Ottobre Design Magazine Challenge

This is a little challenge I set myself to use my ever growing collection of Ottobre Design Kids Magazine due to a dangerous (yet exciting) late night Ebay shopping habit.

Having a dedicated page helps to keep me on track. The idea is to aim for a minimum of one make per month. By the end of 2016 I should, in theory, have 12 makes 🙂 Wanna join in? Just tag me when you post your Ottobre make and I will include it in a round up post.

So here are my makes so far…

Ottobre Design Kids Funny Faces Dress
Ottobre Kids 01/2014 Funny Faces Dresses
Ottobre Kids Hooded Jumper
Ottobre 04/2014 Sweater Dresses
Ottobre Design 01/2014
Monsters shirts
Ottobre Design Kids Shirt 03/2015
May 11 252
Ottobre Kids Design Shirts