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MCBN June: Raglan Sleeve Tees – Jalie 3669

June is quite possibly one of my favourite months of the year! All the plants in my garden and at our allotment are green, verdant and lush. If nature did a dance every month, June would be the crescendo of the dance executed with energy, aplomb and passion. This months project inspires such feeling in me – especially with the green jersey that we selected for the raglan sleeve tees I sewed up for Mr. SNS and junior.ย  I also learnt a few interesting things about the heritage of the raglan sleeve which you might find interesting too…..

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One Shoulder Dress with Cutout 07/2017 #111 #burdachallenge2018


Up next is a dress that has been “marinating” for a while. I traced this out when the magazine came out as soon as I saw it because I was smitten with the one shoulder style and the peekaboo circle at the shoulder.

On a tangent – my shoulders are my absolute favourite part of my body. Yes they have a forward roll and they are just a bit broader than what is considered normal for a feminine look but I love them. And so the point is that any pattern that shines a light on the shoulder is almost always something I’ll love ๐Ÿ™‚

Back to the pattern – the one shoulder dress is one of those rare instances where it was the styled model picture that caught my eye rather than the line drawing. In fact the line drawing is really rather unattractive :

BurdaStyle 07/2017 #101 One shoulder dress
Burdastyle 07/2017 #111 Dress – This is what caught my eye.

BurdaStyle 07/2017 #111

The front and back pattern pieces are more or less similar – given the size of the pieces and how much greaseproof paper they took up – I might have tried to use only one traced pattern piece of each. But its an experiance thing really. In future, if pattern pieces look similar to me I will check if they are the same and not bother with tracing another one. This has happened to me more times than I care to count.

Any how – this is a relatively simple pattern to sew up. The bit that goes across the chest is hemmed and the circular detail is finished with a casing. The sleeve seam is sewn right up to the point where it joins the casing before its artfully tucked into the casing. A tie band is then threaded through to make that oh so cut bow on the shoulder.

I was very happy with the ease of the instructions and I sewed it up in less than a couple of hours.

The fabric was bought from Fletchers Fabrics in Leeds Market last year. Its a John Kaldor jersey with vibrant red and blue flowers. I have washed it and its maintained its vibrancy.

The thing is I actually cut this out a few months ago before I did a major reorganisation of my sewing cave so I overenthusiastically got rid of a lot of scraps including the scraps of this John Kaldor. When I read the instructions on the sewing pattern pieces I missed the measured out bits that Burda sometimes has you mark straight onto to the fabric. The essence of the story is that though it may look like a design feature to have used some Art Gallery Fabric for the casing – it was actually because I had no access AT ALL to this exact John Kaldor fabric ๐Ÿ™‚ . Still, I think it worked out well and looks good.

BurdaStyle 07/2017 #111 One shoulder dress

BurdaStyle 07/2017 #111 Dress – Art Gallery Jersey for the casing.

BurdaStyle 07/2017 #111

Wearing this dress is an interesting experience. It definitely exposes a lot of skin and perhaps it felt strange at first since I was just coming out of winter wherein covering up is de riguer. Apart from the novelty of feeling the breeze against my skin – I liked wearing this dress. The one flutter sleeve is very dramatic while the fact that it is made of jersey makes it very comfortable.

Foundation garment wise – I found that I couldn’t carry it off without a bra (I’d need to make a smaller size for that – my bust measurement is based on wearing a t shirt bra, without it I am quite flat chested). I have a strapless bra which worked just fine. I also realised that this could work well as a beach coverup, it goes on and off very easily.

Here is how I wear it – with a belt just like in the magazine style picture-

There is a top version of the pattern which I will try next in a smaller size so I can go braless with it.



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This was an unplanned make for myย  April #burdachallenge2018.


MCBN May Man Jeans: Vogue V8801

I made jeans for Mr SNS! So ridiculously proud of these as they have been a long time in my head. I think I overthink things sometimes because these were not as hard to make as I had made out in my head (SMH). Anyhow they are a big hit with the wearer so much so he did his own happy jump pose ๐Ÿ™‚

Here is the link that will take you to the post on the Minerva Craft Blogger Network. Enjoy!

Vogue V8801 Jeans

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Kids Sewing – La Maison Victor Lulu Pants

I literally finished these yesterday and the twins were wearing them this morning. This is one of those projects that I got so excited about when I snipped the last thread and I couldn’t wait for them to be donned.

The pattern is from the summer 2017 issue of La Maison Victor – a magazine that I was introduced to by my dear friend Eleanor (www.nelnanandnora.wordpress.com)ย Its attractively priced at ยฃ5.99 (might have changed since I bought it). Lucky for me it is available from WH Smiths so I could peruse before buying.

La Maison Victor Summer 2017

This particular pattern looked sweet and the fact that it calls for a woven fabric caught my eye. I have tended towards only making knit leggings for my twins and thought it would be good to branch out.

Lulu Pants page in La Maison Victor

The fabrics used are both from B&M Fabric in Leeds market. They chose the fabric themselves and I think it certainly represents their personalities very well. The dotty one is a Riley Black quilting cotton.

I traced the size 4T which corresponds to 4 years and the fit is good. This size was based on their height and chest measurements. Overall I am very happy with how easy it is to get them on and off.ย  The seam allowance has to be added to the pattern after tracing.

La Maison Victor Lulu Pants
Scooter fabric for pockets was a hit ๐Ÿ™‚

The instructions are very (very) easy to follow and well supported with illustrations. I think this would be a great magazine to dip your toes in the world of sewing magazine patterns if youย  find the likes of BurdaStyle daunting. The pattern sheets are clutter free and minimalist.

The waistband is meant to have a drawstring but lacking a suitable alternative, I just used elastic and left it at that.

Verdict from the twins – they love them! Especially the pockets (which have scooters fabric ) – the love to collect things and are constantly picking up little stones, leaves to add to their collection so pockets are handy.

I will definitely be making more of these as they do look like they have some room to grow in them too.

Anyway I couldn’t wait to share this cuteness so its a rare occasion where I have sewed, photographed and blogged in 24 hours :-). Add to that I also ran 4km and swam 500m in the same time period makes me feel like I am doing ok.

Looking forward the next thing I want to make from this magazine is this lovely top for my boys.

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