Spring into Wool Festival

It seem I have yarn on my mind. This weekend I was lucky enough to have a friend ask me to join her on a trip to the annual Spring into Wool Festival. With the offer of free tickets, I could not resist.

This was my first time going to a show of this kind. It is held at the Grammar School at Leeds. There was decent parking which is always a good thing.

I wasnt sure what to expect but my friend (who had been there on the Saturday as well) was a great guide. She is very knowledgeable in the yarn and fibre arts – it felt like I had a personal guide to explain things to me.

And wow! Did I learn a lot of new things – what blanks are, spinning, acid dyeing, plys, yarn weights, felting, etc. There is so much more to learn. 

The yarn was varied; I was dazzled by all the beautiful colours and textures. I got overwhelmed actually – which I suppose is good for my wallet :-).

All of my knitting thus far has been using aran weight yarn (or chunky). The exception has been the Holsten which used DK. Some of the most beautiful yarns were 4 ply or lace weight which scares me!

There were some colours I couldnt resist buying though – a modest haul for me. I am going to try and knit these up by the end of the year and we will see.

Wool Silk blend yarn from The Knitting Swede – I love the magenta tones. 

Sock yarn from Yellow Door Yarn Company
Cards from Amy Butcher
Mountain Pass Fingerless Mittens Knitting Kit from The Woolly Tangle


I enjoyed myself immensely. Can’t think why I haven’t gone before! Never mind. I was quite impressed by the number of men there on the stalls selling their goods and knitting. Made me realise my assumption that knitting is a women’s craft is false!

And here I am with a baby (not mine)!

Wore my Holten top with my DP Studio Fashion skirt.


Thanks so much for stopping by!

Peace and love,





4 thoughts on “Spring into Wool Festival

  1. I was there on the Sunday too, it was a really nice show but I find a lot of the yarns are out of my price bracket and it’s difficult to get enough to make a garment out of as they are all hand dyed and the fine lace weights scare me too, so I was very restrained and only bought one 100g skein of hand dyed in a beautiful bright blue for the bargain price of £5.

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    1. I kept adding up the total cost of knitting a sweater and the cost was too spendy for me too. I think for jumpers and larger items I will probably stick to the bigger (cheaper) brands and for smaller things like cowls , I will look at the handdyed stuff.


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