Vogue 9259 Short Jumpsuit: Pattern Review Pt 2

I knew that I would be making Vogue 9259 again after the success of the first one. Its a pattern that comes so easily together that when I decided I needed a hot pink number for the summer I reached for it. Except for this time, I made the “shorty shorts” view A.

Here is the line drawing:

I used some crepe fabric that I picked up from The Shuttle in Shipley. It washed well and irons quite nicely. It has what I like to call a “spongy” like texture. I didnt like topsticthing the fabric because of the texture so I opted to use a fair bit of hand sewing where I could. I think it gives the jumpsuit a more luxe look, but thats just my opinion.

Speaking of pictures, do you recall me talking about the StitchRoom Sewcial? And how we had a photoshoot for up to 2 outfits in a professional studio ? Well guess which outfit I took with me for that? :-)…

Vogue 9259
Vogue 9259
Vogue 9259
Vogue 9259
Vogue 9259

Vogue 9259

I used some silk habotai to line the waistband which makes it so very comfortable. Unfortunately I didnt manage to get interior pictures but they can be seen here on my Youtube video.


Verdict: a cute and dare I say it “sexy” little number that my hubs loves :-). Good thing its comfortable too!!!

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Vogue 9259 Tropical Jumpsuit: Pattern Review

This is a long wide legged jumpsuit that I absolutely loved wearing last summer. Pardon me for posting such an obviously summery make in winter but bear with me, please. Spring is on the way and I am very excited about moving on to sewing with lightweight fabrics so this is whetting my appetite.

I knew that I was getting Vogue 9259 the moment I saw it. Unfortunately, I had to wait months before collecting my patterns while we visited the USA. It was worth the wait though.

It has a criss-cross halter neck front. Here is the line drawing:

The line drawing looks like the band is at the waist but I found that for me it was a smidge higher than my natural waist. I looked at the model pic and it also looks a bit higher than the waist. It is not uncomfortable or anything but it does make me look like I have very long legs.

Although we only had a few days where it was hot enough to wear this on its own I cant tell you how lovely it was! I loved the feel of the sun on my back and the breeze against my skin.

My initial worry about making it had been than my breasts wouldn’t be secured and that I would constantly be tucking them in. But this was not the case at all. I found that there was no gaping (to be fair I am not very endowed in that area when I am braless so I might not be best placed to recommend this if you are a larger cup size than B). On other days I wore it with a lightweight black elbow length cardigan.

I took my son to a birthday party that had a bouncy castle which I snuck into while everyone was singing Happy Birthday and had a go. No escapees. They were safe and secure. 

These days I am trying to qualify myself when I say that something was easy to make. As an intermediate seamstress, I found this to be a straightforward make that was easy to sew and get a good fit on. I cut my usual size 12 for Vogue patterns and made no alterations.

I do like the lightness of viscose. It was a swish factor that I love.

Verdict: Its a winner! Deep pockets and comfortable while making me look like I made an effort.

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Easter Dresses : Ottobre Kids Design 01/2014 : Funny Faces Dresses

Since making a dogs dinner of my twins’ birthday dresses <link here>, I vowed to make it up to them (&myself) so when Easter presented the opportunity of making them something special I jumped on it.

Using the same pattern as before and some long-term stashers I produced these dresses and leggings for them. The faced the hems with the same fabric as the leggings to make them matching sets. My girls love them and wear them constantly. These dresses have gotten so many compliments.

Ottobre Design Kids Funny Faces Dress


I am so glad I finally used up that Lillestoff fabric which I bought in early May 2014!!!!!! Its only been waiting 3 years :-). Heres to using up more precious stashers.

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Ottobre Kids Design 01/2014 : Birthday Dresses (Funny Faces)

Hello again,

I made some more dresses for my little people’s birthday outfits. This is the pattern that I used.

Ottobre Design Kids 01/2014

I made one change which was to have a straight skirt rather than a gathered skirt. Much as I’d love to say this was intentional – it was down to poor time management on my part. I wanted to make the dresses with a tulle underskirt as well as the gathered skirt so they could  have swirly twirly dresses.  I arrogantly thought I could whip them up in a couple of hours, however, by the time we got to the eve of their birthday we’d had 60% of the little people ill and I could feel that I was catching it too. Energy was low and I realised I had to make the dresses (because they had been promised) but I altered them to make in the quickest way possible.

I am not proud of myself for this, but I do promise that this year I will do better. The girls loved their dresses though (which made me feel even worse ironically). They turned 3 and had a brilliant day with loads of gifts and games and cake. I cant believe that its been 3 years already!

I bought the jersey from Jacks Fabrics at Leeds Market. Its a lightweight poly jersey at £3 per meter. It pills like mad though so its not something I will use to make day to day clothes. I have about 2 meters left which will make some PJs for the kids. I dont mind pilling on PJs as much.

Here is a picture from their birthday wearing the dresses.


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Lady Skater Dress No. 3

Hello everyone,

Just before Christmas last year I sewed another Lady Skater dress – and its quite possibly my favourite. I already get quite a lot of wear out of my teal scuba one (post here) and my light weight jersey one (post here).

The nice thing about a TNT, as you well know I’m sure, is that there is no added stress of fitting woes etc. This gives extra mental space to think about creative ways of making the same pattern. But first, let me talk fabric as the fabric directed the changes I made.

The fabric was described as blister ponte but I rather disagree and think it’s actually cloque fabric knitted from two colours (pink and black). It has (for want of a better word), oodles of beautiful texture that has a baroque look to it.Joe Cover CD pics 136.jpg

I made this one using leftover fabric from another dress project so the cap sleeves were a necessity. The fabric, despite being a poly mix of some sort, is rather comfortable and cozy. Much as I love the scoop neck on the Skater dress – I needed this dress to be more covered for winter – the fabric texture and thickness won’t work in spring or summer. I decided to raise the neckline and make it a slash neckline to maximise chest coverage. I tried to make a roll neck but alas there was insufficient fabric. This had to do.

I sewed it all up on my overlocker and used a zigzag stitch for the hems, sleeves and neck. I am always impressed at how quickly this dress comes together and no doubt there will be more variations in my future.

Pictures….*the skirt is slightly off grain and I am calling this a design feature people. Design feature m’kay.

Lady Skater Dress
Lady Skater Dress

With this third make, Lady Skater Dress has made it into my TNT Hall of Fame! Next up – a maxi version I think…….red and white stripes maybe……

Thanks so much for stopping by and until next time, Happy Sewing!

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Ottobre Kids Design 01/2014 : Funny Faces Dresses and T shirt

Hello again,

I made some more dresses for my little people. In particulr my twins.

I bought the cotton jersey from B&M Fabrics in Leeds. For the pattern I used an Ottobre Spring 2014 pattern called Funny Faces.

Ottobre Design Kids 01/2014

They came together very quickly. I like how the hem is faced – it adds a lovely weight to the dress. I found the neckline a bit too high and had to trim 1cm off the neckline.

They are zany and the girls love them. Unfnortunately I didnt have enough fabric for 4 dresses but I managed to squeeze in 3 dresses.

Sewing the scraps together yielded a T shirt. The T shirt is the same pattern as the dreses just without the skirt attached. I used black ribbing cuff material that I got from B&M Fabrics.

Ottobre Design 01/2014
I get why they both like this one best
Middle boy agrred to model the 3rd dress 🙂
The hem detail
My fave hem finish here. So lovely.
T shirt from scraps sewn together
Zigzag stitch around neckline
It was hard getting them to pose but this was the best posed shot 🙂
And then they just didnt bother..TuTiTu is more fun.

The only other problem was that both girls really wanted the hot air balloons dress and there was a fair amount of crying. Which has made realise that I cant make their clothes too different otherwise its chaos (now you know why parents of twins dress them alike:-) Incidentally when I found out I was having twins I was very much like “ Yeah I am not going to be dressing them alike – I want them to be individual” Lols -doesnt quite work like that!). As it is there is a fragile truce based on taking turns to wear the hot air balloon dress.

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PS Here is my Youtube video from when I completed them

Ottobre Design Kids 03/2015 Monsters Shirts

Hello chums,

I am just so excited to share more of these kiddie shirts. I finished them in time for our sojourn to London over 2 weeks ago. The pattern is from Ottobre Kids Design Magazine 03/2015. One is size 155cms (6yrs old) and the other is 102cms (4years old) size. For Ottobre I add 1/2″ seam allowances. Having sewn 4 of them before already (link here) these were a quick make.

Ottobre Design Kids 03/2015 Shirt with yokes.

The fabric is a lightweight cotton that I bought quite a long time ago – it been in the stash for over a year. Initially it was going to be dresses for the twinkies but the boys really liked this when they saw me sorting out my stash. There is not much more to add – except that I sewed 2 pockets this time and used a contrast undercollar on one of them because there was barely enough fabric. Dont even ask about pattern matching m’kay!

Verdict: the boys love them! I dont sew for the compliments but I felt really chuffed when I was asked where I bought these ‘adorable monsters shirt’ and I said “I made them” #smug 🙂 OK pictures…..

Ottobre Design Kids Shirt
I put the 2 pockets on the same side of the shirt

2016-08-13 15.24.23 2016-08-13 20.03.53 Blog pictures annad dresses etc 310 Monsters shirts

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Lady Skater Dress No. 2

Hello everyone.

As luck would have it I have finally got round to making a second skater dress. I get quite a lot of wear out of my teal scuba one (post here). For this version I used a light weight jersey in these beautiful peacock colours. The leftovers made this Renfrew top here.

I decided to make the short sleeve version since I wanted it to be something I could wear in summer. The scuba is great in Spring and Autumn on its own – even works in winter with thermals underneath but it gets warm in summer.

Cami Skater Renfrew photoshoot 362 Continue reading

All sorts any one? Ottobre Kids Design shirts.

Hello chums,

I am just so excited to share these kiddie shirts. I finished them on Friday night and my little people adorned them on Saturday morning. Seeing how adorable they looked and how much they LOVED their new shirts meant it jumped the blog posting queue and here we are!

Pattern is from Ottobre Kids Design Magazine 03/2015. I traced 2 sizes – one for the elder  (155cms size) one and the other 3 are the same size (102cms size ). For Ottobre I add 1/2″ seam allowances.

Ottobre Design Kids 03/2015 Shirt with yokes.

These were a blast to make. Let me preface by saying how much I love the fabric. I saw it on B and M Fabrics website and went gaga for it. Ordered it immediately only to fall further in love. But alas, though I wanted to make myself a shirt or dress the kids took one look and they thought it was for them! I couldn’t very well say “No darlings. This sweet fabric is more fabric to add mummy’s sewing cave…..already full of …………fabric.”  Do you see my meaning? Lols. I digress…pictures….

May 11 242 Continue reading

Lady Skater Dress in Teal Scuba

Hello everyone!

I am back with a Lady Skater dress that was completed 2 weeks ago. First of all, I was very reluctant to buy this pattern because I already had Moneta. On impulse after seeing this in the Boden catalogue I went for it.

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Makes me want to buy Lady Skaater dress pattern..#sewing inspiration

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It was finished in 2 days – a super quick and easy make. The collar filled me with apprehension! But it just came out so good even if I do say so myself!Collar

It has an interesting construction that is completely different to Moneta. With Moneta the bodice and skirt are completed before attaching at the waist. Contrast with Lady Skater where the front and back of the dress are made up first. The sleeves are sewn flat then one great long seam from hem to sleeve hem.

2015-03-26 22.09.20
Fold the dress along the shoulders and voila! Paper dolls anyone?

The shoulder and waist seams are stabilised by clear elastic which also keeps the waist from drooping. Attaching the clear elastic was straight forward especially when I used a lot of wonder clips – clear elastic dosent like being pinned much.2015-03-26 21.03.29

The instructions are incredibly detailed. They leave nothing out! No assumption that you know all things associated with sewing with knits. Its all there so that if this is your first time working with knits you are sorted. I quite like that about the instructions. There is a quick instruction sheet for the more experienced sewer.

Teal Scuba Lady Skater insides

The fabric is lightweight scuba. This is my first time ever working with jersey scuba/scuba jersey?  I love love love it! It washes incredibly well! You see how it looks in the pictures? Thats exactly how it comes out of the dryer! Plus its comfortable.

I am curious to see how it will perform once the weather really warms up. For now its perfect. I finished the hems with a simple zigzag and overlocked the seams. Scuba presses like normal fabric. I experimented with the heat setting on my iron – increasing it slightly until it burned the fabric. I found the optimal temp to be the same one for nylon.

2015-03-26 21.46.08
Here is a picture of an unpressed seam and a pressed one…can you tell which one is which?

I made a size 3 with no adjustments.  The pattern sizing works well for me. Fit wise I probably need to do some sort of a shoulder adjustmnt because my shoulders look like they are slightly popping out. The back bodice looks like it will need a swayback adjustment.

All in all I love this dress. The fit is PHENOMINAL!!!!! Now for some gratuitous pictures!side poser front back

Will I be making this again? Hell yes! I would like a stripe and a floral one. My little people love this dress because of the textured fabric. Heck I liked this fabric so much that when I went into town I picked up more scuba in red 😉

I love this dress and this is what I feel like in it…a picture is worth a thousand words, or in this case a gif is worth a thousand words..beyonce-2

As always happy sewing everyone!



PS I believed that Moneta and Lady Skater were similar (interchangeable even) but how wrong I was! Do you prefer Moneta or Lady Skater or both? Or is there another awesome knit dress out there you prefer? Please share in comments below and feed my pattern buying addiction!