Grainline Studio Morris Blazer

Grainline Studio Morris Blazer
Grainline Studio Morris Blazer

9 thoughts on “Grainline Studio Morris Blazer

  1. Love that colour so much, it’s turned out really well and your topstitching looks very sharp. Did you use topstitching thread? I’m just about to embark on mine and I’m wondering how prominent my topstitching should be!

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    1. Thank you! I didnt use topstitching thread – just plain old spun polyester thread. I think you coukd use topstitching thread and make a feature of it😃. Did you get knit interfacing or woven? I admire your patience! I realised I didnt have any knit interfacing but just couldnt wait..😒 need to work on that virtue.


    2. Thanks! I only used spun polyester thread😃. Its washed ok so far but for my next floral one I am thinking of using a contrast topstitching thread. Looking forward to seeing your airforce blue Morris👏

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