Offset Jersey Tops BurdaStyle 02/2018 #107 #burdachallenge2018

When I received the February issue of BurdaStyle this pattern immediately jumped out at me. I could see this working well for a beautiful multi colour fabric that I had bought with no particular pattern in mind. Here is the line drawing

BurdaStyle 02/2018 #107

The line drawing doesnt the top much justice so here is the fashion photo

The front and back pattern pieces are nearly identical but you have to absolutely make sure to note the seam numbers on the fabric for when you have to put it together. Otherwise, like me, you might get into a bit of a muddle. But once you have everything properly marked (and traced – when I traced out the pattern pieces I forgot to put on the seam numbers so when the instructions said to sew seam No.1 – I had no idea where it was) its actually a very easy garment to sew up.

I made 2 of these tops. The first one was not as successful because of incorrect fabric selection. I used a medium weight 2 way knit fabric. I felt that it was didnt have enough drape for the pattern and given that the hip is snug on this pattern it wasnt what I envisioned. 

The hips are snug on this, which would have been fine in my much younger days 🙂

It better when I move the hem up to my natural waist.
Its a shame because I really liked the fabric but this was totally wrong pattern for it.


Not to be deterred I immediately dug into my fabrics and found a grey 4 way stretch viscose jersey that I thought might work better. Having learnt my lessons before – it took less than an hour to cut and finish this top.

BurdaStyle 02/2018 #107

As you can see this fabric was more suitable for the pattern. I love this top and I have worn it so many times already. By the time we did this photoshoot (indoors because it was the big snow week) it has been washed about 4 times already. Here I am wearing it with my DP Studio Skirt

This is a pattern that I will definitely be coming back to. I need it many different colours. It makes a nice alternative to a normal T Shirt. This was one of my February #burdachallenge2018 makes.

Thanks for stopping by and until next time – Happy Sewing.




14 thoughts on “Offset Jersey Tops BurdaStyle 02/2018 #107 #burdachallenge2018

  1. Definitely works better in the second choice fabric but we live and learn and I suppose you could consider the first one a toile even though you wouldn’t have used a fabric you loved to make a toile in the normal course of events. Looks good pushed up higher though so all was not lost.

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    1. Thanks. I seem to reach for the grey one more. If I havent worn the other one by the end of the year , it will have to go to charity shop!


  2. Love the Grey version Hila. And it goes soooooooo well with the DP studio skirt ( which I also love) I think there’s something similar in the pattern magic books and one of the GBSB too.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I agree with Tialys, the first shirt looks great pushed up to your natural waist. Oh we live and we learn. The four way stretch is the way to go with this pattern. Wonderful job once again.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. The first one really is striking, and up to the waist makes it work. The second looks very comfortable. Good for you, to have two decent shirts for different occasions–the first does look very chic, maybe with a long dark skirt or something–

    Liked by 1 person

    1. The fabric on the first one really was something special. I havent seen amything like that since which is a shame really. The other top is so much more easy and comfy to wear .

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