What happened to my Me Made May ’18 Pledge?

I made a very bold pledge very early in April regarding Me Made May 2018 which was inspired by this article written by Simon Doonan How to Become a Fashion Eccentric

It went something like this….

I, Hila, of http://www.saturdaynightstitch.com, sign up as a participant of Me-Made-May ’18. I endeavour to wear my me made clothes and be stylistically daring. I seek to wear my me made wardrobe in a way that celebrates the joys of my outrageous personal style as I try out being a fashion eccentric for the month of May. Daily OOTD on IG @saturdaynightstitch

When I look at my patchy IG feed when I posted my MMMay2018 outfits I cant say I saw any sign of being a fashion eccentric.

SO what happened? Well, I got busy with the triathlon for starters. When I made the pledge my training was not fully understood especially by me. I didn’t realise just how much energy and planning it would take to train for the triathlon.

You see, when I signed up for the triathlon I made a commitment to myself to really give it my best. I have a tendency to lose steam as I edge towards the end goal of endeavours ( a painfully realised shortcoming that I am working on).

So when my time priorities were being pulled in different directions – it was easy enough to put off training so I could take pictures and write the post and trace the pattern or cut out the fabric etc. At first, I would do this but upon closer reflection – it was an easy way to cover my ass if I didn’t manage to go through with the triathlon. I would be able to tell myself that I didn’t have enough time on top of my blog etc. Luckily my OH called me out on it and I realised that I have to MAKE the time even if it means other things get lower priority.

MeMadeMay was one of those things – I already wear my handmade clothes everyday anyway so it seemed like a fruitless mental space allocation when I could use that space for other cogitations.

One day I will start work on the #memadefashioneccentric hashtag. So, in a nutshell, I am not so sure that I will participate in another Me Made May again – one of my most used hashtags on my IG feed is #memadeeveryday and I think that’s enough for me.

Some of my IG posts during MeMadeMay2018

Thanks for stopping by!

Peace and love,





Peace and love,




10 thoughts on “What happened to my Me Made May ’18 Pledge?

  1. Good decision! It’s my understanding that Me Made May is to encourage people to wear their hand made clothes more often but, in your case, it’s like preaching to the converted.

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  2. Goals change, and it’s good to have new challenges in life. Forgive yourself and concentrate on enjoying the effort needed to do your best in the tri.


  3. I’m with you on changing goals. I was intending to be a little more mix and match and wear the more way out stuff I have together. But I just ended up wearing a lot of sorbetto tops, dresses, my denim jacket and me made jeans. Still trying to develop a style that’s not just casual, but works for everyday.


  4. Also agree with you, Hila. Good luck with your training!
    BTW, enjoyed your “live” introduction to your stash organising and now have the tidying book coming from the library. Appreciate your joy in your fabrics and you’re right – what is life if we can’t love & enjoy them! (May I use your phrase, with proper attribution?!) x


  5. I loved your link to the Simon Doonan article, and now I see another rabbit hole to fall down with Pal’s recommendation. I have tried for years to escape the “miseries of bourgeois conformity” but with a very conservative OH it’s not always easy. I really enjoy watching your progress along the me-made route.

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  6. I feel the same, Me-Made-May seems to be best for newbies who are trying to get comfortable with wearing the things they’ve sewn, not those who have been sewing for a while. I personally have a bit of hate for Me-Made-May (probably because I don’t like it and I’m selfish about the month of my birth. 😉 ), so I’m always happy when it’s over.

    I’ve been super impressed with your dedication to your training though–I couldn’t (or maybe wouldn’t?) do anything like that, especially if I were new to swimming!


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