About Me!

I am addicted to creating, making! I am an addict a recovering stash addict!! And this is my 12 step program….Lets try that again

Hi there,

I am Hila , a stash recovering addict with loads of creative energy, 5 kids bursting with vim and verve, and a Saturday night that I can dedicate to really dealing with my demiurgic juices.

So the 5 kids take up most of my time which leaves me time to browse and read lovely blogs inbetween my daily grind (bathroom mostly). I read blogs see lovely things being made / created then I buy the pattern and fabric online because ‘one day’ I will make this …soon….i hope….after the others that I have in the queue already………

Do you see the vicious cycle I get caught up in. Leading to loads of stash fabric, yarn, books, craft supplies and a  worried looking husband! The blog came about as a way for me to make things and remember that I can do it, a way to get into the habit of setting aside time to just be me and make make make. I  also blog cause it is nice knowing that in years to come I can look back on this and say ‘Wow way back when…..’

Apart from stitching I also love gardening and occasionally put up pictures here. Books are my weakness and I write about the ones I read here.

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49 thoughts on “About Me!

  1. Really awesome clothes you´ve made, I wish I knew how to do that, maybe I´ll learn if i stop by here more often 🙂


  2. Hi Hila,
    Thanks for “liking” my burlap project. Very nice blog and nicely done work!! It sounds like you have found your perfect creative outlet. Post pictures of your kids! PS. I just read “Seabiscuit,” great read!

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  3. My goodness, Hila! I have two and can’t get it together! I saw your like on one of my posts and my first reaction was what a cute picture of you with the flower in your hair. Now that I’m’ here, I am loving your wild, fun, crafty spirit!


    1. Thank you for your kind words! You seem quite on the ball! I admire what you are doing with setting up your online shop and working on a pattern! Go you! You are quite an inspiration – one day I hope to be where you are 😉


  4. Loving reading your blog….think I need a couple of hours to put aside to catch up and see all the fab things you’ve made! Thanks for following me, which then meant I saw yours! Trying to work out which country you’re from, and then saw the magazine with £ sign so I know you’re in the UK! ✂️😀✂️

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  5. Thanks for the follow Hila. I’m just coming to the end of a basic evening course in fashion and dressmaking and have started the blog as a way of connecting with other stitchers. I’ve been having a look through your posts and finding so much to inspire me – it’s great and I love your writing style! After reading your review of the crafty sloper class, I have put that on my to do list as I have pattern drafting aspirations. And I see you are a fan of the Hollyburn skirt – I have just received the pattern in the post 🙂 I’m new to the blogosphere but am already hooked – a creative outlet on so may levels. I look forward to following your adventures in stitch.

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    1. Thank you! Am glad you enjoyed my little seeing adventures. The sewing community is so awesome! When I started blogging I had no idea how incredibly inspirational following other bloggers wpuld be😀. I look forward to seeing your journey. Keep stitching!


    1. Hi Jennifer! Thanks for stopping by. I am glad you enjoy the blog. I certainly enjoy reading your posts – I must have clicked a dozen times on your sleeveless Granville post😃

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      1. When I was pattern shopping a woman called her MIL a “wanna-do.” She bought lots of patterns and fabric because she wanted to do them but never had the time.
        With 5 kids I can see why you get called by the fabric (and everything else) and don’t have time to respond.


  6. funny, the only stuff I have “stashed” over the years is fabric. When my children were little (20 years ago) I sewed a lot (with boys it was costumes, quilts etc, not much for them to wear) I have several buckets of leftover fabric and projects that I never finished…

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  7. Hello Hila!

    Within the last two years, I began sewing my own clothing in earnest on a Janome 423 S (no longer in production). I was so pleased to discover your blog and Instagram postings. Your collection is incredible. What I especially admire is how well your garments fit. I also marvel at your use of pattern and color to enhance garment design. How long have you been sewing your own clothing? Do you have any advice for how one could develop her garment fitting techniques? Where do you get your inspiration? With what machine(s) do you sew? I hope you do not mind the questions. My long term goal is to create a wardrobe with great fit, color and texture and your creations inspire me!

    Best Regards,

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    1. Hi Jennifer,
      Thank you for your kind words. I have been sewing my own clothes properly since early 2014. Fitting is something I am still learning with each project – there are a lot of great blogs and tutorials on Youtube that have helped me. I get my inspiration mostly from the other blogs I read and from Instagram. I use a Husqvarna sewing machine. Just keep experimenting with your style and dont be scared to try out new colours or silhouettes. Enthusiasm is the most important thing and you have plenty. Are you on IG? I’d love to follow you and share in your journey. Hila. x


  8. Hey Hila,
    I just got done browsing the pictures of the amazing garments you’ve made- and I have to tell you that everything I’ve seen looks SO amazing, and like the previous commenter said, all of your garments fit so well! Your blog inspires me and makes me happy while browsing because you’ve created such beautiful things. Keep up the good work xx i can’t wait to see what you’ve got for the future!

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  9. Hi Hila! I found you through Ali and sewdownsbury and I am so happy I did! I find it so inspiring that other moms with more kids can tackle the struggles of every day life and still find time for themselves, sew, do gardening, blogging and probably even more! I have difficulties managing life with two kids and when I see someone like you I start to think: “oh, maybe I should have more kids and I’ll get better too!” 🙂 Anyway, I can’t wait to see more of your work!

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    1. Hi Rrita! Thank you for your kind words. So glad you enjoyed looking around the blog. I would argue that 2 kids are possibly more challenging than 5 🙂 By the time you get to 5 they sort of just get on with it 🙂

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  10. Hi there, Hila! I had to set up a new blog so please come over and visit me at https://retroglambyemilyann.wordpress.com/

    My former photo hosting site has too many problems. They started deleting photos from subscriber’s sites as a way to coerce them into purchasing a higher priced plan for “quality service”. My blog lost too many photos. I told them to stuff it and started a new blog with the photos uploaded to WordPress.

    I enjoy our contact so much. My first posting gives you credit and a link for the great styling ideas I got from your recent blouse project.

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  11. Just found you – so glad I did! I’m looking forward to reading through your archive. I’ve just watched your Burda Style post – my favourite patterns. Happy sewing!!

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  12. Such lovely makes! I find much in common with your color and pattern choices. I’m envious of your peacock Renfrew. I’m in much the same boat, lots of fabric and patterns, also lots of kids. I’m trying to bust through some things this summer before the next baby arrives. I’m looking forward to looking through more of your new posts, and the old ones now that I’ve found your blog.


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