Shirt jersey but less than ponte. I used my overlocker for all seams except for the hems on the foot cuffs. The instructions were good on this one. Well done Burda!

This was the first of my January #burdachallenge2018 makes. More coming soon as I race to catch up with all my unblogged makes.

Thanks for stopping by and until next time, Happy Sewing!

Peace and love,



BurdaStyle 01/2018 #107 Leggings Pattern




17 thoughts on “BurdaStyle 01/2018 #107 Leggings #burdachallenge2018

  1. Hi Hila, I’ve never seen leggings with feet like this before, but they do seem like a good idea. This is a great make on you, the fit looks lovely and excellent fabric choice. I never look at Burdastyle active wear, think I’ve been missing out! Thanks for the post.

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  2. I love that wrap effect waistband. I am envious of your ability to set up your yoga mat and practise at home – if I try that I am immediately covered in dogs and/or cats. I expect you probably wait until your little ones are otherwise occupied though.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You should see the entire roll of photos from the shoot! They always join me when I do yoga and I love it – they hold me accountable when I dare to miss a practice. Even the littlest ones can now do sun salutation A all by themselves 🙂

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  3. I always wished I could cope with yoga, but I’m a complete dork and klutz and tend to hold my breath on those rare occasions I have ever exercised. [Lazy as well] The effort of synchronising movement with breathing makes me light headed, and I’m a terrible quitter.
    When I DID exercise, I had some leggings with that waistband, and it’s very very comfy as well as looking good. Nice one missus [loving the hair too]

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  4. I’m so glad to see your version! the one on the model in the magazine is decidedly baggy… I think I can convince daughter no 2 to have a pair now! They look great, especially the waistband.

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    1. Thank you! They are by far the most comfortable leggings I have had and I will be making another pair without the foot cuffs for general wear. The high waist is just ace!


  5. Lovely! I adore your hair and the leggings are spectacular. And, generally speaking, I love that you make sewing so accessible. I have been inspired to try projects outside my comfort zone because you make it seem so do-able.

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  6. Fabulous leggings – and a great idea to have something over the foot as most gym floors are cold/grubby. Yours look really great. Action shots too!
    I love your hair but you must be freezing unless you have a really cosy hat 😉.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I never appreciated how much heat retention you get from hair until I experianced winter with my short short hair! In summer its very liberating and like a perpetual breath of fresh air on my head but in winter its perhaps too fresh 🙂

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