FabricKateD Seamless Raglan Knit Along

Kate (www.fabrickated.com) wrote about hosting a seamless raglan sweater knit along based on the Elizabeth Zimmerman technique.

This was quite serendipitous for me for 3 reasons:

Number one. I ‘ve been a fan of Elizabeth Zimmerman since I started venturing into knitting. I have bought and read 2 of her books (Knitters Workshop and Knitting Without Tears)  with a plan to make something one day. But the allure and security blanket of written instructions have kept me from following through.

Number two. I am just finishing up a Chuck sweater and was scouting around for a new project to cast on. I participated in a knitalong on Ravelry 4 years ago and knitting along with others will be fun.

Number three. I love and admire Kate’s creations. Being a long time fan of her blog since discovering it, I like the community she has created on her blog.

Here is one of the seamless raglan jumpers Kate has knitted:

The kint along starts sometime next week. Of course, the temptation was to go out and buy yarn but I sensibly opted to use what I already have. I will be using a purple variegated wool that I bought 3 years ago from loveknitting.com when it was still UK based.

Cascade 220 Superwash Quatro


Its called Cascade 220 Superwash Quatro. Its supposed to be machine washable which is what attracted me. I bought 2 colourways of this yarn and the jumper I am just finishing up used the red colourway. I am hoping the leftover yarn will be enough to add a stripe here and there.

Kate will be writing up posts along the way to help and she has assured that anyone can knit these lovely jumpers without a written pattern. For more details on the knitalong please click here (there is still time to join as knitting hasn’t started yet)

Seamless Raglan Knit Along – Introduction

I am looking forward to this knit along immensely! Thank for stopping by my little corner of the interwebs.

Peace and love,



3 thoughts on “FabricKateD Seamless Raglan Knit Along

  1. Hope you enjoy your project, Hila! I’ve used Cascade superwash whilst living in Chicago and it was readily available from the shop down the street. I washed completed projects and enjoyed them. (Cascade isn’t carried by the chain stores over here.) It’s considered a good, stable & standard company of yarns – that from my yarny California friend who gets her wool fresh off the animal, then washes, dyes, spins, and knits it herself. Enjoy!

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    1. Thats high praise indeed! My most recent knitted jumper was using this same yarn and I have enjoyed knitting with it immensely. The stitch definition is the best I have had to date.

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  2. I came along to see if you had finished yet Hila! Thank you so much for promoting the knitalong and your kind and generous remarks about my jumpers. I love your colour combination and you do look stunning in bright shades.

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