MCBN July: Linen Shirt Burda 7525

Blue skies, bright shining sun, birdsong. I love summer, the light grants bright vibrant colours. This July we have been out at dawn and dusk to catch the perfect light for photographs. I love how the linen shirt I made for my July Minerva make is in harmony with the current beautiful weather we are experiencing here in the North of England. Its almost as if when I ordered the fabric 3 months ago, I also ordered the perfect weather to wear it in once finished!

Here is the link that will take you to the post on the Minerva Craft Blogger Network. Enjoy!


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Peace and love,




6 thoughts on “MCBN July: Linen Shirt Burda 7525

  1. Hila! I absolutely love this shirt and was going to download the pattern right away but it’s only available in bigger sizes here, in Germany. Nevertheless, I will search for something similar because it is something that my Husband has wanted for a long time! Also the fabric is awesome!
    Your Husband look so happy in it, I adore him in the last picture!

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    1. Thanks Rita! It really does come together so quickly. I didnt realise that some of the paper patterns are also available as downloads – thats wonderful.


  2. What a great shirt. Love your choice of linen. Looking forward to seeing the two of you in the matching shirt and boho shirt. Have a great day!

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