Burda 6602 T-shirt Sewing Pattern Review #burdachallenge2018

Recently I discovered a new fabric shop in Leeds called Fabrics for All. I went there to investigate and came away with a bagful of fabric despite the fact that I had only gone to suss it out and get 2 pieces of Christmas themed fabric t make tree skirts. I was impressed with the quality of fabrics they had and seriously restrained myself from buying more fabric.

The selection of jersey was so good but when I saw this print – I knew that this had to be a T-Shirt for my hubs. His dinosaurs one get loads of wear and another one was due. He got really excited when he saw it – we are watching all the Star Treks – movies and TV series – as long-term goal together. 

Though I have a drafted a T Shirt for him I really wanted to try out Burda 6602. It has been residing in my collection for a long time. Burda drafting has always impressed me so I was curious to see how my drafting measured up.

I cut size 40 based on finished bust measurements. View C has the short sleeves and I managed to squeeze this out of 0.75 meters of fabric. I had no luxury of pattern matching.

The crew neckline is made using contrast black cuffing. The pattern does call for using same fabric but I like the contrast.

Burda BD6602 T Shirt Sewing Pattern

BurdaStyle 6602 T Shirt


The fit was perfectly spot on – I made exactly zero alterations. Sewing it took under an hour. If you are used to sewing T-shirts this is an easy make. I definitely prefer this armhole to the one I drafted using Winifred Aldrich’s book. It had far too mach ease.

I tried something new for the hemming by using the extra long zig zag stitch. Its something defferent isnt it?

Here is he is wearing for casual Friday at work. He loves his new top and what more can I ask for :-).

This is the first make of my #burdachallenge2018 March makes. Paper/PDFs/magazine patterns all count for the challenge :-).

Thanks so much for stopping by! Until next time, Happy Sewing!

Peace and love,


Links used in post

Fabrics for All Haberdashery and Fabric Shop

Burda 6602 T Shirt sewing pattern


12 thoughts on “Burda 6602 T-shirt Sewing Pattern Review #burdachallenge2018

    1. Yay for a fellow trekkie! I watched TNG as a kid and Enterprise in my early twenties but am looking forward to watching them again. Hubs and I are on Voyager Season 4 now 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  1. Agree that the black contrast was a grand idea – looking good is your hubs! And what a find that new Leeds store & how I envy all you lucky sewing peeps in Blighty!


    1. Hi. Yes it does the link it right at the bottom of the post or if you google it, it comes up – though I dont think they are yet doing online sales.


  2. Fellow Trekkie here. I sooo would’ve grabbed that fabric too. It’s hard finding sci-fi novelty KNIT fabrics. Hubby and I watched all of TNG the year before and went to our first Star Trek convention in Las Vegas last year. We had a blast and we’re watching DS9 this year. Love the shirt!!!

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    1. Yay!!! We are on Voyager Season 4 now. Still a long way to go but we are loving it. We play a game where we guess how many times a phrase will be used like ‘dilithium matrix’ or “warp core gas” will be used and the winner is the one who was closest :-). Going to a convention is on my bucket list.


  3. Excellent fabric, and looking great as that t-shirt for hubby. The hem is good – have you tried a triple zigzag stitch? That’s probably my favourite straight off the machine.

    Liked by 1 person

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