Accountability Partner Wanted. GSOH essential.

I’ve been struggling with a personal goal of watching my many Craftsy classes. Given the successes I have had with engaging in goals with a group of others – I thought I might give this a go.

Because there must be someone out there with the same exact goal.

The idea is this: we have common goals and keep each other accountable for sticking with them. We report and keep each other up to date on our routines, or problems, or whatever.

We’d honestly report to each other, and each of us considers themselves answerable to the other.

Think of an accountability partner as someone in your corner, rooting for you. Someone who wants to help you succeed and who is willing to put in the time (and effort) to make it happen. But –  you have to be willing to the same for them.

I might keep an online journal and you would tune in every few days to check up and share your thoughts.

You might have a goal of self-inquiring 1hr every day for 30 days and I will ask you to report on your progress and hold you accountable. We keep each other on track and motivated, basically. This would happen through private messaging.

Is anyone interested? Please get in touch via Contact Me.

Thanks for stopping by,

Peace and love,



6 thoughts on “Accountability Partner Wanted. GSOH essential.

  1. Likewise. And I’m afraid I’m still smarting after a week of the two week trial of Craftsy Unlimited where nothing would play properly. (Needless to say I’m not keeping a subscription until they improve delivery).

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    1. Absolutely! I dont have the Craftsy Unlimited myself – I did try it when they had the free 2 weeks and found it interesting. I learnt how to draw and cook many latin american dishes (i tried to do something different). The subscription model is much better value, unfortunately I had already bought 32 classes by the time they introduced the subscription -_-. Hope they get it sorted for you as it can be enjoyable. x


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