KNITWEEK2016 Pt 6: Owls by Kate Davies

Hello again,

This is an epic post for me because I actually started this project in October 2014! It took me 2 years to finish it!

Some background: Owls is an insanely popular pattern on Ravelry by Kate Davies. It’s actually one of the first Ravelry downloads I bought because it uses a chunky yarn. I thought that it would be a quick knit <oh the irony>.

I wanted it in red, Hayfield Bonus Chunky shade 977 Signal Red to be exact. Since I was just beginning I bought a cheap acrylic yarn. To be honest at that time wool scared me.

I knit my arms too long and I had to unravel a half done yoke when a friend mentioned the irony of completing a make you know you are not going to wear because of a known error that can be easily fixed by ‘tinking‘ – I hate it when pals are right! After sulking for a  few days, I came round and set my timer. Surprisingly it only took 30 mins to get back to error point. I used a Russian bind off on the neckline. The cable pattern was very easy to read.

The yarn is acrylic so its machine washable. I enjoyed knitting with it actually. The colour is a an amazing fire engine red that if I got lost, a rescue helicopter could easily see me. I love it!  I messed up my underarm grafting again despite my best efforts. Its perfect on the 4 grafted stitches but the holes were much bigger than that – there are gaping holes that I tried to ‘sew up’ but to no avail. In the end my ‘Done is better than perfect‘ mantra kicked in.

I just washed and dried it instead of blocking since its acrylic. I learnt from my Antler experience that I dont need to fuss with acrylic yarns when it comes to blocking. Its warm and lovely to wear.

OWLS Sweater
Back View
‘Holes’ under my arms.
I love the yoke
The back view of yoke with neck shaping
Love the combo with my Birkin flares
OWLS Sweater

Looking at fit – It has a good fit overall but I may have messed the back shaping as that’s ended up lower than my waist. I think I just knit to my prefered length with little regard to what was going on in the back. When I make this again (and I will) I need to change where those darts go or possibly move them to the sides – I am not 100% behind them. Oh and there was no way I had the patience to find and sew approx  32 buttons.

Best feature of this for me – the owls yoke. I love how they wrap around my shoulders. I can see why this is a popular pattern. No if only it hadn’t taken me 2 years to finish it!

Its been a marathon week for me catching up with my knitting blogging but I have enjoyed it and thank you all so much for reading, liking and commenting. I will be back with one last post tomorrow but until then, Happy Knitting.


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Peace and love,



Here come the O W L S! Another Owlet sweater!

Hello everyone!

I hope you are all as excited as I am about the May bank holiday! We are going away for the first time  as the whole clan of 7…yes 7 of us! Eeek! Trying to pack light for 5 kids is….challenging;-) But never mind that.

I love knitting :-). However since I have got more into sewing my knitting has suffered <sad face here>. I squeeze it in here and there though. Which is why it took me nearly 2 months to finish the cute OwlS sweater for No.2. Seriously though could this pattern be any cuter? Its also so fast and easy to sew up (when not knitting for less than an hour a week that is).

He is the one into crafting and he requested that I ‘yarn’ him something. At five years old he has very distinct ideas about what styles he likes so he chose this yarn and designed the colour blocking himself! Well I could only do as requested and here we are. Voila!


I didn’t put any button eyes in because as I was weaving in the ends he came to wait for it. As soon as the last yarn end was snipped off (by him) he put it on straightaway. It was nice to see how happy he was with it and he has been wearing a lot since then. oz

I made this before last year in November for the twinnage here so I dont have much else to say really. This is such a cute pattern which is worth it. I will knit up more owls for the twinnage in another year when they have outgrown the ones they have now.

Also made for the boys were these pyjama bottoms – again fabric selection by him. Doesn’t he have such good taste?

New Look 6170 Pyjama bottoms
New Look 6170 Pyjama bottoms

Now what I need to do is finish my Owls sweater which I started last year……

Thanks so much for stopping by and until next time….

Happy knitting



Here come the O W L S! Owlet sweaters for the Twinnage!

These cuties! Purple yarn is a Debie Bliss Cashmerino Aran and the grey is Red Heart Soft. It feels lovely and soft and of course its super wash.

Owlet 1Since my last knit (Marion cardigan) I have learnt to cast on for ribbing proper! It looks so much nicer than what I used to do before plus it is stretchy!.

I was a good girl and actually swatched using circular needles ;-). (Feel so grown up now).The gauge was perfect for the stitch gauge 18 stitch to 4 inches but the row gauge was 24 rows to 4inchs; pattern called for 28 rows to 4 inches. Went ahead anyway because the pattern instructions are to knit in inches so I figured I could get away with am imperfect row gauge using  my Size 5 needles. This is a Kate Davies pattern.

In hindsight,I should have just bought the same yarn in different colours for both jumpers rather than have to swatch twice! Lesson learnt!

The eyes are a coconut shell button that looks a lot lovelier than in the pictures.Owlet 3

New skills acquired ; Grafting underarm seams,Rib cast on and cast off.

Lovely thing is that they knitted up superfast and I was done in 2 weeks.Owlets 4

An observation on the wool though. Up till now I have not spent serious money on yarn and the Debbie Bliss has been the most expensive yarn so far. Oh my word though,…….Not all yarns are created equal is all I can say! It is so squishy, knits up beautifully ; made me finally get what “Stitch definition” means. Another lesson learnt. Although I will still be using the cheaper yarns while I am still a novice. I do look forward to when I can buy expensive yarn knowing that I can knit …..’like a BOSS!’