My #makenine2018

Late to the #makenine2018 party but here we go. After much thought and consideration, I decided that I wanted my make nine to help me with a challenge I had set myself last year – get out of my stash. I only managed to use up 2 pieces of precious fabric last year and it felt so good. So my #makenine is to use these 9 fabrics. Bring on the tears people! I have to cut into my preciousnessess

  1. Lemons. 100% Cotton. 2m

2. Hydrangea. Satin. 2m

3. Liberty Tana Lawn 1.5m

4. OutBack Wife Barkcloth 1m

5. Vivienne Westwood. 100% Wool. 3m

6. Cotton and Steel. 100% cotton. 2m

7. Liberty Tana Lawn. 2m

8. Ralph Lauren  Sailboats. 100% Linen. 2m

9. Liberty Wool. 100% wool. 2m

Wish me luck! The process of selecting the 9 was fun. But it also made me realise that there is too much lovely fabric sitting there! If you’d like to see the drape and handle of the fabrics the YT video is below.

Thanks for stopping by! Until next time, Happy sewing!

Peace and love,



11 thoughts on “My #makenine2018

  1. The fabrics are all wonderful and I understand you hesitation to cut, but you will make something wonderful from them!


  2. Excellent idea, I might do the same, they are no good sitting in the stash, even if you just make pjs with them at lease they will be the nicest pjs you’ve ever had!


  3. I’ve just added a few pieces to my stash and I feel bad now. I do have plans for them all but if and when these will come to fruition is another matter – let’s face it II probably had plans at one time for the current stash fabric which are now long forgotten 😦 I must stop now – although I’ve just made a sloper for trousers and haven’t got anything remotely suitable for experimenting with that so a couple more pieces might sneak in before I call another halt.
    I love all the floral beauties you have there and do I see another shirt for the husband using those octopi?


  4. I loved to see your excitement for these fabrics. I geek out about beautiful fabric too. The color! The drape! The weight! The hand! Sigh. Love it! If only I could sew it all up as quickly as my mind can think up possibilities …. or my hand can click buy on new fabric. Great commitment on your part. These are all very lovely.

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  5. Looks like you have a lot of button down shirts in your future! And I can see that Vivienne Westwood wood plaid in a maxi skirt, like the Gabriola from Sewaholic, maybe? Good luck with the challenge!


  6. If you used the VW wool for a skirt I see it with an interesting yoke and a decorative section attached to the side like a big ruffle that drapes down below the hem… whatever that’s called! Some lovely fabrics Hila, well done on braving cutting the preciousssss 😀


  7. So lovely! I have the Travelling Threads Liberty fabric in blue and hope to make a 50s style shirt dress out of it. It was meant to be last year’s big project, but as I was pregnant I decided to put it off.


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