MCBN November: Mens Smart Trousers Burda 6873

The thing I was most scared of sewing was smart work trousers for my husband. I have sewn him T shirts, jeans, hoodie tops, shorts, shirts, a coat; but trousers for work? That felt like out of my league. As the year has progressed I have been trying to push myself out of my comfort zones. I had to try it before the year was out. And here I am – feeling like I can finally call myself an advanced seamstress because not only have a made him trousers for work – they are the best fitting pair of trousers he has owned. Ever! Thats my November Minerva project. I am calling it my levelling up project (any World of Warcraft players here?) :-).

Here is the link that will take you to the post on the Minerva Craft Blogger Network. Enjoy!

Thanks for stopping by and have a wonderful week!

Peace and love,




3 thoughts on “MCBN November: Mens Smart Trousers Burda 6873

  1. Men’s trousers! 😱
    I would definitely use the word ‘advanced’ – although, if you’ve already made him a coat, I’d say you were already there anyway.
    Love the lobster shirt.

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    1. Thanks T. The coat was poorly made and is quite floppy – I had no appreciation of tailoring structure and support when I made it. Bless him though – he wore it despite all the issues and now it has been passed on to my oldest. I love the lobsters too – I really want to buy the fabric and make myself something with it – I swear the lobsters wink at me every time I look at them πŸ™‚

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  2. Great pants and again, beautiful work! I just hope that I will be brave enough to try an advanced project like this sometime in the future… You are very inspiring, Hila! Thanks for sharing! πŸ˜‰


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