Triathlon practice

Today I went to a Go Tri Novice Training day wherein the newbies are shown the run and cycle route. But more importantly, for me, a chance to become familiar with open water swimming.

Putting on a wetsuit is possibly the weirdest thing I have ever done! *rented wetsuit


The prospect of open water swimming when I only started learning to swim in October last year was daunting. I cannot count the number of times I have asked myself why the f*** I am doing this and wanted to quit. I still am yet to figure out what keeps me going but when I zipped up into the wetsuit I felt for sure in over my head. Then when I eased into the murky lake water from the pontoon I knew I was in over my head.

A tangent – the water was FILTHY dirty. I mean as in cant see the bottom even though its only waist deep dirty. And it smelled. Not a good smell. While listening to the coach talk us through acclimatizing to cold water I saw a mallard gracefully alight from the water onto the raised edge and deposit a lovely poo into the lake. Turning my head in panic, I realised there were tonnes of swans, ducks and gulls just hanging about, doing their thing, POOPING in the lake where I was being instructed to put my head, mouth and nose under while blowing big bubbles. Then I KNEW that not only was I in over my head – I was also in deep poop!

Thank goodness for the madness of crowds because I just followed what others were doing, trying very hard to dissociate my brain from the reality of being in the dirty water. My front crawl held up ok though I wasn’t happy when they told me I could not do the backstroke in open water. I complained a bit but the coaches were really good and pushed me to keep going. By the end of it, I was feeling like perhaps I could do this. And though it shames me to admit this – it was a solace that I wasn’t the slowest swimmer in the group – I was second last consistently. At least I was consistent.

The run section went very well – I was able to do the lap comfortably. All the running I have been doing with my running group is clearly improving my stamina. Unfortunately, I missed the cycle section due to the front brake on my bike (actually my son’s mountain bike) not working. It must have broke when crashed and fell on Thursday night as I cycled along the canal. I  thought the bike was okay because I got back on and finished the journey home (albeit gingerly). I was gutted but I made up for that by cycling around my local park when I got back home. And here I am now. Legs tired. Fresh and clean after a thorough scrubbing in the shower. Feeling mildly satisfied with having completed the training day to the best of my ability.

Now I muster up the sewjo. I will the sewing goddesses to imbue me with energy to let my creative juices run wild.

Thanks for stopping by.

Peace and love,




7 thoughts on “Triathlon practice

  1. Your swim sounds wonderful :/
    I do admire you though – especially as you only learned to swim so recently. I’ve been able to swim for years but certainly wouldn’t fancy being so deep in the doo doo.


  2. You are doing so great, especially for someone who was so afraid of swimming. That suit looks fantastic on you: are those your real abs, or enhanced by a superman outfit???


  3. I had forgotten that you were still new to swimming, you are so brave! You go girl!!! And yes, just don’t think about it. Every river/creek/pond is the same.

    I can still remember the first time my grandma took me “swimming” in something that wasn’t the river. I was maybe 4 years old and we were in the tractor, but those old glass+steel cabs got HOT by afternoon, even with the a/c running. So we decided to stop at the pasture nearby–to the stock tank under the windmill. It was completely green, cattle slobbered in it, and I was horrified when she tossed me in. But, I’ll be the first to admit that it was so nice and cool that I quickly got over the slimy feeling under my feet and was grateful it wasn’t that darn tractor! You just gotta block it out.


    1. You should totally go for it! I forgot to mention in my post that my group had 2 women in their 70s who were doing the triathlon too. I looked on with admiration and a firm resolve to be like them when I get to that age as well! Go for it! x


  4. Hila you are absolutely amazing! Since I read your post the other day I have been reading up about mini triathlons and I’m considering giving it a go. I hadn’t considered the poop situation at all and I will admit this is not swaying me in a positive direction haha. But what an achievement! I’m so proud of you x


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