My 8th Moneta needs no introduction….

Hey hey guys!

One of my favourite dresses on the planet is finally on the blog! Whoop! Its a Moneta dress – number 8! Will there ever be a number 10? How many more can I make? Only time will tell. In the meantime this is a pictures post :-)..

Colette Patterns Moneta Dress
Colette Patterns Moneta Dress – awesome stripe matching!
Colette Patterns Moneta Dress – Pockets are EVERYTHING!
Colette Patterns Moneta Dress
Colette Patterns Moneta Dress – Slightly wonky but who cares?
Colette Patterns Moneta Dress – Dancing!
Colette Patterns Moneta Dress – “Oh no Mr Mad Hatter, I drank from the bottle that said ‘Drink Me’ and now I can almost touch the ceiling!” Caption by Diane
Colette Patterns Moneta Dress Dont know what to call this pose….
Colette Patterns Moneta Dress – “I woke up like this and this is how I yawn” 🙂
Colette Patterns Moneta Dress – This is my ” I mean business pose” 🙂

Pictures taken at The StitchRoom Sewcial. Fabric was from Fletchers Fabrics in Leeds Market.

Dress in motion here..

Thanks for stopping by and until next time happy sewing 🙂

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Additions to my Moneta colleterie

I made 2 more Moneta dresses!

To add to my growing colleterie of Monetas (it has been officially designated that a group or collection of Moneta dresses is refered to by the term colleterrie).

At last count I now have made 7 Moneta dresses. And readers, I have plans for more:-). So yes this is a pattern that keeps on giving for me.

Enough waxing lyicals – I made them for the #monetaparty which was this really huge event on Instagram. It was fun seeing all the different Monetas that our incredibly creative community made. It always amazes me how only one pattern can literally be made by 1000 seamstress and not a single one is the same! Continue reading

Colette Moneta Dress aka more John Kaldor love

Hello everyone!

One Moneta
Two Monetas
Three Monetas
Four Monetas


Ok SO I may really like this pattern. Hence I will skip the pleasantries which you can read about here ( Moneta 1, Moneta 2, Moneta 3, Moneta 4).

Let skip right ahead to fabric m’kay.

2 words – John. Kaldor.

I could wax lyrical about how much I love JK fabrics but you probably already know that. I had enough of this leftover to make the Lydia Top <link here>.

For the collar I used some scrap ponte from an old make – Named Dakota dress. I didn’t interface the collar so it’s a wee bit on the floppy side but it’s not too bad. I decided to try the short sleeve but I found that I had to shorten them. I think the sleeve is a bit too big for my upper arm so next time I make this sleeve length I should use a smaller size.

Sewing this up was a pleasure and very fast. All seams were done on the overlocker. I finished the hem and sleeves with a twin needle.


Moneta dress


Overall I am a very happy bunny with this dress.

Thanks for stopping by and I’ll be back soon with another TNT post. Until then, Happy Sewing!

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Colette Wren dress aka more John Kaldor love…

Hello chums,

I am super excited to share with you my first ever sponsored post. Sponsored post! I have to share how this happened cause it was totally awesome. So a few months ago I read this post from KitchenTableSewing and discovered – an awesome online shop that has a HUGE selection of John Kaldor fabrics at my kind of prices. I ordered 4 lengths of fabric that I was so happy with upon arrival. So when I needed a navy blue jersey fabric for a top I went and got more from their John Kaldor Isabella Wool Mix Jersey. Again I was very pleased with the quality of the fabric. About 6 weeks later I got an email from Lucy at SewEssential reaching out and offering me a choice of fabric and pattern from the online selection. Um it was a no brainer for me, I already knew they have great fabric and service so I was like “You had me at Hello“!

When it came to selecting fabric I had already bought some of the John Kaldor Isabella wool mix jersey which feels so lush against the skin – I cant tell you how much I love it  – so I decided to get it in the red and make myself a red dress. <You see I can do other colours that are on the opposite end of the color spectrum to blue :-).

Allow me to wax lyrical about the John Kaldor Isabella jersey – it is truly lovely. I washed it at 30 degrees and tumble dried on cool and that worked a treat. The edges don’t curl up as much as other jersey do which I really liked.

SewEssential stock a huge range of patterns from indie pattern houses and the big 4 to choose from. I had a lot of fun going through their selection deciding what pattern to get. In the end it was Wren. Ever since Ali ( wowed me with her Colette Wren I have been dying for a chance to make one so this was my chance. It was a happy day when I received my packet in the post with the pattern and fabric :-).


Construction wise its very simple to sew up. The instructions are concise and straightforward. However I do not like the back neck and in my next one I will redraw that back neck.


Ok the nice bit is out of the way I am going to get  into fitting……because I did my research and I found out that a lot of people had issues with the bodice on the Wren dress so I wisely made a muslin. I made size 2 which was the one that corresponded to my bust measurement but it was much much too small unless if I was going for an exposed boob look a la JLo circa the Puff Daddy era.

So I made another muslin in the next size up. This one fit my shoulders perfectly and my waist BUT it was still lacking in boob coverage, which again, would be fine if that was my cup of tea. But it isnt. So I did a 1″ Full Bust Adjustment for the first time. So I made a third muslin which was spot on. I also added 1″ to the bodice length on account of the fact that I found the waist was too high for my liking. I liked it better sitting on my natural waist.

Initially I made it with the short sleeve version – but there is something about them that I don’t get along with so I ended up cutting them into cap sleeve which better fits my broad(ish) shoulders. The skirt portion is gathered and attached in the same way the Moneta is. Having had 4 practices with that elastic gathering technique – this step was easy enough for me. I finished the hem, sleeves and back neck with a twin needle.

Colette Wren Dress + McCalls M6844
Wren Dress + M6844
Wren Dress
Wren Dress
Wren Dress
Wren Dress
Wren Dress Back neck line view
Wren Dress
Wren Dress
Wren Dress
Wren Dress
Wren Dress

I love this dress. It flows and moves so beautifully. Basically I am in this dress but it feels like its PJs :-). It was worth all the fitting trouble I went through. I do think its one of those styles that is flattering on an any body type judging by all the beautiful versions I have seen on the blogosphere. Just make sure to make one or two muslins to get that fit spot on, then make it in a lush fabric :-).  I am thinking I’d like to make this with long sleeves in … blue next (this French Navy to be exact). Yes! I cant stay away from blue. And on that note…..

Thanks so much for stopping by my little corner of the interwebs. I will be back soon!

Peace and love,




Hello AURORA! IPM Week 3- Hack IT

In which I hack my self titled Aurora dress

Hello everyone.

Happy Monday! And its a good one for me because I get to post about a dress I am super excited about sharing. Made for Indie Pattern Month Hack  -It, its a hybrid of the excellently drafted Moneta bodice with the striking drama and flare  of the Gabriola skirt.

Say WHAT!?! Yes I combined a Colette and a Sewaholic to make a super Indie pattern dress. Continue reading

One Moneta, Two Monetas, Three Monetas, Four!

Hello everyone!

One Moneta
Two Monetas
Three Monetas

I hope you are all having lovely sunny weather like we are up in the north of England! Its sunny! I am super excited to share this 4th Moneta!!! Yes thats right! Fourth Moneta I have made! Its my MonetMonthly Stitch IPM2015 Dresses entry.

Knowing I needed a sleeveless Moneta I picked up this lightweight 4 way stretch jersey a few months back.  It cost me £5/meter so a good bargain. Its been in my stash about 6 months so yay for stash  busting ;-). The lining is a 2 way stretch cotton jersey.

Colette patterns provides a free extras booklet here which includes patterns and instructions for five additional collar variations you can use for the Moneta dress. Collars include: peter pan collar, round collar (I made one here), scalloped collar, bow collar and tie collar. I was going to make the scalloped collar but as I cut the fabric, a sudden impulse to go with the peter pan collar was hard to ignore. Yes I am a sucker for a peter pan collar.

I knew the peter pan collar  would looks great in a solid colour on the floral print bodice!  It would have been white but I had no white jersey fabric in my stash. Never mind – I am very pleased with this outcome:-). Luckily there was some knit fusible interfacing in my stash which I used to stabilise the collar. I did try making the collar without interfacing  (I couldn’t be bothered to go and rummage through the attic boxes to locate the interfacing) but it was sad sad looking floppy thing so I bit the bullet and started the collar all over again.

I sewed the curves of the collar on my serger. Not a good idea! Must use a sewing machine next time because there was some wonkiness there. The collar is a simple rounded style with a slight lap in front. So its quite important to be accurate ~ I wasn’t with the overlocker. I ended up with a 1cm gap between the ends of the collar at the front…so mmm.. yeah I decided an upside down heart shaped button would do the trick of covering up my booboo ;-). It will do…Done is better than perfect Hila! Done is better than perfect.

My previous Monetas and I have had waist elastic issues threatening our otherwise blissful relationship but this time round I nailed it LIKE A BOSS!!!! Got the gathering perfectly evenly distributed without ripping the clear elastic. When I sewed the waist to the bodice its was perfectly encased in the overlocker thread. So ridonkulously proud of that! I guess 4 times was the charm;-)

I found the instructions very easy and clear to understand. Even the armholes were easy to manage. Colette provide a video tutorial as well as a sewalong. The clean finish lined armhole creates a lovely professional finish that I will definitely be carrying it forward into future makes. The hem was finished with a 2.0mm twin needle. It was a struggle. The material is so lightweight I had to pull ever so gently to keep it taut and keep it from getting eaten by the machine. Next time I use such a jersey I will stick to zig zag stitch for the hem.

I really love the contrast peter pan collar of this pattern and the pockets! I also love the back collar with its feminine shape. Love the gathering at the waist…ok you get the picture I love this dress and I love this pattern. It comes highly recommend as a great little wash and wear dress. This simple children’s rhyme sums up my future with Moneta (following from the first part)…..

Five Monetas
Six Monetas
Seven Monetas

Now for oodles and oodles of pictures. Enjoy! I have included one behind the scenes pic – can you tell which one it is?



Colour Blocked Colette Moneta

Hello everyone!

Hope you all had a lovely Easter holiday. The weather has been well behaved for once and we have been spending many hours outside :-). Given that its half term I havent seen much sewing action but I did finish up my 3rd Moneta before the break.

One of the first dresses I made was Colette’s Moneta here. To say it was a baptism of fire is understatement. It helps that I was completely naive to the intricacies of sewing with knits. The pattern pieces had jagged edges because the fabric moved while cutting – I did not use pattern weights! There was no checking of thread tension and I didn’t even use a ball point needle!!<Shock horror>. Back then my instant gratification monkey always won out! I wasn’t going to wait for a stupid needle to wear my dress!.

The fabric was a cheap £3/meter I got from a clearance sale.  Even though it was a cheap fabric it has held up well when washed – it has been washed a lot! Though not a bad make it wasn’t quite what I had hoped for.

But moving on to Moneta No.2 – my Xmas Moneta. I decided in December that what I really needed was a Christmas dress as we were playing host to 17 extended family members. It warranted a ……superhero costume of sorts. I quickly made this up in a green velvet.

xmas moneta

This was my first time working with napped fabric and I didn’t do very well with directionality…but thats OK because well nobody noticed. It was lovely BUT the waist was too high!moneta front

I constantly felt the need to pull it down. And during one of the pulling down sessions I heard a nice sounding rip and yep the skirt was coming away from the bodice!

Umm I was too lazy and scared to change the overlocker thread...
Umm I was too lazy and scared to change the overlocker thread…

Luckily it was under my belt that I wore it with all the time after that. I managed to get by with the intention to mend it but am yet to get round to it <sigh>. I think its coming away because the fabric isnt meant to be dress fabric, rather crafting fabric..or it may be I just did not handle it properly. I love the buttons at back though and got a lot of compliments.moneta backMy most recent Moneta was a labour of love. I was determined to sort out the bodice issue by simply adding 2 inches to the front and back bodice pieces, blended the side seams, trued up and shaved of 2/8 inch on the upper bodice to eliminate bagginess around the ribs.

The waist sits more comfortably on my natural waist.
The waist sits more comfortably on my natural waist.

Decided on a colour blocked one with the roll collar in deep brown. The fabric was lush and it was an Ebay bargain for £3.45/m with free P&P. So yes a great deal. I am very happy with the outcome.sideI used the Moneta extras that come free available on the Colette website. This is the Roll collar Version. It looks and feel classy :-).side2

Interior Collage
Hems finished with wondertape and zigzag stitch. Wonky elastic shirring

I had to use clear elastic as I ran out of braided elastic. The shirring is still something I struggle with and just wing tbh.

When attaching the skirt and bodice my gathering is not even. I still need to work on that but I have plans to make another variation of the Moneta without sleeves and a scallop neckline.

I still don’t like the way the sleeves are baggy under the upper arms. I need to shave of about 1/8 of an inch there to get rid of those drag lines I think.

Really need to get all threads off before taking pictures!

New technique used was hemming using wonder tape. Sewing with Knits Craftsy class recommends using that and I must say I am converted. Compare my hem with my previous one well…..the pictures say it all really.

um...yeah I have come a long way!
um…yeah I have come a long way!


I truly feel elegant when I am wearing this dress lols. The other day I was in  a kitchen showroom that had mirrors all over the place and I swear I was ‘swanning’  with my head just that little bit higher. Don’t you just love it when me made clothes make you feel like that?


Colette Mabel Number 2 or Slow and Steady wins the race


Everything that could go wrong with this make went wrong. Its not my best and I know why ; I really believed I could make it in an hour and rushed to hit the deadline because…well….I had only an hour before kids got back from school and little ones woke up from their nap. I hadnt sewn in so long I was just dying to do something and get the buzz of wearing it. Needless to say I had to unpick and cut so many times the skirt became way too small. But its a knit so it stretches. Anyway I felt so deflated afterwards like I wasted so much time and felt like I was never going to be a good sewer etc etc. A couple of days later i had an epiphany and decided to write myself this post so I can always remember and NOT make the same mistake again.

So here Goes. Slow and steady wins the race. So many times I am filled with passion, the passion of life,  and yes a passion for completing more projects. Continue reading

Colette Mabel skirt!

2014-06-07 17.22.52 2014-06-07 17.23.01 2014-06-07 17.23.10 2014-06-07 17.23.35

I finished this lovely easy to make mini skirt a while back. Meanwhile I have worn it and washed it several times – it washes well!

It was my first go at using a twin needle. Love how much neater it looks.

The recommended size was too big for me so I had to take of more than an inch each side.

Love the contrast waistband.

There is a sew along here and I highly recommend it.

In time i will be making more of these definitely!

PDF pattern Blunder! Grrr

So I had been printing up a bunch of PDF patterns and putting them together (Thread Theory Peacoat, Colette Jasmine, Colette Moneta, Colette Mabel). After 200 pages of printing over the last couple of weeks I hadn’t changed the printer settings so the patterns were all wrong!!!!


Silver lining is that explains why the Jasmine top came out a bit wonky and why the collar just didnt look like the one in the pictures!!

SO anyway am back to starting again! Thank goodness I hadnt used them to cut some pricier fabric!


Word to the wise – always check the test box!