Frocktails Sewcial 2018 and Sewing Challenges I am Excited About

I thought I’d write a post about several sewing events that I am super excited about.

Frocktails Sewcial 2018

Laura Casey is an indie pattern designer who runs Sew Different patterns. She is based in the North of England and is hosting a SEWCIAL this Autumn.  Come along and join in for an evening of sewing related entertainment at Frocktails. Hand-in-hand with the evening sewcial there will be workshops that Laura will run through the day on the Saturday 3rd of November.

For those who want to showcase their skills there is a competition with fantastic prizes, no need to enter beforehand – just turn up in your best handmade creation. I am on the judging panel along with  Lauren Guthrie from the GBSB and Tree from Stitchless TV . There will also be a catwalk show, a talk from Laura Casey herself and a free fabric swap.

Here is the link that will take you the the Frocktails page for details. Hope to see you there!


Indie Pattern Month IPM2018

The Monthly Stitch is hosting its amazing IPM2018 which is always a fun annual event to meet new sewing bloggers and also get caught up on the wonderful world of indie sewing patterns. Its a true celebration of the smaller brands out there.

There are so many prizes and sponsors this year. More than in any previous year.

The categories are Week 1 Dresses (currently finished now though) ; Week 2 – Anything but clothes ; Week 3 Around the World; and Week 4 One Pattern 2 Ways.

I am definitely playing in the Around the World and the One Pattern 2 ways week.

This link will take you to the main IPM2018 page for details on The Monthly Stitch.

#sewmanpants 2018

Seamsters: @_stitchesandseams_ / @liftingpinsandneedles / @naturaldane / @elizabethmadethis  got together to host a challenge for sewing pants for the men in our lives – be they young or old! I have been working on building up my husband’s wardrobe by sewing clothes for him. I have done shirts, tees, jeans but one thing I have been scared of is work trousers.

So when NaturalDane approached me asking if I’d like to be an ambassador I jumped at the opportunity.  I will be making my husband trousers that he can wear to work. Eeep!. There are prizes to had as well.

  • Fabric Magpie is offering a 10% discount code to those who want to purchase fabric for the challenge. Use Code SEWMANPANTS starting October 1 thru October 31st 2018.

This link will take you to a post with all the details about #sewmanpants.


Hosted by Heather Lou of Closet Case Patterns and Kelli of True Bias  – It was borne out of a frustration with feeling like you only have to sew whats practical but that can be boring. They are keeping participation easy and simple and there are prizes to be had as well.

I feel like this ties in so much with what Stasia Savasuk says. If you haven’t watch her TED talk “Change Your Pants Change Your Life” please do and check out her blog – I have been hanging out there and love her work. Link here.

This is a challenge that I feel so happy to be seeing more people embracing the frosting sewing. I have been a frosting sewer for a long time now, wearing one shoulder maxi dresses for the school run! I have never bothered with whats appropriate and just wore what made me happy – frosting 🙂 I am looking forward to seeing how other people interpret this. Its a fun one. My own challenge is to go beyond my already out there makes and see where else I can go! Fashion eccentric here I come!

Here is the link that will take you to Heather Lou’s post with details of the #sewfrosting challenge.

Little Red Dress Project 2018

Renata – The Twilight Stitcher– caps off the sewing year nicely with a sewing challenge to make a little red dress in time for the holidays. I participated in 2016 and thoroughly enjoyed the process. I ended up with a great dress to wear on Christmas Day. This year there are plenty of prizes as well.

You can find out details about the Little Red Dress Project 2018 here.


I am still going with this and have been managing a minimum of one garment per month. Though I haven’t been able to keep up with doing monthly roundup posts you can check them out at the site where Meg has been posting them.

Here is the link that will take you to the BurdaChallenge2018 September Round Up Post.


There are so many sewing challenges out there you can get on board with but these are just a handful of what I am planning on participating in.

Are you joining in any one of these? Let me know if there is a challenge that might be of interest to me as well.

Thanks for stopping by,

Until next time, Happy Sewing!

Peace and love,





3 thoughts on “Frocktails Sewcial 2018 and Sewing Challenges I am Excited About

  1. hi Hila! Thanks for the this post! There are so many inspiring challenges this Fall, and I’d like to participate in all, but will likely focus my limited sewing time on the ‘frosting’ challenge and IPM..even when I don’t get an entry ready, I love perusing all of the cool entries…lots of inspiration there!

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  2. Thanks for this list. I just completed the second week of the Monthly Stitch contest and want to do week 3 if I can manage it. The red dress challenge also fits with my plans, so my not enter that one too?

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I have no clue how you can manage so many challenges, how you can manage your time and sew so many pieces? I would love to just sew all day every day but you know…. Life. I would be really interested in a post about your time management. Do you still concider sewing as a hobby or is it more?
    Since we are moving in a month and my sewing machine is already packed up, I try to keep my mind off of sewing right now but it’s obviously not working… I’m going crazy and you give me new ideas with your posts! The red dress sounds especially good to me. Maybe I can squeez it in after moving! Let’s stay positiv! 😀

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