Burda 05/2016 Bat Sleeve Dress #115B

This is another dress I made specially for a holiday to the seaside. Its from the May 2016 issue of BurdaStyle Magazine. The style is called a bat sleeve dress. It may not be everyone’s cup of tea but I was intrigued by this pattern enough to make it.The pictures didn’t really do anything for me but it was the line drawing that grabbed me:

BurdaStyle 05/2016 #115B


I have made it in ponte before here.The instructions were quite good – though this is very simply constructed dress made up of 2 pieces (front and back) and a neckband. You just have to finish the arm flaps before draping them over each other and securing with the neck-band.

I used a viscose jersey – very drapey and perfect for my purposes. I wanted something akin to a beach cover-up. Easy to to pop on and off. It did the job admirably! Here it is in action.

I definitely see more capelet dresses in the future. Its so quick and fast to sew up too.

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Happy Sewing!




BurdaStyle Magazine 10/2014 #105 Cowl Neck Dress Pattern Review


Let me preface this by saying that this is possibly my most favourite dress ever! Don’t believe me? Check out this IG video….

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BurdaStyle Magazine:Turtleneck 09/2010 #121A

Hello everyone,

Today’s post is a super quick one to share a very simple top. I made this from an old Burda magazine that I bought on Ebay last year. Here is a picture of it

Burda 09/2010 #121A

It so happened that I was looking for a simple roll neck pattern and before I went buying or drafting a new one – I decided to browse my growing Burda Magazine collection. So glad I did that because I had never registered this pattern before. I quite like that it doesnt have a neck seam – makes for faster sewing.

I had 1m of John Kaldor Isabelle wool jersey that I bought in June. I just managed to fit this pattern and I was left with very satisfying slivers of fabric that indicate a most efficient use of the yardage! blog-pictures-coco-etc-276blog-pictures-coco-etc-277

Back view
Seamless neckline
love this roll neck
The sleeves are extra long
I love this fabric so much – I bought 2 more meter in this colour for a dress.

I love this fabric and I have bought 2 more meters of this colour to make a dress.

Construction wise it comes together very quickly. I did not make any alterations to the pattern. I didn’t finish the roll neck edge as my fabric doesn’t unravel. I set in the sleeves and though it wasn’t the best job – it doesn’t look too bad. I finished the hems with a narrow zigzag. The sleeves are meant to be longer so that they have a ruched effect – love that.

I want to make another in black and gunmetal grey. Its a great foundation piece for my wardrobe.

So this makes my 12th Burda make this year and my goal has been reached. Here’s to more Burda makes from me in 2017!

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Happy Sewing!



BurdaStyle Magazine 12/2014 #114B Seamed Jersey Turtleneck Top

Hello everyone,

Here is another Burda make as I race towards the end of the year in which I must make at least 12 Burda garments. I do really like BurdaStyle Magazine and I am keen to get a 12 month subscription.

This is from the 12/2014 issue and it was the featured sewing course pattern which is great because its the only one that Burda will hold your hand and walk you through the entire process (very nice of them). Here is the line drawing.

BurdaStyle 12/2014 #114B

I cut my usual size 38 and it fits perfectly (a good reason why I am keen of getting my subscription on for 2017). I made 3 changes:

  1. The sleeve head. It was HUGE – I mean incredibly poofy and combined with my broad shoulder I looked somewhat ….odd. I reduced it by a good 2″ to get to this ‘poof’ which IMO is a good balance. The rest of the sleeve did not disappoint – am quite enamoured with the bishop style sleeve and exaggerated cuff.
  2. I cut the back on a fold instead of having a centre back seam.
  3. I omitted the zip – my ponte has enough stretch to go over my head without a zip plus I wasn’t keen on the idea of a zip against the back of my neck – its a very sensitive area for me and one of the reasons why my hair is almost always tied.

Fabric wise I used a ponte knit that was left over from a Marfy dress I made (post coming soon). I am glad I had enough of this left over as I love this colour! Its a medium weight ponte. The instructions call for stabilising the princess seams but I didn’t do that since my fabric was sturdy enough. I have worn this at least 3 times already and its holding up just fine. I did stabilise the shoulder seams though ( a standard procedure for me with all my knit projects).

Burdastyle 12/2014 #114B Top
Back view


Overall its a good pattern and I like that its easily adaptable into a sheath dress or add a peplum and it becomes a cute flirty dress. Go sleeveless, remove the polo neck and it will work in summer. Yes – there will definitely be more of this pattern in the future.


Thanks for stopping by and until next time

Happy Sewing!



Burda 05/2016 Bat Sleeve Dress #115B

Hello everyone,

Despite the cold weather in October I made a dress from the May edition of BurdaStyle Magazine. The style is called a bat sleeve dress. It may not be everyone’s cup of tea but I was intrigued by this pattern enough to make it top of my trace and make list. The pictures didn’t really do anything for me but it was the line drawing that grabbed me:

BurdaStyle 05/2016 #115B


It almost looks like a cape doesn’t it? Anyway I had bought this winter storms ponte from B&M Fabrics which I thought could work well as a autumnal dress that could be layered. It’s that time of the year where I start to think a lot about layering things so this seemed like a good candidate. I pictured it with different colour roll neck jumpers underneath.

The instructions were quite good – though this is very simply constructed dress made up of 2 pieces (front and back) and a neckband. You just have to finish the arm flaps before draping them over each other and securing with the neck-band.

Which leads to the only fly in the ointment with the otherwise easy & quick dress to make – the neckband is too big. I used the Burda dimensions and it sort of stands away from the body. I tried hand sewing it down but I needed a do over which I wasnt willing to spend time on.

This tiny issue aside – it’s a good neutral addition to my wardrobe. I wasnt too sure about the fabric when I bought it – but I got it because of my tendency to get bright and bold colours – its confusing but I am trying to diversify IYSWIM. Anyhow I digress…pictures…..

Burda 05/2016 #115b
Back View


Quite like that cape-y look on the shoulder


Erm………I know……Fine! I will fix it!

Worn with a Sewaholic Renfrew top

Will I make it again? – Undecided. Its warm when I layer it and its very comfortable – a good candidate for a Christmas day dress perhaps? I cant help but feel that maybe with a lighter weight jersey this could be truly lovely….. We will have to see.

So this is number 9 of my Burda Challenge. I have to make 12 Burda things by the end of the year to justify a subscription in 2017. So here’s hoping I can get 3 more done by then :-).

Thanks for stopping by and until next time

Happy Sewing!



Burda Downloadable Lydia T shirt pattern review

I made this Lydia T-shirt – it was one of the first downloadable products I ever bought. Its only 79p so it’s a good deal. I cut the size 38 which is my Burda size.

Burda Lydia #3197 T-shirt

It’s a basic, long-sleeve t-shirt. The main difference with most other t-shirts I am familiar with is the neckline construction. This one has facings – though this picture above doesn’t show the facing version – the instructions are just like for a facing you would find on a woven top. The sleeve is supposed to be set in but I prefer flat construction with jersey fabrics.

I made this out of pure curiosity to see how the neck would turn out. I used knit fusible interfacing for the facing pieces. After sewing them to the neckline I understitched.  I gotta say I am quite impressed so far. The neck line is very neat and I love that it looks good enough to wear with a smart skirt and pass for smart workwear. I will have to see how it performs after a few washes before trying out this technique again though. Have you tried finishing the neckline on a knit top with a facing?

Fabric wise- I used a John Kaldor cotton jersey that I bought from Fletcher’s Fabrics in Leeds Market. Its left over from a Moneta dress I made around the same time. It was an utter delight to work with this fabric; as is wearing it. The comfort level on this top is very high. All the hems were done with a twin needle. Shoulders were stabilised with fusible bias tape which I also used around the neckline so it wouldn’t stretch out.


Burda Lydia T Shirt
Burda Lydia T Shirt – back


Verdict: A solid t-shirt pattern that gains extra points for having a great price point.

Thanks for stopping by. Until next time happy sewing !

Peace and love,


BurdaStyle Boho Blouse 04/2016 #107


This top is the very last of my summer sewing. I had forgotten about it because I finished it some time in September when it was getting cool such that I didn’t even think to wear it. Its from the May 2016 issue – an excellent issue that has a lot of styles I am smitten with.

Boho Blouse – I liked the collar and placket detail on this top

I sewed it using a lightweight cotton from B and M fabrics in Leeds market. I really liked the circular tile effect plus the blue overtones. For the contrasting placket and sleeve bands I used some leftover fabric from the most recent McCalls M6044. I thought the colours worked well together.

I cut a size 38 which is my Burda size and is always quite spot on. It sewed up very quickly – though I used french seams for a neat inside. The cotton has a slightly stiff handle to it which I hope will soften over time.

This took me longer to finish because after I put the bodice together I wasn’t sure whether the style would be something I’d like. But now that I finished it and tried it on I was quite pleasantly surprised that I like it, especially the sleeves. Perhaps it is the colour that blinds me but I am looking forward to spring 2017 when I can start wearing it in earnest. In future I will make it using something like a Tana lawn and make it tunic length.

I have styled it with my Birkins – they seem to go with everything! Pictures….

Burda 04/2016 #107
Burda 04/2016 #107
Burda 04/2016 #107
Collar back view
French seams
Sleeve band details


Burda 04/2016 #107
Burda 04/2016 #107
Burda 04/2016 #107
Burda 04/2016 #107

Now, I will stride forward towards autumn.

Thanks for stopping by and have a great weekend. I’ll be back on Sunday 🙂

Peace and love,


Another Burda 02/2016 #103

Hello everyone,

Super quick post because I made another one of the high low top from the February issue of Burda. First one I made here with a yellow spot back.

I made in the same beige/ivory T-shirt weight jersey that was left over from last time. The back is a satin synthetic that I picked up from Fabworks Mill Shop, Dewsbury during the Spoolettes meet up in Feb. It has a beautiful shine to it and feels very soft on the skin. I only made one change this time: I sewed the pleat down about 2 inches below the neckline. I like it.Burda High Low top 022016

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My Birthday Dress aka Burda Tie Neck Maxi Dress 07/2015 #105B

Hello all,

Happy May Madness to all. I keep seeing that phrase everywhere I go and its now stuck in my head. Anyhow here is the last of the items I made before I went off on holiday. Since my birthday was going to be away  from the cold and uncertainty of Northern English weather I decided to make a tropical dress for my big day.

My choice was a sweeping eye catching dress that reminded me of the 1920s. 18 months ago I went to watch Top Hat at the Leeds Grand Theater and I was so inspired by the 20s styles I saw there. When Burda 07/2015 came out the front cover didn’t catch my eye but it was the line drawing that hooked me. Continue reading

My football shirt….Burda 02/2016

Hello everyone,

I made a second top from the February issue of Burda. When I stepped out for the photo shoot hubs started chanting “Go Leeds Rhinos!”. That’s because this  simple blouse featuring a flattering v-neck and cuffed short sleeves has a boxy fit. Add to that the blue and yellow of Leeds Rhinoes ……it goes from this………….


Cuffed Short Sleeve Blouse 02/2016 #105C

…..to this…..Football shirt5 Continue reading

Truly Madly Deeply Burda 02/2016 #103 Top

Hello everyone,

When my February issue of BurdaStyle magazine came through the postbox, I eagerly tore it open. It was brimming with patterns I liked and felt I could make. The only problem was choosing which one to start with. Here are some of the ones I liked.

I would love to make this in bright jewel tone colours.
The dress has potential.
I am attracted to the high waited trousers.
The top has some nice design lines

I settled on this simple high low top.

Burda 02/1016 #103

I made in in a beige/ivory T-shirt weight jersey and a poly viscose. Both were stash items and I can’t even remember where I bought them. It was very fast to make. If I hadn’t used a twin needle it would have taken less than an hour to whip up from cutting.

We have had rather poor weather of late; most weekends have been dull and grey…not great light for pictures at all. Still at least the colour of the back is quite true to its vibrancy in the pictures so I was happy about that.

Burda 103 Top
I like how it billows in the breeze.
Burda Top 103 1
Incredibly comfortable allowing a lot of movement
Burda Top 103 a
BurdaSTyle 02/2016 #103 Top
Burda Top 103
Just love that drapey cheerful fabric 🙂
Burda top pleat detail
There is a pleat on the neckline – a nice feature of the pattern
Burda top twin needle hem
Indulge me and check out that twin needle action!!!!
Burda top
Could I be an happier with this?

This is a really easy top to sew as long as you take into account 2 considerations.

  •  Your fabric has to have flow and some drape to it otherwise it doesn’t work. The front is in a lightweight jersey – really quite fine. The back is a poly viscose. Dont you just love polka dots? Against a sunny gold yellow colour? This top cheers me up so much 🙂
  •  The sleeves are quite narrow – if I had a little bit more flesh there it would restrict movement.

The instructions were actually quite good for this. Although they do ask that you set in the sleeve (No Burda, I will not set in the sleeve on a thin drapey jersey fabric. I will do no such thing). So  I did them in the flat and it worked out OK.  I finished the seams on my overlocker. The hem is another twin needle success. Yes I know there is tunneling but its a feature I was totally going for! :-).

Verdict: Yet another hit for me with BurdaStyle. Sizing in spot on. I like this top – so much I have already cut out another one using my Yorkshire Spoolette fabric haul.

In other news I just found out about a Burda Challenge 2016 group on PatternReview (link here)  and I have joined up. It seems like it will be fun. Last year when I did the Burda Challenge I only managed 4 months. This year I want to do better and I like the interactive element of the PR forum board. So fingers crossed.

Thanks for stopping by and until next time

Happy Sewing!



Burda Challenge August 2015 Hip Yoke skirt Skirt 07/2015 #119

Oo  Hello everyone,

***I started this post AGES ago! Lols but have been literally in Scotland these past couple of months….another post will tell all. Anyway its long outdated but as they say…..better late than never! :-)*******

Hope you are all well! Winter is coming! I am struggling with the the really dark mornings these days and have been using my SAD light to help combat the winter blues. Keeping myself busy has never been more important than now. I am also counting down to the winter solstice – it helps me. I am okay once I get past the initial getting up in the morning though.

Anyhow enough ho hums I made something for the Burda challenge hosted by Dawn who blogs over at Two On Two Off.

From the July magazine this midi length skirt (Burda 07/2015 #119) caught my eye. It features a large yoked waistband and a dirndle style skirt that is gathered. I knew it was perfect for a viscose big floral print I bought for £3:50/meter earlier this year.

I was naughty and didn’t make a muslin ;-).  I used my skirt sloper to see what exact size would fit and it was between the Burda 36 and 38. It was pretty accurate and will probably do this for skirts in the future.

It was a super quick make. Nothing advanced with this. The yoke is suppose to be self lined  but I skipped this. The seams were finished on the overlocker. I am ashamed to say I was too lazy to change the overlocker thread this light grey finishing on seam…. Invisible zip on the side went in seamlessly.

What I love about this skirt is the hem – its double faced so it was a lovely weight to it and when I twirl! Gosh when I twirl I just love it!!! I am calling this my twirling dress…dont believe me? Take a look at the pictures – I couldn’t stop twirling :-).



It creates such a lovely feminine silhouette! I still have some more fabric left over that I plan on using M7262 once I get it.

In other news in winter I watch a lot more TV and there is so much good stuff on BBC at the moment. Just watched A British Romance on BBC2 which was a great look at the history of romance.