Sewaholic Renfrew Pt. 4, 5 & 6

I can’t believe I only made my first Renfrew top early this year around February time. Now I have 6 versions – with still more to make.

Renfrew Pt 4

Made in polka dot poly jersey that’s been a stasher for yonks (since stash began actually) and it makes for a drapey lightweight top. I made this for the SewDots challenge, but I didn’t submit it because I decided I wasn’t particularly keen on the prizes.

Polka dots Renfrew – makes me feel jazzy!
Cowl neck detail

Renfrew Pt 6.

Made from some John Kaldor fabric left over from another project. I just manged to squeeze in the scoop neck version with three-quarter length sleeves. Not bad for about 3/4meters of fabric. I am happy with this. I really quite love the dramatic floral print.

Sewaholic Renfrew
Scoop neck detail

Renfrew Pt 5

Made in a ponte weight fabric bought in early days. I only had  one meter but I was determined to make this a cowl neck version. After much messing about – I got it to fit but had to sacrifice the cuffs and have a narrower hem band. In lieu of same colour cuffs I colour blocked with a lovely contrasting grey. I wear this a lot as layer under stuff. Rarely on its own though.

Neutral Renfrew – love the drape of this cowl – so much body to it.
Cowl neck detail



That will do as far as Renfrews go for this year. Will I make more Renfrews in 2017? We will have to see………Have you made 6 of one pattern this year too? 

Thanks for stopping by, until next time, Happy Sewing!

Peace and love,



Sewaholic Renfrew Pt. 3

Hello everyone,

Another day another Renfrew top. This one a simple scoop neck version. Fabric is from Fabsworks in Dewsbury. I squeezed this out of leftovers from making a Lady Skater dress (post coming soon).

I love it! Now if only I could find a solid colour fabric in my stash. It turns out that I am not a fan of solid colours so much. My only issue with this is that I cut the cuffs on the wrong grain so they don’t stretch as much as I’d like. As a person who rolls up her sleeves a lot, this is a tad annoying.

I really cant stop gushing over how much I love these tops (see my love letter here and here) . But I shall spare you and just move on to the pictures :-).

Cami Skater Renfrew photoshoot 315
Sewaholic Renfrew paired with Birkin Flares

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Sewaholic Renfrew Pt. 2


Hello all!

Happy Wednesday! All good things happen on a Wednesday – at least thats what I like to tell myself. My good thing is I have time to post one of my latest makes – another beloved Renfrew top. After falling hard and fast for my first one (link here) I immediately cut out another using Spoolette fabric. This stripe was from Lucky Fashion.

So I didn’t actually have enough fabric to make the cowl neck but I REALLY wanted this fabric to be a cowl neck. So what are you going to do? Well one part of the cowl neck is on straight grain and the other is on crossgrain. Its seemed to work :-).

My stripe matching is still in its infancy but its wearable. There is nothing I can add to the construction of this top that isn’t in the excellent instructions already. My next one is a scoop neck in a plain solid colour. Ali suggested making a dress using this as the top half and I am thinking of using the Moneta dress bottom…..creating some sort of Coleholic or Sewalette………I digress..

Right. On to pictures….(this past weekend was so gloriously sunny that I had to wear my sunglasses because I was squinting so much!)

Sewaholic Renfrew Top Cowl Neck
Renfrew Top Side View
Renfrew Top Back View
Sewaholic Renfrew Top
Renfrew Top
Renfrew Cowl Neck

I really cant stop gushing over how much I love these tops. But I shall spare you.

Two Renfrews = Love!

Couldn’t resist making a collage 🙂

Thank you for stopping by and until next time

Happy Sewing!



Open Letter to Sewaholic Renfrew Pt. 1

Dearest Sewaholic Renfrew,

When I first saw you I paid little attention. You looked pretty yes, but my eye roved elsewhere. For months you came and went from my radar yet I never quite comprehended what it was about you that kept coming back to haunt me. Was it your scoop neck that was neither too low, nor too high. Or your seductive cowl? So much has been written about you yet though I bought you home, printed, taped and traced – still I tarried left you sitting for months -nay – a year even!

Will you forgive me darling Renfrew? For now that I have made you I am both ecstatic and desolate! Ecstatic because sewing you was so simple. Desolate because I have wasted all this time without having such a wonderful staple in my  wardrobe.

Renfrew Top
Sewaholic Renfrew Cowl Neck Top
Cowl Neck on Sewaholic Renfrew
Sewaholic Renfrew Top
Renfrew Top Cowl Neck Back
Sewaholic Renfrew Top Back view

It is true what Seth Godin says:

The eyes cannot see what the brain is not ready to comprehend.

Where have you been all my life. Love you so much. So quick and easy to make. You took me as I am with no alterations. Size 4. Perfect for me. Thank you Renfrew!

Love Hila,