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Kids Sewing – Ottobre Kids Design Magazine and Skater Dress

I have been on a roll of making clothes for my kids lately. These were made earlier in the year and were well received by the wearers.

Kitchy Coo Skater Dress

The girls’ skater dress is described as funky yet functional knit dress has a fitted bodice, high neckline and a curved flared skirt. With a generous cut, the dress is designed to be worn for up to two years per size, here the skirt hits at the knee in the first year and just above the knee in year two. There are options for a sleeveless, short sleeve and long sleeve version, with bodice pieces drafted specifically for either sleeved for sleeveless.

Its only available as a PDF on the Kitchy Coo website. The size range is from 18months to 8 years. I traced the size that corresponds to 4 years age (4T) and the fit was spot on. The instructions are easy to follow and well supported with pictures. Just like the Lady Skater dress its also easy to sew up.

I used fabric that I bought online from Girl Charlee during a half-price Christmas sale. The orange and black fabric held up well and is still going strong even after several washes. The pink spotty one didn’t hold up well, unfortunately. We have had to throw it out as the fabric got ever more distorted with each wash.

Despite this – they love their dresses and I am currently making another one to replace the pink dress.

Ottobre Kids Design Summer 2015 T Shirt

This was a fun t-shirt to make because of the very interesting sleeve style. I had never come across a sleeve that’s half raglan and half normal sleeve. The sizing is just as expected for Ottobre – perfect. The fabric is a cotton jersey that he chose for himself when we were in New York last year.

He cut out the fabric but I sewed it up since the sleeve detail was more complex.

Verdict – he is a happy boy!

Ottobre Design Kids Summer 4/2015 T Shirt – Raglan sleeve at back
Partition seam where raglan sleeve ends.
I think my son has great taste in fabric because I love this!


BurdaStyle drop Crotch leggings –

They vaguely resemble Hammer pants for those of us old enough to remember MC Hammer. We weren’t very keen on them – whether its the fabric or the crotch, we don’t know. I used leftovers from my Aurora dress and cut the fabric on the cross grain to get the pattern pieces to fit. The attraction for these was that they would be easy to sew up (they were) but I am beginning to think that they need a different fabric so I am curious to try with a different fabric when time allows.

The leggings don’t have a center front or center back seam.


Simplicity 1473 refashion – The sweater dresses I made over 18 months ago had become too tight on the chest. The fabric was in still in very good condition so I had an idea to refashion into a skirt by chopping off the bit above the pocket and sewing on an elastic. Voila! The twins love their ‘new’ skirts.

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 PS. If you’d like to see them in action they are after the menswear section of this Youtube video.

Triathlon practice

Today I went to a Go Tri Novice Training day wherein the newbies are shown the run and cycle route. But more importantly, for me, a chance to become familiar with open water swimming.

Putting on a wetsuit is possibly the weirdest thing I have ever done! *rented wetsuit


The prospect of open water swimming when I only started learning to swim in October last year was daunting. I cannot count the number of times I have asked myself why the f*** I am doing this and wanted to quit. I still am yet to figure out what keeps me going but when I zipped up into the wetsuit I felt for sure in over my head. Then when I eased into the murky lake water from the pontoon I knew I was in over my head.

A tangent – the water was FILTHY dirty. I mean as in cant see the bottom even though its only waist deep dirty. And it smelled. Not a good smell. While listening to the coach talk us through acclimatizing to cold water I saw a mallard gracefully alight from the water onto the raised edge and deposit a lovely poo into the lake. Turning my head in panic, I realised there were tonnes of swans, ducks and gulls just hanging about, doing their thing, POOPING in the lake where I was being instructed to put my head, mouth and nose under while blowing big bubbles. Then I KNEW that not only was I in over my head – I was also in deep poop!

Thank goodness for the madness of crowds because I just followed what others were doing, trying very hard to dissociate my brain from the reality of being in the dirty water. My front crawl held up ok though I wasn’t happy when they told me I could not do the backstroke in open water. I complained a bit but the coaches were really good and pushed me to keep going. By the end of it, I was feeling like perhaps I could do this. And though it shames me to admit this – it was a solace that I wasn’t the slowest swimmer in the group – I was second last consistently. At least I was consistent.

The run section went very well – I was able to do the lap comfortably. All the running I have been doing with my running group is clearly improving my stamina. Unfortunately, I missed the cycle section due to the front brake on my bike (actually my son’s mountain bike) not working. It must have broke when crashed and fell on Thursday night as I cycled along the canal. I  thought the bike was okay because I got back on and finished the journey home (albeit gingerly). I was gutted but I made up for that by cycling around my local park when I got back home. And here I am now. Legs tired. Fresh and clean after a thorough scrubbing in the shower. Feeling mildly satisfied with having completed the training day to the best of my ability.

Now I muster up the sewjo. I will the sewing goddesses to imbue me with energy to let my creative juices run wild.

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MCBN May Man Jeans: Vogue V8801

I made jeans for Mr SNS! So ridiculously proud of these as they have been a long time in my head. I think I overthink things sometimes because these were not as hard to make as I had made out in my head (SMH). Anyhow they are a big hit with the wearer so much so he did his own happy jump pose 🙂

Here is the link that will take you to the post on the Minerva Craft Blogger Network. Enjoy!

Vogue V8801 Jeans

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Kids Sewing – La Maison Victor Lulu Pants

I literally finished these yesterday and the twins were wearing them this morning. This is one of those projects that I got so excited about when I snipped the last thread and I couldn’t wait for them to be donned.

The pattern is from the summer 2017 issue of La Maison Victor – a magazine that I was introduced to by my dear friend Eleanor (www.nelnanandnora.wordpress.com) Its attractively priced at £5.99 (might have changed since I bought it). Lucky for me it is available from WH Smiths so I could peruse before buying.

La Maison Victor Summer 2017

This particular pattern looked sweet and the fact that it calls for a woven fabric caught my eye. I have tended towards only making knit leggings for my twins and thought it would be good to branch out.

Lulu Pants page in La Maison Victor

The fabrics used are both from B&M Fabric in Leeds market. They chose the fabric themselves and I think it certainly represents their personalities very well. The dotty one is a Riley Black quilting cotton.

I traced the size 4T which corresponds to 4 years and the fit is good. This size was based on their height and chest measurements. Overall I am very happy with how easy it is to get them on and off.  The seam allowance has to be added to the pattern after tracing.

La Maison Victor Lulu Pants
Scooter fabric for pockets was a hit 🙂

The instructions are very (very) easy to follow and well supported with illustrations. I think this would be a great magazine to dip your toes in the world of sewing magazine patterns if you  find the likes of BurdaStyle daunting. The pattern sheets are clutter free and minimalist.

The waistband is meant to have a drawstring but lacking a suitable alternative, I just used elastic and left it at that.

Verdict from the twins – they love them! Especially the pockets (which have scooters fabric ) – the love to collect things and are constantly picking up little stones, leaves to add to their collection so pockets are handy.

I will definitely be making more of these as they do look like they have some room to grow in them too.

Anyway I couldn’t wait to share this cuteness so its a rare occasion where I have sewed, photographed and blogged in 24 hours :-). Add to that I also ran 4km and swam 500m in the same time period makes me feel like I am doing ok.

Looking forward the next thing I want to make from this magazine is this lovely top for my boys.

Thanks for stopping by! Until next time Happy Sewing!

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Tight Midi Dress BurdaStyle 01/2018 #118 #burdachallenge2018

Here is another dress that I like to call my “Go Bold or Go Home” dress. Its bright neon orange colour – the sort of orange that doesn’t blend into the background. Its a crepe jersey that I picked up at The Shuttle in Shipley for my SWAP2017 capsule. I found a better alternative for my SWAP and this had been chilling in my collection since.

When the Jan 2018 Burda dropped – I immediately knew that the orange crepe jersey would be perfect for the midi dress. Here is the style picture that hooked me:

Tight Midi Dress Burdastyle 01/2018 #118


I got excited that I didn’t fully check the recommended fabric part. This pattern actually calls for viscose crepe with elastine. My crepe jersey has fourway stretch and though more substantial than t-shirt jersey, it does have a lot of stretch. SO much so that I didnt include the CB zip.

I really struggled with sewing this dress. My initial ardour was dampened by an inability to comprehend the instructions. AT one point I put it aside and moved on but when I saw @AllisonCSewing’s version on Instagram, my ardour was renewed.

I tackled it with a single minded focus. Though I still did not get the instructions I just pinned it out. Using the magazine pictures I tried to pin it to best achieve what my eyes were seeing. This is what came out of it. The inside is a hot mess and its supposed to have a lined bodice but mine doesnt.

BurdaStyle 01/2018 #118


Internal Back
Hot mess.
It was hard to capture the vividness of the orange because of all the extra light from the snow but this picture is the closest.



I really like this dress and I wore it layered with a roll neck top. I will be trying this again with a viscose crepe. Ideally I’d like to have a patterned fabric for the skirt and a solid for the bodice so it looks like a 2 piece. And I hope that the second time around the instructions will make sense to me!

Thanks so much for stopping by! Until next time, Happy Sewing!

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This was a planned make for my January #burdachallenge2018.


Flounce Dress BurdaStyle 01/2017 #112A


I will preface this by saying how much I love this dress! So I will go right ahead and show the pictures before all the talking.

Burdastyle 01/2017 #112

BurdaStyle 01/2017 #112


Now, the talking bit.

The flounce dress includes a bold flounce to drape in front – which piqued my interest. Initially, I was going to use a cobalt blue crepe, however, at the last minute, I remembered this bright pink wool fabric that I had bought from Fabworks. It is a lightweight wool fabric, similar in texture to pashmina shawls. I found it washed well in a cold water wash and low tumble dry.

Sewing it up was a treat. The fabric is a joy to work with and responds beautifully to a steamy iron. Since the style doesn’t have a zipper – it sews up quite fast. The only tricky bit is when cutting out the pattern. The pieces have to be cut single layer and it is important to mark the seam numbers.

The pattern is a Burda Tall size which is drafted for taller persons. I selected my size based on my bust measurement which put me on size 76. I didn’t change the length of the dress but I did reduce the sleeve length by 2″ to maintain the bracelet length sleeve.

My favourite part of this dress is the flounces at the front. My least favourite is the back fastening. I am considering redoing that back closure and inserting an exposed zip instead. I wore it quite a lot these past 2 months but the back wasn’t an issue since I always wore it layered over a roll neck top. The other annoying thing is that the wool has started pilling where my coat would rub against it :-(.

I definitely want to make this again and do some contrast blocking with the flounces.

This was one of my January #burdachallenge2018 planned makes.

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Burda 06/2016 #101C Wool Jersey Dress

This is a dress I made for my February #burdachallenge2018 project. It wasnt a planned make – I reacquainted myself with the dark blue wool jersey that I bought from Fabworks in Dec 2016.

When I bought the fabric I recall that I wanted to make a Talviki sweater. Alas, with only 1 meter, it was not enough. Enter Burda 06/2016 #101C dress. Here is the line drawing which shows the simplicity of this pattern.



Since 1m was not enough for the mini dress – a fact I realised after cutting out three of the four pieces; inventiveness meant that I used a navy ponte for the front yoke – a design feature bourne out of necessity.

For the neckline, I just folded it under and zig zagged. I think this is a finish you can get away with when the fabric is of a more substantive weight like the wool jersey.

The picture shows how I wore it most of the time- with tights and boots and sometimes with a roll neck as well. Wool jersey is very warm and cosy which served me well for the colder days. The pictures were taken during the big snow days that ground Britain to a halt.

Burdastyle 06/2016 #101


This is quite a versatile pattern – it works for summer with a lighter fabric like this one that I made here and can work for winter with a thicker fabric.

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