KNITWEEK2016 Pt 5 Marion by Andi Satterlund

Hello chums,

Welcome back to my KnitWeek2016 series of posts. Part 5 is my Marion cardigan in mustard.  First I want to say thank you so much for all the helpful comments  on my previous post where I mentioned knitted garment fit issues. At least I know where to start now with all the resources mentioned.

Marion is a seamless and cropped cardigan with 3/4 length sleeves. The body is knit in one piece, starting with the upper back. The fronts are picked up from the back cast on edge, and everything gets connected when the underarms are cast on. Sleeve stitches are picked up from the armholes, and short row shaping is used to create set-in sleeves.

So, I have made this cardigan  before <link here>. It will always have a special spot in my heart as the first knitted garment I made for myself plus I learnt so much when I knit that first Marion. I still wear it – though mostly on weekends now due to the pilling. When I finished the first Marion I was determined to do it all again but perfectly right the second time.

Somehow other projects got in the way  but around June 2015, I decided that I wanted a yellow cheerful cardigan to go with the many navy blue items I was sewing up. This yarn also happened to be on sale at Its called Drops Paris:  a soft but sturdy 100% cotton yarn. I was sold on this line “Spun from multiple thin strands, it creates a fabric which is breathable and cool to wear on those warmer days“. So I bought 6 balls in mustard. Its out of stock at now but I did a quick google and found it at

Here is a copy of my Ravelry Project notes:

20 June. Cast on the small size. Last time made Medium and felt a bit loose. My gauge was off by half a stitch but I wont let that bother merelaxed. Hopefully it turns out ok. So far so good.
5 Aug 2015
Halfway through the decrease set. Going slowly due to lack of time.
20 Aug 2015
Argh! The armhole too big. have to unravel so I can repick at armhole using the smallest size. The yarn seems to grow with weight.
22 Aug 2015
Ok so I calculated I need to pick 46 stitches at armhole.

It used up 6 balls of yarn exactly. I was very excited when I started this project and it knit up relatively fast but I had issues with the yarn. I seem to recall that its quite a heavy yarn – I mean as the fabric grew – it sort of dropped a lot from the weight of the yarn. And it looked  droopy. I  really worried that the rope cable would not be distinct – it wasn’t a fun yarn to do cables with (I guess that why I should swatch the cable pattern as well – I made a swatch but just in stockinette). Initially the armhole came out far too big so I had to unravel and recast using the size for the smallest armhole. The instructions are very well written and easy to follow. There is a cable chart and written cable instructions – I cant read cable charts so I really like that about Andi’s patterns.

Again I lost steam around the time I bound off and it stayed in its carrier bag until October. Once I picked it up again it took me 30  mins to weave in all ends and set up for blocking. I wet blocked it and that transformed it. The yarn looked completely different once blocked. A note on this yarn – it had a lot of colour run and I had to drain out the water about 4 times before it ran clear.

I love it but I wont be knitting with this yarn again. It wasn’t as joyful an experience as I have had with other yarns. I checked out what other people use this yarn for and it looks like its mostly great for home interior projects, like tea towels, blankets and toys. Its a case of using the wrong yarn for this project. It doesn’t feel nearly as nice to wear as my brown Miette either – again because the yarn is not as soft.


The fit isn’t too bad but there is still that swayback issue. It looks like I will be getting a book …or 2 and throwing myself into fitting knitted garments. Someone mentioned Amy Herzog and I have looked that up in the library and unfortunately they have none. Looks like it will have to be either Amazon or Craftsy. And in future I think I will sew buttons on the dress form for more accuracy.

I still really like this pattern and will be casting another one next year but I want to get the fit spot on next time. I like that the first one has so many errors in it but this one is a huge improvement. I am excited to knit the 3rd one – surely it will uber…..?


Part 1: Organising my knitting stash

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Part 4 : Miette Cardigan

Thanks again for stopping by this little corner of the interwebs. Until next time Happy Knitting!

Peace and love,




16 thoughts on “KNITWEEK2016 Pt 5 Marion by Andi Satterlund

  1. It’s a pity that the yarn isn’t comfortable to wear as it’s a really nice colour and shows off the cables very well. I think you mentioned OAl before – have you seen how Lauren ( from lladybird blog) finishes her button bands with ribbon on the inside? I’ve used it on my miette and it gives a lovely finish.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you. I checked it out and considered it. But I dropped the idea as it felt like too much work when I just wanted to finish these projects. Its something I will do with subsequent projects though. X


  2. I’m a bit back to front and just going back to the other posts as I’ve been sewing and not reading this week. . You’re tempting me Hila! I bet I come back from the knitting and stitching show with yarn and needles for either this or the miette. I’m thinking more this one as I’ve done cables before, but have struggled with Lacey patterns and always just looks like holes. Will have to in investigate further. 😀

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    1. Yes! You’d love ot Ali. You already made that lovely scarf – its only natural now. Plus the time you are on stand by you could be knitting👍. We should make a plan to go together next year to the show. By then I will be able to buy yarn😀

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  3. I started this one a couple of years ago – had the recommended wool and everything – but got in a right mess with doing the cables and the decreasing (or was it the increasing) at the same time so it’s in hibernation. Shame as I prefer the V-neck on this one. Your cables are looking good and what a lovely sunny colour which not everybody could get away with but it looks fab on you and I love it with the navy.
    Love the new blog format btw!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! I was playing around with the customisation options on my blog seeing as hubs was away this weekend. What colour was yours? I like the v neck better too. X

      Liked by 1 person

      1. It was a dark red – I still have the wool so I could give it another go at some time – maybe I just didn’t have my proper knitting head on at the time 😉


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