A Second pair of Butterick B5895



These trousers have a long history, of sitting in my UFO box. I cut these out almost 18 months ago and I dont know why they went into the box (you know I know why but allow me my delusion okay).

Anyhow since the uber success that was my Better Late than Never Blazer, I have been very slowly picking out a UFO a month to sew up and see what my creative genius abandoned.

Tangent – I have made the decision to work through my UFO box at a rate of one UFO per month on average. After that there WILL be no more UFO box in my cave. It has been mandated and passed into law. I WILL NO LONGER HAVE A UFO BOX.

Back to the project at hand – I first made this pattern in 2016 (sadly its out of print  now) and loved the trousers which I still wear to this day. These ones were made in a cotton sateen with 3% spandex giving a nice amount of stretch. The fabric is reversible and I did play around with that by using the reverse for the waistband and the hip yokes.

The pattern is supposed to have a center back zip which is an interesting concept on trousers (I didnt realise how accustomed I am to center front or side zips on trousers until I went to the toilet in these trousers – I still automatically reach for my CF). Given these TMI observations – I decided to move the zip to the side seam for this second pair. It worked out beautifully even if I do say so myself.

If you’d like to read further details about the size I cut etc then please <click here>. Pictures.

Butterick B5895

I used the reverse fabric on the hip yoke and the waistband

Butterick B5895 Trousers

Verdict: Yet another UFO conversion success story!!!! I love them 🙂

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Snap! I made trousers! TROUSERS! Butterick B5895

Trousers people! I made trousers! Ok Ok calm down.

Hello everyone.

I am super excited to share these trousers that have turned out to be a very wearable muslin. I bought this pattern about a year ago now and never got round to  it from fear of the dreaded crotch seam. However I thought these were fairly harmless in that they don’t have a fly front which in my head makes me feel like it would be an Alien vs Predator scenario (I cant decide which I would be in that scenerio) Anyhow……

Butterick B5895 is described as semi-fitted, tapered jeans (rolled-up, wrong side shows) have waistband, side front pockets, stitched hems, and back zipper. The high waist attracted me like a moth to a flame :-). Before I cut out the pattern I meticulously checked my measurements against the finished garment measurements on the pattern sheet. Using those I cut  size 8 on the front and a size 10 for the back pieces. Had I used the pattern envelope measurements I would have cut size 12 which would have had way too much ease. My rationale for cutting 2 different sizes was that I have a sway back so in order to avoid the need for a swayback adjustment I would make the front smaller so it would ‘pull‘ the back in….. I am struggling to make it sound sensible but that’s what I thought at the time I was cutting. By the way this is in no way is this a proven hypothesis – I was just going by my gut. Continue reading

Zipper issues and pattern window shopping!

So I had hoped to have finished my Sewaholic Holyburn skirt and blog it but as it stands this is what has held me up….

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I hate invisible zips! Grrr! #sewing #sewcialist

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So I got another zip out and will be making further attempts this afternoon when wee ones are sleeping ;-). The skirt is a muslin; my sewing goals for this year are to improve the quality of my sewing and making a muslin is a good stepping stone.

In other news I have been pattern window shopping which is one of my favourite procrastination techniques online. Vogue have released their Spring 2015 patterns. As I was having a sniff around, the inspiration to write a post hit me so here goes. I will start with the ones that stuck out..

That back look so lovely with the rounded yoke and drape of the fabric.

The first picture for this jacket is all great, I instantly loved that yoke and the panels. But then I clicked on to the other views and this. I don’t think that collar works for me.

Disappointed by the front of the jacket. If I was any good at drafting I would have a go at changing the front to a button placket and lengthen the front.

Not too sure what is going on here with V9096


It looks like she is keeping her hand in front of the jacket to keep it from flapping out……


Actually looked interesting

Looks comfortable, if in a maternity kind of way

But then I saw the back..

That back just looks…off, the panel isn’t actually in the center of the back between the shoulder blades. Its asymmetrical.


The fabric choices don’t do it any favours

V1442 just plain confuses me. This reminds me of when in the morning after the school run I figure it is a good moment to go to the toilet. As soon as I sit on the pot.. sure enough.. the doorbell rings!  I of course get off the pot… no toilet break for me.. cause I have to get downstairs and deal with the courier before  my 2 year old opens the door and signs for a parcel (It has happened before!).  Sighing with relief that I caught the courier before he did his 2 second attempt at delivery, I look down a only to realise that my dress is tucked into my knickers! Sigh! Seriously though is it just me who doesn’t get this dress?


I still just don’t get it.

And in case its still not clear

Yes! Someone actually approved this!

Ok on to the ones that I actually like..

You get a lot for your money here with trousers, sleeveless shirt and jacket.

The trousers are close-fitting, tapered with an elastic waist (They had me at elastic waist ;-) .I really like the interesting yoke detail on the shirt

Those simple clean lines. Love that sporty racerback feel!
The front looks very comfortable as well! This would be a great addition to my work capsule wardrobe.


Lovely simple classic! Love the neckline.

Such a cute top that I can see me wearing it with jeans, making a dress by lengthening it. V9085 is one of my favourites of their spring releases.


Interesting. I like them but cant think where I’d wear them.


Interesting take on a shirtdress.

On V9077, I am normally mistrustful of patterns that don’t have a real life model. In this day and age of digital photography I don’t get why such a big company like Vogue cant make a test garment and photograph it for all to see…..unless if it has issues and they have to rely on pretty illustrations (sewers’ paranoia perhaps?). I wish I could say I wasn’t a sucker for pretty illustrations but I am which is why this is here. 🙂

And finally for the wild card – a pattern that is …..beguiling??..


Nice take on a classic.


Now I have to spend weeks deliberating whether to buy or not to buy, basically enjoying the thrill of the chase! And also finish the Holyburn skirt 😉

That’s all for now! Thanks for stopping by!