MCBN August: Kwik Sew K3389 Coveralls & Allotment Stuff

This heatwave has been so good for our allotment. Berries have never sweeter, pumpkins have never grown as large, our bounty from the allotment is the best we have yet had in the 5 years of allotmenteering! It seemed only fitting that this would be the year that I finally made my OH some coveralls to protect his clothes when he does all the outdoor work. Here are some pictures from the allotment taken on Saturday and…..

Here is the link that will take you to the post on the Minerva Craft Blogger Network. Enjoy!

Bright Orange cotton drill Kwik Sew K3389 Coveralls
Jack O’ Lantern pumpkins
The swiss chard has been a prolific cropper!
Carrots doing well.
Cant wait for the tomatoes to ripen.
I love marigolds – they remind me of my childhood.
A new strawberry bed that has done really well.
Leeks are coming along nicely.

Apples. When we took over this plot this tree only cropped 5 apples in that first year.
Our sunflowers didnt do too well – this was the best one.
The children love the allotment and thats the most important thing for me.
The kids decorated the shed using sample points of paint left over from when we renovated our house.
Another pumpkin variety. This is the first time we have had more than one pumpkin grow to these sizes.
Another massive pumpkin growing. Looking forward to harveting!
I grew globe artichokes from seed and now they are keeping bees very happy.
Globe artichokes are so beautiful!

Thanks for stopping by and have a wonderful week!

Peace and love,




7 thoughts on “MCBN August: Kwik Sew K3389 Coveralls & Allotment Stuff

    1. Lols! Yes you can see him all the way from the motorway even! BTW on our recent camping trip to Europe we were listening to His Dark Materials by Phillip Pullman and there is a character called The Chevalier Tialys in it. The combo of knowing you live some where in France and hearing Tialys as we drove across France made me think of you constantly :-). Hope you are having a great summer – I had such a lovely time there that I now constantly day dream of the rustic French country lifestyle…


      1. Not too far south unfortunately. We went from Calais to Colmar via Reims and Troyes. We then went to Zurich and finally Luino Italy. I absolutely loved the Alsace area we stayed in – beautiful vineyards everywhere.


  1. Aah! We’re a long way down from there – almost as far as you can go to the S.W. without tipping into Spain. I really would like to see the Alsace region – it would be completely different from where we live and Troyes looks lovely.


  2. Wow – – you’re garden looks great as does your husband’s outfit! Cool set of overalls that will make him the most noticed guy in your allotment:).

    Liked by 1 person

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